HOGYstyling ep.5 workwear 워크웨어 믹스매치

Hello, I am Hogyster’s fashion editor Somisol Hogy styling’s 5th episode Is about a sporty style that changes its mood dependent on its objective, today we will talk about WORKWEAR look Workwear is as the word defines, is a style that you wear at work, nowadays people often describe it as a work look or working wear look The biggest advantage of work wear look is its solid look and comfortability It is originated from mining wear’s such as thick denim or canvas, chino, cover wool or boots In the past it was worn for safety combined with comfortability but from 1975 Paris [prêt-à-porter] collection people started to wear it casually becoming a world wide fashion look The look adapted from its use of functional advantage to styling trend and casual mixmatch Normally people imagine work wear look as integrated look of top and bottom such as jump suits but there are also apron over skirts and items that has a lot of patch pockets Actually, work wear looks boyish but there are also girlish moods in it Work wear has strong personality and power in its style and the mix match can make you a real casual styling fashionista

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