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19 thoughts on “HMS Queen Elizabeth is Unlike Any Other Warship

  1. Q? why does the RAF need a short range, small arnament carrying aircraft?
    Whoever fights with it the winners are the owners of the US defense industry.

  2. Reducing crew numbers in favor of automation is a great money saving measure during peace time. But I imagine it will cause serious problems should the ship ever be attacked. But hey, I'm just a YouTube commenter 😂

  3. She is a truly beautiful ship.
    And may i take this opportunity to thank the USMC for all their help and support getting us ‘carrier ready’.
    You even lent us a carrier group to help train alongside, all the time in America too with training on decks, F35b training and huge support from then on.
    The complete opposite of the EU.


  4. One minor quibble. This video hails how thanks to automation the ship only needs 1/4 the crew of an American carrier. The larger American crew size is mostly because they carry 4x the planes. The actual number of crew focused solely on operating the ship as opposed to the air wing, of a US Ford class carrier isn’t that much larger than the QE’s. And most of the increase is accounted for by reactor crew and just the overall larger volume of space that needs a few more people to sweep and paint etc. the QE is really more equivalent to the US Wasp class assault ships in terms of size, operations and manpower.

  5. HMS stands for 'Her Majesty's Ship'. Therefore it makes no sense to say "the HMS…." as this film does ten seconds in. Smithsonian – you should know better!

  6. It certainly is unique – the only large carrier in thew world without a close in missile defence of its own. Its no good relying on other ships nearby as the Falklands proved all too clearly. Shameful to risk men and women in this way.

  7. Total waste of money. Britain is looking outwards to imaginary boogy men like Russia when your true enemy is already deeply embedded in your country and is growing in numbers by the day. I'm sure this nice shiny toy will serve your new Islamic rulers well.

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