History channel at night MEMES – midnight/3am

History channel at night
MEMES that are absurd but very close to the real truth. #1 History Channel during day. History Channel at night. It’s been happening for a long time. Around 5 years ago,
there was this guy who watched “The Great Martian War”
on the History Channel. He came to me saying he never knew
there were aliens in World War I. I tried to explain that it’s
all probably just CGI or photoshop. But he insisted:
“No! It’s all real! They have actual black-and-white
camera recordings of the whole thing!” This guy I’m talking about,
he isn’t really that stupid. He’s pretty much your regular,
average guy… and that got me thinking: who knows how many people saw the video
and thought it was completely real. #2 Nobody. History Channel at midnight. All you need here is an interview
with an actor playing a veteran saying this is
exactly how he remembers it. Except it’s just f*in pawn stars 24/7. I hate that show. Nobody. History Channels at midnight. Archaeologists have been searching
for the missing link for ages, and the History Channel had
the answers all along. #3 The missing link. The missing kink. The missing wink. As it’s the case on Reddit,
the real joke is always in the comments. The alien f*ed the male monkey. Does that mean from the start
we are gay as well? Homo Sapiens make sense now. You probably find these memes funny… But if you just look at something like
Ancient Aliens series, the premise is similar,
only just a bit more dramatic. #4 Nobody. The History Channel at midnight. If you often watch the History Channel,
you know that meeting Ricardo is not the only truth about Stalin. His battle with Hitler
is the stuff of legend. Nobody. History Channel at midnight. “The truth about WW2”. In the picture there’s
appropriate planes and tanks, so it must be true. Maybe these guys from the History Channel
are not trolling, but actually believe the stuff they are putting out. #5 Nobody. History channel at 3am. The thing is, like this meme,
which is a good quality photoshop, the stuff that they show is
also good quality photos and CGI. I mean, of course, they have to
make a good effort. But why don’t they just say:
it’s a scripted show. It’s fake. They really shouldn’t try to
sell it as truths or half-truths. Something like they do with Vikings,
which is a great show by the way; and it can get you interested
in learning the actual history. #6 History channel during the day. The pyramids are tombs for Pharaohs. History channel at night. tHe pYrAmldS aRe aLiEn wArShlps. Go watch the movie Stargate. I’ve heard it’s based on a true story. I’ve been watching these memes
for a few hours now, and I’m starting to believe. People love to hate EA, so everyone loves memes about them like in a video up here.

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4 thoughts on “History channel at night MEMES – midnight/3am

  1. I don’t understand how do you produce great quality videos and have so little views but other youtubers produce a lot worse and have milions of views
    You deserve more

  2. Made my evening
    Ps:How hard would it be to make maybe to five minutes pretty please these episodes are like cakes to me they delicious but, are gone in seconds!

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