HiMirror monitors imperfections and skin health

Mirror, mirror on the wall…HiMirror is a
11” x 16.5” piece of hardware that mounts to your wall, like any mirror would. An integrated high resolution camera captures
your image, performs analysis, and creates a personalized report, that gives more details
on skin firmness, brightness, texture, clarity and overall health. By taking a makeup-free photo, HiMirror detects
dark or red spots, under eye circles, wrinkles, pores, fine lines and other imperfections. In addition to telling you about the details
of your face now, the device can track the results of products being used. You just scan in skincare products using their
barcodes and HiMirror’s mobile app will let you know if regular use is getting you
closer to your targeted goals. Using facial and voice recognition capabilities,
HiMirror can assist multiple family members, tracking their individual skin regimen, while
also offering privacy of information. WiFi-connected and Bluetooth-enabled, HiMirror
can also display the local weather, sync with Google Calendar, and even play Spotify. Because why not? At first, HiMirror comes off a bit vain and
even little creepy (at least to a few of us here at TC). But, for many, skincare is a medical need
or just a daily part of their wellness routine. HiMirror is available for $189 for the standard
device and $259 with an added light. There’s also a compatible Smart Body Scale
for $79, which provides similar body and weight analysis and corresponding exercise solutions.

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12 thoughts on “HiMirror monitors imperfections and skin health

  1. this is helpful. chances are you already know what skin issues you may have and we all need help on how to make it better

  2. Not sure why people think this is a bad thing. I think its cool that it can tell if the products you're using are actually helping your skin. I'd love to try this out while using different products like moisturizers, serums, toners, etc and see if they're really making a difference or if I'm just convincing myself that they are. Or maybe I don't realize that the products are working when they actually are making a difference. This is neat.

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