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Now you can catch today’s most important news. It is 7pm. Green light ahead for Micheal Kamper The Border control between Denmark and Germany should stop by February 3rd -And Sweden put up temporary boarder control by the middle of November And that kind of stuff can put pressure on the Danish borders. So on January 4th, a good 2 weeks ago, The Danish Government followed pursuit The Danish prime minister announced that the border control is back by the German border This temporary border control is, as of now expected to last until February 3rd- Later on in “Body Impossible” will The Doctors consult patients who are dangerously overweight- -in this special which puts focus on obesity. But first we’ll have the 10pm news Welcome to the 10pm news on an evening where we can tell you- -that there are still patients who get consulted in the Hospital hallways around the country. USA’s new president Donald Trump repeated today that he wants a wall build against Mexico- And that the Mexicans will have to pay for it. Every cent! And the Transport minister is up for Driverless cars, without any persons behind the wheel! They should be able to operate on certain roads around the country. More on that experiment later on. There are still problems regarding patients who are being consulted in the hallways of the hospitals around the country -Where they can be overheard by others. The aftereffects of the failed coup in Turkey- -can now be felt across Europe. Turkish officials have sought asylum in allied countries to Turkey in fear of president Erdogan- These are direct pictures from Nørrebro in Copenhagen The gang conflict has escalated tremendously. One person died. Many are severely hurt in a bloody shoot out. All Gang-members! Good evening. The Gang conflict which has caused much gunfire since June had now taken it’s first life. Just 2 hours ago many were hit by Gunfire in Nørrebro- There’s currently missing 158 GPs around Denmark,- 35 of those are needed in South Denmark. The store-chain Coop wants to get rid of Cashiers in certain stores Just gonna scan the item, just like that. And now I just need to pay As of now it’s just an experiment in Coop’s Administration building shop- -But by 2018 should the first Daily mart open without any check out personel. We’re creating what we call unmanned stores, which isn’t exactly true- -Since there are still workers but stores that are open 24 hours a day- -And where the customers will have to do self service most of the time.

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