High-Tech Longboard Skateboard Deck

For decades, skateboard decks have seen little
advancement in functionality and construction, which has hindered the progression of skateboarding. Here at Oust, we decided to change this by
developing a skateboard deck that would not only set new high standards for deck manufacturing,
but monumentally push the sport into greater heights of speeds and maneuverability. In order to construct a deck that pushes current
boundaries we went outside conventional manufacturing and standard materials. We chose materials
that would make the board feel alive and performs in ways that are unimaginable.
For this reason we call our boards Dissent. Here are some examples of the exotic wood
used for the top and bottom veneers, also the USA strains used for the core in the process
of manufacturing a Dissent longboard. We make all kinds of different designed blank
blocks used to cut our veneers for the Dissent Decks.
All the woods we use are quarter sawn because it is known to have better properties as far
as straightness, strength and flexibility, which also works better in the Carbon fiber
to wood adhesion process. First a blank is chosen for the deck we�re
about to manufacture and then the process begins. We sand all of our blocks before being cut
to ensure tight tolerances are met before being cut into veneers. This is to ensure
that the weight of the top and bottom of the deck when finished will weigh the same. After being cut to the right size they are
then put back through the sander with the proper grit paper to bring them to the exact
thickness and surface, known as tooth, needed for the lamination. Each veneer is measured with calipers to insure
proper tolerances. The veneers might go through the sander several
times before they reach their desired size. Once the veneers are finished, a protective
cover is applied to keep them clean while a fair amount of resin is excreted during
the press curing process. When all the wood and carbon plies are ready
the high tensile strength Aerospace resin is weighed and blended
for the assembly of the longboard laminate. We use a special resin that has a very high
Tensile strength and flexural strength that other resins we�ve tested could not reach. All the laminates are laid out in their proper
position and the resin is now applied so that the carbon fiber plies can be saturated to
the exact carbon to resin content of 60/40. This is done to assure the maximum strength,
flexibility, and recovery time, from each layer to achieve maximum performance from
the finished longboard. There are different grades of carbon fiber�
Commercial, Industrial, and Aerospace grade. Commercial grade, or 33MSI fiber is usually
woven and has the least Tensile strength. Industrial grade, or 35MSI is also mostly
found in woven cloth. Aerospace grade, 41-70 MSI, can be found in
woven but mostly unidirectional fiber. The benefit is that you can use less material
to achieve a stiffer and lighter structure. With woven material the strength obtained
from warp is minimal. Unidirectional material strength is the same
in all directions. This is why Oust has chosen Aerospace grade unidirectional material.
With this grade we can also change our carbon fiber ply angles to achieve more structural
integrity for specific performance needs or desired results. In the next step, the lay up is wrapped in
a protective film to eliminate resin leakage while being cured on the press in the phasing
process. Next, the assembly goes into the hydraulic
press where it undergoes specific pressure, temperature, and time until the curing process
is completed. Although some resin is lost while in the press,
the balance between carbon fiber and resin is still maintained. Once curing is completed, the laminated uncut
deck is removed from the protective film covering and goes into the sanding room to have all
the excess resin sanded off to help center the deck on the CNC router fixture. After sanding, the blank deck is placed in
to the CNC fixture and is flattened so the truck mounting holes are perpendicular to
the wood surface. Once secure, truck mounting holes are drilled to specific dimensions or
wheel base length. Next the deck is placed onto another fixture
to cut out the desired shape. When a deck is cut on a CNC router, rather than by hand,
the shape is completely symmetrical, and ensures the trucks are mounted completely center. Once the deck shape has been cut out, the
now square rails or edges are sanded smooth in preparation for the radius that is put
onto the rails with a hand router. This process can only be done by hand. The next step, before sanding the deck, is
to counter sink the truck holes, so the bolt�s head sits flush with the deck surface. The finish sanding starts with a 100 grit
paper and finishes out with a 320 grit paper. This ensures a proper surface or tooth for
the sealer and extremely tough polyurethane surface coat adhere properly. Before the finish coat the blank goes into
the laser for its serial number, make, model and manufacturing information which is lasered
in the bottom of the deck on the tail end. After the laser the Dissent logo is applied
so the surface finish can be sprayed over it to keep it from ever coming off. The blank is now ready for its protective
finish. Several thin coats are applied and each is dried and color sanded to keep the
protective coating at minimum thickness. It also makes the surface coating more resistant
to abuse. The finish on the DISSENT Decks is what you would expect to see on a really
expensive exotic car. What you now have is a longboard that is balanced
from the quarter-sawn wood and symmetrical centered shape, with aerospace carbon fiber
for maximum performance in power flexibility, and response time, and laminated with specially
blended resin to allow for infinite flexing without delamination. And lastly, a durable
surface coating that preserves the artistry and craftsmanship of the new high standard
in skateboard manufacturing. You will not find any other skateboard currently being
manufactured on the market like this today. Dissent Longboards truly separates themselves
from the rest of the skateboard industry. This allows the skater to progress in his
skill and find new levels in skateboarding. Get your Dissent board today and enjoy the
best ride tomorrow.

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71 thoughts on “High-Tech Longboard Skateboard Deck

  1. "uni-directional material strength is the same in all directions" – might want to re-think that assumption. If it were, they would call it omni-directional and you wouldn't have to alternate fiber angles. Love your resaw setup!

  2. Your right, I should have put orientations instead of directions. I took
    for granted the fact that people watching this video would know that we
    were putting together plies in a laminate, and would understand what we
    were trying to explain. Thanks for the comment, we appreciate your time.

  3. Yes we have, we're waiting to get some feedback from skaters about flex,
    strength. response, weight and the shape of the deck so we can design the
    core and ply orientation to fit the skaters needs. Let us know what you
    would want in a freeride deck. Thanks for the comment.

  4. Thanks for the feedback. The Dissent decks can be made any shape, the reason the decks are the shape they are is because this is the shape some of my PRO skaters that skate for OUST Bearing said to build. Also if you look at some of the free ride decks here in the USA like loaded and a few others this is a similar shape. Our shape has more surface area and the response is several times faster then the loaded decks and Dissent decks only weigh 3.2 lbs. Thanks for your comments.

  5. Great vid but where can you buy a Dissent longboard from? It seems virtually impossible to find any info on them

  6. You guys need to look into LDP (Long Distance Pumping). Your kind of technology and attention to detail could add a lot to the sport. Check out the Pavedwave forum for all the info.

  7. Best bearings on the market! Would be great if you made a symetrical, stiff, micro-drop, rockered, flushmounted topmount board like the rayne amazon (38in x 10in)
    Would be amazing for racing and freeride

  8. Wow!! Awesome boards and thanks for showing your manufacturing processes its amazing the science, technology and engineering that went into this not to mention the countless hours of research! Your efforts are astounding!! I can't wait till I get my first Dissent Long Board!

  9. Do you guys make drop down or drop through longboards? And also were can I go buy this board because it looks like a board that I would like to ride every single day in my life.

  10. the main problem is its essentially flat it might be good but its only cruiser you could never go at high speeds with it

  11. lol this is total bullshit, a finish that would be on a expensive exotic care, dafuq?and saying that skateboards have made no progress is bullshit, skateboarding is not all about what you are riding but what you do with it. sorry to hate but this is total shit

  12. If i had seen this video about a week ago i would have asked for one of these for christmas. Too bad for me i guess. I look forward to possibly ordering one of your board in 5 or so months. Im thinkin about leopardwood and some moc 7 bearings.

  13. 😂😂😂 this is so dumb, this is an overpriced cruising deck😂 your solution to there being no "advances" is making a board with fancy woods? This board is not going to make you be able to do anything different than any other board, there are numerous longboard decks better, good advertising tho.

  14. i've watched this video a few times and i cant stop thinking why would you apply so much technology and time in building a a cruise longboard. I mean it s a board that you won t use for high speeds and you probably cant even slide with it because it has no concave. plus it looks exactly like a loaded board (loaded boards sucks). overall i think it s just not smart to build such a fancy board that has no use.     Plus it s just to over priced for a board that doesn't even have hollow tech construction   

  15. holy shit these longboards are like all space aged and stuff with all that technology and equipment lol. I want one of these badly!

  16. Too bad all this focus is on longboards. I wished they would use this technology in regular skateboards. Make a skateboard that's water proof and will never break would be amazing!

  17. So, why do you insist on calling them skateboard decks when you know they're longboard decks? Also, you insisted on calling longboarders skaters, which you should know the difference between a skateboard/skater, and a longboard/longboarder. Good vid, but i facepalmed quite hard at that.

  18. this board isn't that special. It's just made out of harder more expensive materials so less wood is used. The shape of the deck isn't unique either. Why spend all the money to make this deck and use "exotic wood" for the beauty aspect just so to end up needing to replace the ridiculous crushed sprinkled glass grip with real grip tape when i wears out after a few uses? This is just an expensive cruiser deck that most people will replace once they learn the basics of longboarding and want to progress into freeride or downhill.

  19. Those longboards looks awesome but they are way too expensive I wanted to buy one cause I like special things like that but I can't afford it….

  20. Gosh they are beautifully made, it would be a shame for me if I crack, chipped or even scratched one.
    They are also pricey, so I will stick with my penny board for now… lol
    May be one day.

  21. The fact is, most longboarders don't have anywhere near 400 bucks to spend on JUST THE DECK and, even if they did, would chose not to. There's nothing with making a niche product, but you have to understand your audience when you do. You've stated in another comment that you are going for 55-60 year olds who want a comfortable board to cruise around on. That's great! If that's the case, though, why are you, the apparent owner of the company, on YouTube arguing with people who are clearly never going to buy your product? You're not going to convince us that we should buy this. If anything, your tone is probably alienating people who were on the fence! It looks like you put a lot of time, effort, research and money into producing these decks and I can respect that. But don't try to sell Rogaine to high school students… Sure, everyone knows that one guy who could have used it, but the vast majority are simply uninterested and don't need/want it.

  22. Full tops; out of all the tripper tech you boys laid out, the 'pseudo-palindrome' logo is shear! I might be biased, being an art director- but I locked down on it, and yup- FULLY reads both ways! Killer full scopes on by someone in the art pit out there

  23. Thanks to Rat Vision, I discovered Oust. I am very impressed by the quality of the products and the loyalty and dedication of the company. I will try out some bearings myself and leave some reviews to confirm the hype. I will definitely let all my fellow friends and skaters know about Oust

  24. I wonder if Rat Vision got payed by Oust to make that video…….The bearings are great but i wont be buying the board not because I dont like it. Its mostly because its nice to look at not to play and therefore i dont want it…i might break it.

  25. O snap they cost 300 to 450 bucks. No doubt these are nice boards but I will stick to my regular deck and my Oust Mock 9 bearings.

  26. all the technology and thought gets wasted in a barely functional cruiser shape, all of this techology would be way better in a freestyle or a downhill longboard. another thing, that carbon fiber in between the plies is an absolute waste, carbon fiber needs to be on the outside for it to have any beneficial properties. plus, yall are not the only ones on the market making boards like this

  27. i dont wanna be a hater but you are not "the best" longboard builder there are a lot more brands that are definetly better and also cheaper
    srry for bad english im dutch

  28. I'm still trying to figure out why a board w/ mistakes would be featured, or at least pick a different set of trucks that matched up to the cnc located screw holes.

  29. You would certainly expect that resin would be lost/pressed out, as there is plenty of excess resin when laying it up like that. Thats the reason for vacuum molding and infusion molding, to get closer to optimal resin content; although for this type of sandwich composite, the layup seems the be the way to do it. Nice planer and resaw setup. You could easily get consistent cutouts with a router jig, but I have to love the cnc router table. Pretty sweet longboards, Ill have to check out what you have. Is there a certain style of riding that you build for?

  30. this is no different to a normal good quality longboard. ps the name of your skateboard is already in use by another company called descent

  31. Hello! Im a poor skater from California, and I was just wondering if your fine company might donate a board to a hardworking teenager like myself. I would absolutely appreciate it with all my heart!

  32. Hey oust, can you post videos testing your bearings? I think it would be very helpful to people who want to buy them.

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