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– [BladeYGO] Vision HEROes
more like, oh, snap, these are actually good. For all of you HERO lovers, we got another wave of
support for the archetype coming in the form of Vision HEROes. These cards are way better than you think, and in this video, whether
we talk about the basics of the archetype or how it
will impact HEROes in general, today we’ll be figuring
out the destiny HEROes have and find out why HEROes
are crazy right now. Before we get into that,
if you guys wanna join an amazing community of people
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is in the description. With that, let’s find out why
HEROes are crazy right now. All right, so what are the
basics of Vision HEROes? Well, the archetype has
revolved around their monsters being placed in the Spell & Trap Zone, as continuous traps,
similar to Crystal Beast and how they place their monsters
in the Spell & Trap Zone. They place themselves by
being in the Graveyard and taking battle or effect damage, so if you take battle or effect damage, their effect will activate
from the Graveyard and place themselves in
the Spell & Trap Zone. They can tribute HERO monsters to Special Summon themselves from the Spell & Trap Zone during
either player’s Main Phase, and they all have effects
when Special Summoned from the Spell & Trap Zone. These effects include:
Increase, will Special Summon a level four or lower
Vision HERO from deck. This is really powerful for the archetype and gives you a good-going first play. I’ll explain why Increase is so important to Vision HEROes in a little bit. We have Minimum Ray, which
destroys a level four or lower monster the opponent controls. This is amazing because this
means you have a Vision HERO that can activate during
your opponent’s Main Phase and Special Summon itself and
have some form of removal. Destroying a level four or lower monster may sound kinda bad, but it’s actually not as bad as you think. Let’s say your opponent
just Normal Summons Spinny or summons Gazelle or
anything of the sort, you can use Minimum Ray during
your opponent’s Main Phase and Special Summon itself,
then pop that Gazelle, and that means your
opponent’s gonna have more trouble playing through the board. Multiply Guy Increases the
monster’s attack by 800, which is actually really prevalent in some cases for Destiny HERO Dystopia because it gives the
monster 800 attack and it can be used during your
opponent’s Main Phase, that means you can use
Dystopia as a disruption without needing something like
Phoenix Blade, for example. Multiply Guy gives you a HERO method of increasing
the attack of Dystopia, giving you another disruption. We also have Poisoner
which halves the attack of a face-up monster. Poisoner is definetely
the worst out of the four, I’m not gonna lie, you
probably won’t be seeing Poisoner played. Depending on the deck, it may be good, we will just have to see what happens. Ignoring these specifically,
we also have four other Vision HERO main-deck monsters. So we have Faris, which is a level five that discards a HERO to
Special Summon itself then on Normal or Special
Summon it will place a Vision HERO in the Spell
& Trap Zone, but then locks you into only summoning HEROes for the rest of this turn. You may not realize it, but Faris is probably the
most important Vision HERO to have been released, and this card is incredible
for the archetype in unison with the other Vision HEROes and I’ll go more in depth
as to why in a little bit. Gravito on Normal or Special
Summon will add a banished HERO to hand and contribute
a Special Summon two Vision HEROes from the Spell & Trap Zone. While the Normal or Special Summon effect is interesting, it may
come up in the future as a good way to recur
resources, the Tribute effect isn’t as prevalent
as you would think because Vision HEROes just
don’t have enough good methods to place HEROes
in the Spell & Trap Zone, but I’ll elaborate more
on that when we get to the problems with the archetype. Vyon, you probably all know sends any HERO from the deck to the grave
and can banish a HERO to add Poly to hand,
obviously this was used with Malicious back in the day. In warrior decks, in
order to get you access to Malicious then get Isolde and do crazy things from there. Lastly, we have Witch Raider, now I know people probably
thought that Witch Raider was kinda random for
the archetype at first, but now that we have the rest of the Vision HEROes, it makes sense. Witch Raider is a level
eight that can tribute traps as well as monsters
to Normal Summoning and when it’s Normal
Summoned it can destroy all spell and traps your opponent controls. And you can only Special
Summon HEROes the turn and use Witch Raider’s effect. This card is interesting and may come up in the future, I’m not really that sure if it will, but Witch
Raider is interesting for the archetype no less. A Harpie’s Feather
Duster for the archetype is nothing to scoff at,
so maybe it will see it play, maybe it won’t, I
guess we’ll just have to see. We also have two spells and
one trap for the archetype. Vision Fusion is a
fusion that can also use monsters in the Spell &
Trap Zone that are treated as continuous traps as material. Vision Release summons a Vision HERO from the Spell & Trap Zone,
then after the Turn it was used can banish itself to recur a Vision HERO from the grave to the hand,
and Apparition, can summon a Vision HERO from the deck after one was destroyed by Battler Card effect, then halves the attack of a
monster the opponent controls. So those were all the Vision HERO cards. I’m just gonna let you
guys know the spells and traps aren’t really that relevant, they are neat and
may come up in the future, if we get more Vision HERO
support, but right now they’re pretty meh for the archetype. And they’re not even searchable, which makes them even worse. I just wanted to mention
some general notes, so they’re all Darks for
Mask Change to summon Dark Law, which is
important because every HERO that’s printed from now on
should honestly be DARK type. Dark Law is huge for HEROes being able to go first, because
when they’re locked into to HEROes, it’s important
to have something good to turbo into, like Dark Law. We all know Dark Law, it’s a one-sided Macro Cosmos on a 2400
body, and will also banish cards outta the opponent’s
hand after they add something. In the right format,
Dark Law is incredible, so any DARK HERO becomes even better because it can be used with
Mask Change for Dark Law. Lastly, let’s talk about
Isolde for a second. Isolde isn’t a HERO, but it
still is so good in the deck. Any two warriors equal shadow mist to search Mask Change and gets you access to Phoenix Blade in grave. And honestly, Phoenix Blade
is better in this deck than in most decks because you can use Phoenix Blade with
Dystopia to get a free pop. Phoenix Blade just gives
you even more value because of Dystopia and
so I think Isolde should really be run, honestly,
Isolde’s just too good not to run regardless
of it not being a HERO, you can technically play
both Isolde and Faris regardless, because Isolde gets you a HERO to pitch for Faris and
then you can lock yourself into HEROes afterwards. It really depends on the player, however, if you should play Isolde. And we’re just gonna
have to find out how HERO players decide to play
the deck to find out whether you should be
playing Isolde or not, or we go for a list specifically using Xtra HERO Cross Crusader, because Cross Crusader is
actually an amazing card for HEROes when locked into HEROes only. So why is the archetype type good and bad? Well, Vision HEROes aren’t that
great as a standalone deck. There are not enough
efficient ways of placing cards in the Spell & Trap Zone. While Faris is amazing
and will see play 100% which I’ll describe in a second. As a standalone deck they need other ways of placing cards in
their Spell & Trap Zone other than Faris and their effects. In HEROes, in general
you don’t have any ways of taking damage with a
card effect, that means you cannot trigger your
HEROes from your Graveyard. Sure, you can attack into a monster crash and then you can put everything back into the Spell & Trap Zones, that’s not a reliant strategy to be using. And they also don’t do enough when they’re in the Spell & Trap Zone. So they need other HEROes
to be good, is basically what I’m saying, which
I assume was the intent with how Vision HEROes work. They were meant to
support the HERO archetype and not be a standalone deck. While the Vision HEROes
are amazing support, they just will not work
as a standalone deck because they don’t have
all the pieces together yet and Vision HERO Vyon, for example, sends any HERO which you
can get off of Increase, which you can get off of Faris. So all of that in unison
just makes me feel like HEROes are meant to
be combined into one deck rather than all separate
decks from now on. And speaking of which,
when they’re combined with the HERO archetype,
they’re absolutely incredible in unison. Faris with the rest of the HERO
archetype is a game changer. It provides way more
consistency because Faris can grab Increase which leads to Increase tributing Faris Special
Summoning itself grabbing Vyon from deck sending Malicious which from there you can summon
Xtra HERO Cross Crusader, which leads to you Special
Summoning Malicious back Xtra HERO Cross Crusader tributing the Malicious getting a
search and then from there you just go the heck in. And not only all this, Faris can also be used as a combo piece. So like I was saying with Isolde, if you’re playing Isolde
you can get a search for a Destiny HERO Celestial
for example, or anything that will work well in
the grave that you don’t need to use on that turn. And then pitch it for Faris, Faris will Special Summon itself and from there you just go in even further, because now you have the guaranteed Mask Change. If you go this specific
route where you summon Isolde and then later you
summon Faris, you can easily go for a Dark Law plus a Dystopia and I think that’s gonna be probably the best way of playing
the deck from here on out. The engine also provides more power so Minimum Ray being able
to destroy level four or lower monsters during
the opponent’s Main Phase is practical, because like
I stated with the Gazelle example you can also destroy stuff like Connector, like Aqua Dolphin, like Candina there are so many level fours
in the game you can destroy a Sky Striker Token to prevent
Kagari from coming out. This effect to destroy level four or lower monsters is nothing to scoff at, honestly, because it’s actually pretty good. If it’s something like
where you can’t use it on the opponent’s turn, then
it’s a lot more mediocre but because we can use this during either Main Phase, this Minimum Ray becomes really practical in the deck. And Multiply also gives one
monster exactly 800 attack. Well, what monster
needs exactly 800 attack to negate a monster effect? Apollousa. This card gives Apollousa
one extra in negate, which may not be the craziest thing, but may come up in specific
builds of the deck. So, the engine would
consist of three Faris, one to two Increase and
maybe one minimum rare Multiply Guy depending on your list and your goal. So with all of this in
mind, are Vision HEROes viable after this new support? The deck is still really solid, but I’m not gonna say it’s
tier one by any means. However, this is a solid
deck because of a card like Dark Law and because
of the consistency Vision HEROes provide. This deck goes to a
another level after this new wave of support, and
can easily top regionals here and there. Vision HERO Faris in unison with the Vision HEROes is a game changer for any HERO deck. But is it viable as a tier one strategy? Maybe not, however that
doesn’t change just how good this archetype is for HEROes, and just how much crazier HEROes become after this new support. But in the end, that was why
HEROes are crazy right now. Thank you guys so much for
watching and with that, I’ll see you soon. (upbeat music)

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