Heimplanet Transit Line Sling Pocket Review | 1L Travel Sling Bag (Perfect Personal Item For Flying)

– The Heimplanet Transit Line Sling Pocket is a one-liter sling that
is perfect for carrying everyday items, as well
as using it on the road, and for inflight essentials. I’m Tom, the founder of
Pack Hacker where we use our expertise and real
world experience to provide practical resources and honest opinions, guiding you towards smarter travel. So if you’re new to the
channel, consider subscribing. Let’s jump right into the
Heimplanet Transit Sling, a sling that we have been
testing quite heavily for the last nine months. Let’s check it out. [upbeat music playing] As a note, we got our hands on this sling about nine months ago, when Heimplanet was originally launching their
Kickstarter. And since then, we have been putting it through the ringer with a lot of testing. It’s not quite available
yet on their website. However, they have a
target date of April 2019 – or next month – from the
date that this review has been published. At the time of this review
the sling comes in one color. It is a Castlerock Gray,
which is kind of this blend of fabrics that’s a little
bit of a lighter gray and a darker gray. And they
come together to create a really interesting color and pattern. Heimplanet will likely
offer this in black as well. However, there aren’t
any official listings on their website as of yet. It’s a shame because this
colorway would have been perfect with our Digital Nomad Packing List, that we released a couple of weeks ago. And that’s all black, all monochromatic; it definitely has a certain
curated look going on. So, a black version would
have been perfect for that. From a branding perspective,
there is a large sticker going on up here. And
overall the Heimplanet logo is sleek and minimal. But
we feel like this sticker type of thing sort of cheapens
the look a little bit. It looks like this kind
of transparent adhesive that was just added on
there, even though it’s been – I think – some type of
thermally added and kind of stamped on. It sort of just looks like a piece of tape running right across. So although the Heimplanet logo is good, the application of it
feel a little bit much, especially on sling
surface area of this size. Just definitely feels a little bit weird and kind of cheapens
the look a little bit. Of course, looks are always
in the eyes of the beholder; that’s why we polled
our Instagram audience over at Pack Hacker, and
here are the results. The main fabric of this
pack is an 800D nylon, and a 660D polypropylene
DYECOSHELL Dope Dyed fabric. And those two different
fabrics come together to create this kind of
coloration that you see going on across the pack. And Dope Dyed means that they
actually are able to use less dye. So it’s a more
sustainable way to color fabrics, so they end up using less dye, and there is less waste in the process. Overall, these two fabrics
have come together to create an interesting feel. That
polypropylene really adds a tiny bit of rubberiness to the feel, but not too much to where it feels cheap, because you also have the nylon
going on in there as well. On the back of the sling we have a slightly padded
back panel going on, with this funky pattern we’ve seen in a couple other of
Heimplanet’s products as well. The lining inside of
this sling is polyester, and it contains hints of
that same funky pattern that we’ve seen on the back panel. It’s a nice, subtle branding
element from Heimplanet, and we think it ties everything
together quite nicely. To wrap up the materials –
we have reverse-coil weather-resistant YKK zippers
on the outside of the sling, as well as for the small
pocket on the side. These reverse coil zippers
help with weather resistance, and they also look a little bit cleaner, since there is a layer of
fabric above the zipper teeth. There is some lightweight
aluminum hardware that’s used for adjusting the sling strap, as well as attaching the
strap to the sling itself. Plus, you’ve got a nice layer
of EVA foam on the back panel, adding a little bit of padding, and making it more of a comfortable carry. Overall, this is a solid materials list that has held up quite well after nine months of very heavy testing. The sling is worn cross-body style, either on the front or
the back of the wearer. Overall it’s a nice, comfortable fit. But on a couple of different occasions we’ve noticed that sling strap sort of creeping up a little bit closer to the neck with prolonged usage, especially if there is heavy
gear inside of the sling. Some slings account for this by swapping the anchor points on each side, and sort of positioning them
a little bit differently. However since this is so small, we think that Heimplanet
has opted not to do that. And it is really just a minor nitpick that we’ve noticed after all this usage, it is by no means a showstopper. Definitely a nitpick, but
that’s what we’re here for. Plus, that strap is easily
adjustable via the aluminum hardware, so it’s easy to get the right
fit based on your body type. On the exterior, there are two
small lash tabs on the side, opposite of the logo. This is handy to attach a carabiner to, and you never know when those
are going to come in handy. In this case, we have the
Nite Ize #3 S-Biner on the outside. And we’ve
used this on the plane to kind of hang this sling
in a place that’s accessible over the course of the flight, as well as just use it to kind of hang the sling up in areas – on chairs – and just fasten it to things
as we’re moving around. Moving on to the inside of this sling – let’s kick it off with the small pocket on the exterior going on here. Although you can fit a
Plus-size iPhone inside, it’s quite snug and makes the shape of the sling a little bit awkward. Smaller phones will do just fine, or else sunglasses if you’d like to hold those in there as well. This is especially good
since the liner on the inside is a lot softer than the
liner on the interior of the main compartment of the sling. We’ve just slipped in the
ROAV Franklin Sunglasses, and these things fold up super small. Plus they’re in another case, and they still fit in quite nicely. Any sunglasses will do in here though. Onto the main capacity area –
it opens up horseshoe style, allowing you to have
some really good access to the main interior of the compartment. We have two stretchy mesh-like pockets in the front corners of the sling. We’ve been putting earbuds on one side, as well as the Orbitkey
Key Organizer on the other. And this kind of keeps things
really organized nicely in the corners of the sling. In the main litre capacity
towards the bottom, there is a small tag indicating that the Heimplanet Transit Line Sling has been crafted in Vietnam. Towards the back of the sling, there are two stretchy mesh
divider pockets as well. One fits the Anker PowerCore II 10000, as well as a smaller micro USB cable for charging devices when
you’re out and about. We’ve found the other side
worked quite well for a wallet. And in our case, we’ve
been testing it with the Tom Bihn Nik’s Minimalist Wallet. Lastly, there is a zippered pocket towards the back for storing flatter items. This is ideal to store passports, and we’ve got ours inside of
the Bellroy Passport Sleeve. You could put smaller
notebooks in here as well – like field notes – maybe
a pen for taking notes, although that passport sleeve does have a little tiny pen that goes along with it. After we removed the stock
paracord zipper pull on this main compartment,
we opted to include the Prometheus Lights Kappa
Quick Release Keychain that holds some earplugs from Matador, as well as the Gerber Shard – a really small and useful multi-tool to have on the road. It’s nice to have all
these items in the sling, with easy access to all of them. And that’s really the benefit of this Heimplanet Transit Line Sling – is that the organization
is well-thought through, it’s not too crazy. You don’t have a bunch of
zippers and pockets going on, but it’s just enough to
compartmentalize and separate all of your individual items. Definitely a joy to use. At the time of this review,
this sling has been used for nine months. And it’s seen some very
heavy use – from Detroit, to New York, to Minneapolis, to Porto, to Budapest, and Amsterdam. Other than the frayed edges
near the small zipper, as well as two little small frayed areas near the lash straps, this has been holding up really well. And we can kind of chalk that
up to ordinary wear and tear. It’d be quite easy to get rid
of those with a lighter. Sometimes the sling can
feel a little bit imbalanced when you’re wearing it. However that’s usually
mitigated by either adjusting the shoulder strap, or
moving the sling from the front-to-back, or the
back-to-front, on the wearer. Other than that, this has
been a solid companion for about nine months of use, and we don’t see that
stopping any time soon; although we may be testing
a couple more slings, we may have more reviews in the works. So, let us know in the comments if you are interested
in more sling reviews. So to wrap this thing
up with some Pros and Cons. There’s some really thoughtful
and organized layouts and pockets going on on
the inside of this sling. Durable materials have
been used throughout, and it’s held up super well
with nine months of testing. It is a great size for
everyday or travel items. Some slings can get a bit too
large, but for this use case, the size is just right. On to some of the Cons. Sometimes the carry can be imbalanced. We have seen some slight fraying
on the edges of the fabric, but it’s ordinary wear and tear. Lastly, we think the
sticker logo cheapens the overall look and the
design of this sling. The Heimplanet Transit Line Sling Pocket offers a ton of organization
in such a small package. The size is just right for gear
you’d carry around everyday, or during a flight. We’ve seen some ordinary
wear and tear in the fabic, and sometimes the carry can
feel slightly imbalanced. But apart from that – the organized layout, small form factor, and durable materials – make this sling a joy to use, day in and day out. So there you have it, our review on the Heimplanet
Transit Line Sling Pocket. Make sure to leave a comment below, and let us know what
you think of this sling. Thanks for keeping it here at Pack Hacker, your guide to smarter travel. We’ll see you in the next video.

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