Hearthstone: Kolento’s #1 Legend Mech Mage – Deck Discussion & Gameplay (hilarious auto-subtitles)

welcome guys today we’re talking about a
deck that you’ve probably seen a lot on ladder recently during the last week or
two anatomic makes they created as far as I
know by Colin toe who also claimed rank one legend with it at some point of the last season am I guess you’re familiar with the concept
that’s a pretty dedicated tempo Dec therefore you will not find
any heart removal or alien the stack but more a lot of annoying and efficient
millions kinda like home zoo but the the decks usually tried to get
off really good and efficient rates with
carrots like it just a thought thousandth that you won’t find in this Dec but I am the steak is more dedicated two words
the temple of millions them selfs am let’s start with what makes make mates better than other
make thanks because people keep asking you that and I can tell are from I’ve perspective
there are a few reasons why make mates am at least at the moment
it’s better than most other make thanks first of all they have a pretty good and
resilient and annoying to drop the snow checker which has three health health which it’s real
important because it doesn’t I to hurts like smile
its it doesn’t die to hard fly consecration
holding over late in the game an adult also doesn’t buy to turn one
zombie chow top work no matter no home in all of
these so all of the prevalent deck from the
current meta have there one or two drop that can actually like the subject can survive them but
also survive summer time does for example or a Mac or per so at the three health
matter a lot in comparison for example to the salmon stew job the semantic is of
course a lots scary and form of burrs but dice tu arye like consecration or holding over
or early too or gets just countered by a turn on some
Italian total both know Chuck itself is pretty
annoying even if it dies against the bigger ministries as the you can freeze warriors but that in such
am in comparison to coats to decks like
mixed group that i’ve seen most of the list don’t run their robo-cup where the two
drop but only the Mac or per but this is this makes it hard to make car
it’s like cock master or ticket on technician and benefit from
the Mac benefit am on a consistent basis also you the the robo-cup has taunt which makes
that little bit worse a.m. actually in comparison to the snow
check because that this you can hype the snow check
behind a night run so you can point out it’s not like a and a.m. the plan tonight rum to keep it safe or if you’re up against
the warrior and he fire lyrics of course skills that are a
power myspace salmon or something am but then at least they get frozen so this one is really key are the deck
at say also um I talked about temple earlier the mad
scientist if the it’s one of the best up a card
from the camera now butts a to cover for MacBook Pro but
Michael provokes an everyday grade but the make mad scientist only works in
certain tax which are for them at the moment hunter and meets am I try to make you mad
scientists work in paladin as well and it’s nice because the it’s still nice because they draw a
card of architect that you don’t have to play
but paladin secrets don’t have this much impact than
the mates doesn’t that’s why they only cuz one man and three so a.m. in this Dec the mad scientists only runs but my entity which makes the
mad scientist the 22 for to death rattle some in the next million a copy the next million your polling
place which iz even against even in the mirror match
pretty good like even if at them at the mad
scientist just some months you a topic gnome from the opponents make mates you get a 2-1 for nothing basically which is kinda
comparable to a.m. I was gone for example and their also want have to remove it like if they
play Corp like gnome and ping they weighs three mana on but the threat
of a mad scientist so overall this us a lot of Temple gain
early and of course there is the Goblin
classmates which is also shoot MVP in the steak and Ken were
consistently because the run hurts like so check your night run in
Spider tank to play before them sometimes they don’t
work but the for a random damage on the boards a real issue just especially if you can
play to turn for or set up the board against the hunter
for example you can kill a leper gnome a clockwork gnome and a leftover spider from hot creeper right away and you clear the board with
just playing a 54 for four minute which is also pretty huge other than that I think that that list
is pretty standard am overall there’s one car choice that happen as frequently like it’s the hazard rate
people have like into play pilots guy column in
third or what about low for them and I thought about this while playing
the deck quite often but I think that as a Drake
fifth the deck the most because it doesn’t
have any other cop drama so the one part that you can get from this is a.m. pretty nice also like I said at the
dedicated tempo Dec so even if your opponent like spite this
to remove it you still gain a card and they spent
their whole turn off from on remover almost the whole turn on
removing the as a Drake but just still have at least the current
am also it’s nice to have something to play
on FIF which a.m. I found myself playing this
track on Turnpike actually quite often so if it was im pilot guy column which is a lot of skin
which is a lot scarier I agree on that and you can play that
turn later at the morn monaco’s actually if you like matter a lot but of course I
think both Lothair up and pilots guy golem
what be appropriate replacement for their shirt
Rick am then of course there’s one more make make make make each strength it’s
the are paid in tonight s and you have the lot of spare parts resources our sources I should say and
its the clockwork gnome its the ticker 10
technician and the mechanical Getty and maybe also like amor and it carried buyer upon
and/or other deities as such the Kim get like five spare parts during a game very
easily or least a few of them and can cycle
them with the are pledging tonight as a specially the
cloak field which gives your put which gives one of your many in stealth
for one turn is pretty huge if you can play art major
tonight as into the clock feel the Ternate you get a free you’d get a stealth 57 plus a free fireball plus you can cycle
the fireball for all your man I that you have so this is actually pretty
nice against control X especially if they used all their removal because they
folded fell behind in tempo and then executed
period on a spider tank and stuff like this am if they had to deal
with a lot of stuff and then you can come up with a lot of fireballs or even
just the 57 body am you can pretty much address them an another question that
came up quite often is a is doctor but necessary in this Dec
first the poll it’s a BJ started and the be only BGH
target and the back so if your opponent runs BGH then this will get a straight
red second a it’s a seven-man I carried and if the Droid early sits there for a lot
of turns am I thought about this to a lot but I think doctor boom earns its place in
the stank first of all a med in the matter right
now there are a lot of temple text to so you’re playing for example in the mirror may in the
mirror match am the state doesn’t run BGH am hunters
don’t run PGH dude doesn’t in PGH and even if you are
up against the Dec that runs BJH am they’re not sure to
have it in their hand and that’s the good thing about the
two-room which makes a better then but a war
golem and also leave something behind so if
you’re the pope if you play it took to build a
turn seven and your opponent plays BGH they still have just five for men are left and you still
have to pull boats which also can cue parts of the bar it overcome taunts or just deal more face
damage by exploding and killing something on
the board are killing the bth for example so overall I think the
victim also earns a place in the stack in and although it seems like a pretty standard
list um because you just throw everything right
there which has either a Mac tech like tech or a.m. make seventy it’s going pretty
well at books pretty consistently and like
the only tech choices are the Met scientists the the mirror an idiot and maybe the
end game pirates butts and there are a lot of other boys
and flowing floating around for example some Bergeron man a worm and unstable portal some which run worry I’ll metals which
are also pretty annoying minions him some run link run i’ve seen and of course the
pilot guy chalam so there’s a lot of variation that you can built with us
last but thats the I plates during the last
season so the gameplay footage that you will
see right after that is am Michael I’m prepared letter letter on the last day of season 10 I don’t have the time to climb to the
top 100 unfortunately but I did a pretty
good pipe with a stack and with a few past games so I hope that
you can get a grasp of it and how that works in Acton and how annoying
it can be in action and thanks for watching guys then II the thanks terrorists for the follow magic hear you hearts me chicken now I’m at the point where bike I am always matched up against lower ranked
upon that’s what makes the climb especially hard because you lose so much
more than you came shoes kept two codes truly make me itch
to one official keep an eye on train going
first the militia protect make ice on you might be on it advantage because they don’t ever wonder
up and she might just kinda the two and
play another two even like Mac bopper a couple known archbishop and theirs by $1,000 on train late an plant them a tight as
well just give me something small that’s okay if I play night from the
ping said and that 22 one home his playing piece
to next terror in into yet he given the they’ll have something of his hot makes the night run even better now
or does it lol a little bit at least probably has to ping and then this
should I S on any of these men in 30 Kent
sacrifices spent time turns gives me one more turn it’s good archive message was not what I
was looking for in yes definitely I D manacled this for
free and the knife tonight run that I can give him yes it’s good could
kill this for free should take a can kill the idiots the 11 2012 anyway hello you have free a night of the next
10 now blessed me it would have been nice so much hello so much greetings up lol her lol hello that help and up Sanskrit but German or English well I’m German and the whole thing as
English so that can but everyone can talk to
everyone up that so many wanna take in Divine Shield
guys the 123 for down its can like being hit it to do fire on this one to attack pic the whirling blades almost 10 oh I think this was on display
actually you could have reversed which Mike I 221
and then killed her with define chill and then you wouldn’t have
had to sacrifice is ongoing mistakes mistakes and cloning a lot of mana the stern
calling this doesn’t help anything still thing lives that they took 2 p.m.
upcoming extern say have to hope that he doesn’t have a
Merry into the No something take K I have moved have to play it boom basically and then I hit hits extern probably the mara in India whatever it Ralph any fire bold win tonight is thankfully for am and tonight us cloak fields mine 21 12 plus five you should be able to kill me fast enough so it should be the full like early enough hope hope that he is forced to clearing yes
10 them inch she somehow has two fireballs and sent
like unclear sport with fireballs externally miss is to clear my porn okay that doesn’t even try twelve
possible easy useful no apparent therein Oak Creek pretty close ranks asked for it oh this
has potential for disgusting started I’ll take it they get to carry its a.m. am still a playmate Cooper you’ll play
where X then i play my corporate logo at 90
minutes this and I have the taker town for the cockpit no who yeah ship Poker to play it with a apps I’m ok but but in now I need its trade it would be good the I’ll us yes something later complained extern
fine I guess I am didn’t want to lose the No Action on my body skin temple play in it Wow term if I had a choker early on like instead of tonight from
for example would have been an amazing story like even more amazing close and if the clock it for them tonight as
left just two make some pressure should be fine on 5 to Olympus Stylus to it doesn’t really
matter I don’t have any mix anyways X most expensive makers for sup was there poets up it in bro let’s turn I’ll just seem that he doesn’t and
running the standard that might have been better know what happened I was next time something like it or not
shield maiden how much them just the San Luis but see asked at Sugar Sugar finally a toga a.m. 3 eights 10 1415 on a quid a consecutive so I could even
sectors of against the world when and assess the
day 6 p.m. no this is my hell I’m attacked Anna funds if you could use them the the Sun characters I well the snow both quite fast

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7 thoughts on “Hearthstone: Kolento’s #1 Legend Mech Mage – Deck Discussion & Gameplay (hilarious auto-subtitles)

  1. Just wanted to say thanks for this video, I've been looking for a good mech mage video that actually explains what moves they make and why for awhile now and this is the best I've found so far. I really want to become a better player overall and especially with this deck, so this has helped a lot. My biggest issues with this deck are knowing when to trade and when to hit face or go for lethal etc. Been my biggest challenge. Wish there were more videos that explain more about proper plays. Also, what are your thoughts on Loatheb in place of the yeti, or adding another Azure drake in place of 1 gnome Etc?? Any tips would be greatly appreciated? Thanks, and good luck out there.. Cheers! 🙂

  2. I noticed that u traded a lot with this deck. Is that necessary or should I go for fave majority of the time

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