If you’ve been watching the WAN show recently, you might have noticed that we’ve been building a new set here in the studio, and it is not because we just love manual labour, we are expanding our content lineup, which in regular speak means, we are making a new show. It will run Monday, Wednesday, Friday-ish, and it’ll cover STEM news in a fun and rapid-fire manner. All we need now, is someone who’s got time to host it. “Got some free time?” “No, get out of here!” “Do you want to be a video host?” “Why are you in my office?” “Dolton, coltie baby in the coldster!” wth “What’s up, man!” “Do you want to host a new show?” “Yeah!” “You know what, actually…” “I’m joking… I thought you were going to fire me!” “WTF?!” [CENSORED] “Got a new show, tech news needs a host?” “Why don’t you?” “Do it.” [BANGS TABLE] Oh, God! Linus, that was so loud!” “We gotta shoot a new show! You in?” “Shooting?” “Hosting.” “No.” [LINUS REJECTED FOREVER] “Riley?” “Yeah, central pahk!” “Riley, is that you?!” “Quick bit…” Hallelujah! My prayers have been answered! I’ve got a host for the new channel! Come on out here, baby! And I’ve got a sponsor for this one! This video is brought to you by Private Internet Access. PIA is the VPN service that gives you a safe protected IP and encrypts your Internet traffic. Check it out now at the link in the video description. [INTRO ROLLS] My god Riley, what are you doing in here you remember how to host videos right oh? “Oh my god, cut it out, you hosted a tech show for like four years! Come on, let’s get you cleaned up!” “I know technology videos!” “Come on!” So, there’s been a lot of speculation over the last six months about us buying out the NCIX tech tips YouTube channel and confession time, we have been working on it. So I made an initial offer which was when I found out about the pending buyer… But I’m a shareholder or I’m on the board of directors or something… I don’t know, it made no sense to me whatsoever, so… So, to say that I was pretty cheesed off by this point would be a gross understatement. So any purchaser of the rest of the company, or a creditor, or even that individual with the login credentials, could challenge my ownership. …due to some weird loopholes that are specific to intellectual property law. And, they kind of make sense because if… Frankly, it’s not even worth what I was offering at this point. But I mean, for me, I already had the host, and it’s kind of like monopoly, right? Like, it’s worth it to overpay for Park Place if you’ve already got Boardwalk. So, long story short, there’s actually been a very emotional ride for me because, I had really wanted to bring my old stomping ground back to its former glory, like the last thing that I wanted to see with some company that doesn’t understand the audience, doesn’t understand YouTube, and doesn’t understand how much sweat, blood and tears went into making that what it is. Just upload marketing videos to it. But, even after over five thousand dollars in legal fees and many hours, especially from Yvonne, she worked really hard on this, we just couldn’t make it happen, so I’m, I’m honestly, I’m sorry to everyone. I’m sorry to everyone who was involved in the deal, the viewers who really wanted to see it come back, and just sort of in general. But, there’s a silver lining. So, we actually made the deal to hire Riley as soon as there was some hint, as soon as we got a sniff of getting the channel. So what we’ve decided to do is to just go forward with a brand new show. A spiritual successor. So it’ll be a host, and maybe it’ll be me, maybe it’ll be Riley, who knows? Maybe Colton will host. I don’t care. And the host will be kind of standing here like this. No, no, not like that. Like this. That’s right boom and What it’s gonna be in a nutshell is on a new channel. We’re gonna call the channel Tech Linked. Yeah, that really is the best we could come up with. Every episode will be about five to six minutes long on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. And it’ll cover the biggest tech stories of the day, and it’s going to be, sort of, sort of like this. Chip maker AMD has announced that they are going to be purchasing, finally, the graphics accelerator design company ATI for a cool 5.4 billion dollars. Rumors about the possible sales been flying around for months, and apparently, AMD decided to go through with it. But as ATI’s stock price on the market soared, AMD’s dropped due to investor concern that AMD paid too much for the acquisition. Kind of like you, right? He had no choice, but to say that. It’s great. ATI will alow AMD to offer integrated graphics on their CPUs, giving them an edge over rival, Intel. Reportedly, AMD initially tried to purchase graphics giant Nvidia, but its CEO Jensen Thuong insisted that he lead the new company, and AMD chief Lisa Hu wasn’t having any of that. So, AMD set its sights on ATI instead, and pulled the trigger. The gun went, ah this is so redundant. How many times you can say they did the deal? And just like shooting someone in real life, that decision has haunted AMD efforts. So, it’s gonna be kind of like that, except current news, not news from 12 years ago. Thank you very much, Riley. And actually the first episode is live right now So you can click here to watch it, and to subscribe to the channel, go follow Tech linked on Twitter and do all the things. Speaking of, who am I kidding? I don’t care if this thing makes any sense. I’ve got some lawyer bills to pay. This video is brought to you by Anker. We’re talking about Anker’s new SoundCore Spirit and Spirit X earphones, featuring their SweatGuard technology. SweatGuard utilizes a specific nano coating, with an IPX+ rating to help better protect your earphones from sweat, which actually includes the USB and remote control buttons. To celebrate the launch, they’re hosting a huge giveaway prizes include 500 Spirit earphones, 500 Spirit X earphones, a bunch of 10% off vouchers, and more. You can check out the details in the description below, the giveaway ends May 16th. So, come on in here Riley Thanks for watching guys! If this video suck, look, doesn’t he clean up nice? If this video sucks, do you guys know what to do? But if it was awesome, get subscribed, hit that like button, and check out the link to our bio stuff we featured. You can get your very own Riley at the link in the video description. Yeah, I don’t think these shirts are available anymore. We don’t have that IP. This is custom. Now that I think about it. Oh, really? Okay, I also linked in the description is our merch store, which has cool shirts like this one. But not that one, but like me, I don’t know, and our community forum which you should totally join. He doesn’t have a mic, that’s why he’s not talking. RILEY: Thanks for watching guys. Love you so much. We’re back, baby, we’re back! This looks awesome!

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100 thoughts on “HEARTBROKEN… NCIX YouTube Channel

  1. Was the blurred speech at the beginning a meme or was it honestly the full story because if yes i cant wait for the unedited video.

  2. Loopholes generally work like this…when I took my mortgage deduction on my taxes it was a perfectly legitimate and sorely needed deduction that I absolutely deserved, when my rich neighbor took the same deduction on his taxes it was an insidious, evil "loophole". Or like this….we outlawed this specific thing, so when someone made a perfectly legal other thing that achieves the same purpose in a perfectly legal way he was taking advantage of a "loophole". Or like this…we mandated that if you want to do X you have to file this government paperwork asking for permission, but the government procedure created to ensure that happens completely failed and you were given permission when you shouldn't have so there is a "loophole" in the law. It's become one of the most ridiculously overused misused words in America.

  3. I'm just not a fan of Riley. After Linus left NCIX, NCIX just tried too hard to get a younger group of hosts, and I mostly just found myself thinking I was watching a bunch of kids trying to make a youtube channel. I hope techlinked does well, I want Linus to succeed, but techlinked just isn't for me.

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