hey everyone welcome back to this
special edition of top corner breaks we’ve got a new concept for you today
for 18-19 SPX release day you’re gonna be bused in two boxes here this brand new
product and we’re gonna go head-to-head see you as the better hits make sure you
let us know in the comments who you think the winners are Ron’s gonna take
you through what we can find in this product
all right so sticking with the same convention and configuration as previous
years you find four cards support four packs per box one card per pack and
every pack is a hit you might receive in one box on average one memorabilia card
one autograph card one technology card and one wild card which could be any of
the three above all right everyone we’re excited so let’s get busting players on
your mark peeling off the cellophane is like crap pretty excited about this today make
sure you let us know if anyone else is cracking some new SPX all right we got
ladi terracing show in the background here you haven’t seen that video yet
check it out that was our one on one hit from artifacts 2018-19 alright well
that’s how better here all right round one one you’re gonna like this one for the old
personal collection oh this is gonna be a nice card I’m looking for this brainy
tkachuk so she’s teasing me here nope Brady could chuck rookie jersey card so
you were not teasing me it is a crazy it is a Brady tkachuk very nice rookie
Jersey I love that courage that’s a beautiful number no like a
standard Jersey alright but warned by the featured player well let’s just kick
it off with all the hot rookies because Katie little stat Jersey rookie Jersey
this one here though it’s numbered 86 out of 299 nice pull I don’t know who
wins that new jerseys that’s a pretty good you got probably the pure pedigree
would go to Brady tkachuk but being the limited limited run 86 of 299 I don’t
know it’s like a tough spot to toss-up what so let’s let the viewers to decide
this one in the comments below for sure alright alright ding ding ding
ground 200 these rookies let me tell you got another popular rookie here for mine
and Mira high scan and Jersey card number one 0-3 out of 299 rookie
trademarks that beautiful green jersey that’s awesome nice card we are oh hi
second hero hi skin and he’s so I guess your wild card was Jersey I guess it
says relics on the back so I guess your your other two will contain a technology
card in an autograph should should trademark relics alright alright my turn
here all right well sticking with the rookies
theme poof we’ve got a Oh Olli you’re really a Samson of of the Washington
Capitals nice unnumbered nice so I’m gonna have to sit my hip probably wins
that round I would take Mero unless one for sure so would I at this
point all right all right round three round three now you can also get upper
deck black in these packs so let’s see if potentially that’s your autograph
fingers crossed why do you walk to me no no Jolson black
lustrous rookies beautiful card look at the rainbow shimmer on that number two
299 so I’m assuming this is the tech hit yeah looks like it know what girls in
have fans oh joy you think of him let us know in the comments there’s no
comments all right round three I’m three pretty looking cards oh we’re gonna have
another rookie in this pack is just loaded with rookies what I thought we
were opening a rookie product here all right Oh spoiler alert shadow box rookie
well Ryan donato autographed shadow bar Wow
Ryan De Niro that is a sweet rookie for Boston these are usually numbered so
they up there we go you’ve got a 31 out of 198 Wow
I’m giving you that round Wow close close but I got my auto yeah I think
your last pack will be should be some sort of autumn Auto and mine will be a
tech hit all right but I don’t know shadow boxes are tech yeah so could be
your wild we’ll see looking at this black beauty it’s just holy crap save
the best for last everyone oh I don’t know what it’s gonna
be but I already know who it is I’m pretty stoked about this one and the
reveal SPX rookies numbered to 99-93 of 99 Patterson riffle I don’t know what I
can do to top dice that is I me hot rookie of this year
Elias Patterson Wow love it that is a beautiful beautiful Ana the double
Jersey double Jersey patched their Jersey swatch that’s like that might be
the hit on my box right there alright let’s see last pack oh let’s see
I don’t know what could be I don’t know all Ricky’s though so far oh let’s see
I think you’ve got this one this is gonna be a no contest it’s an upper up
black Oh Ricky’s Viktor edge cell edge cell rookie lustrous rookie black Wow
our 22 out of 299 all right Wow okay well I’m gonna put these directly
into cases soon as a dance what sir let’s get a little look-see here quick
peek here oh that’s what you got this here we got four jerseys three Jersey
sorry five jerseys out of these two boxes two autos when Ryan de nada one of
them was the Elias Patterson that is a sweet card that is beautiful
and no al jolson black lustrous rookie and the victor edge bill and I’m
definitely butchering that name Wow lustrous rookies so let us know who you
think won this battle for our special edition of top corner breaks
head-to-head I think we definitely know what the top card is but let us know
your thoughts in the comments and make sure you like and subscribe don’t forget
keep on busting keep on busting folks

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10 thoughts on “HEAD TO HEAD! RARE ELIAS PETTERSSON HIT!!! 18-19 SPx Upper Deck

  1. Great Video and what a pull for the Gf !! Ron lost gf wins !!! And no auto guaranteed in each box that’s upsetting. 🤘🏽🚨

  2. Both of those beat the first box I got so my fingers are crossed for the one I have on the way! Thanks for the videos! Love the head to head

  3. I like the idea of an auto every box and no base set. Cool-looking product to me. Congrats on the Pettersson auto jersey 🙂

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