Harry Potter: Wizards Unite GAMEPLAY(Breakdown) – First Look

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24 thoughts on “Harry Potter: Wizards Unite GAMEPLAY(Breakdown) – First Look

  1. Honestly wasn't all that hyped up about this game at first but when I found out Niantic was doing it I decided to give it a shot since Pokemon Go has pretty much consumed my life lol. Never really got into the Harry Potter Universe as a child but I suppose I've got time to get caught up. Nice vids you guys! x3

  2. Hello, I love your videos but unfortunately I do not understand everything you say. So it would help me a lot if you put the subtitles in your videos. thank you!😁

  3. I was not excited about this game until now. I'm already consumed by Pokemon Go and now this. I don't know how I'm going to manage this.

  4. How can harry be an Auror if he’s still playing quidditch for gryffindor like the outfit suggest in the dementor scene he looks like in his last years of high school?

    Also the fantastic beasts people are centuries away from potter’s birth time line like how the fuck are they still alive?

  5. They’ve really dumped a ton of content out of the blue, and with the beta gameplay signup starting, the game is probably pretty close to release. I hope for May, since that’s when summer temperature comes to Sweden.

    Before I start a lil piece about some weird decisions of the game, I want to stress that there’s a ton of stuff I like about what Wizards Unite have shown off here. I’m just trying to keep the comment a bit shorter.. I’ll probably fail though.

    So.. the plot. We’re set out to stop the things we catch from appearing. Is it just me or is it a weird plot? I understand that it makes sense in the universe, but it’s not a movie, I’m pretty sure we want to keep catching things even after we find out what’s causing the Calamity. I have an idea about what it is but.. I’ll save that for later.

    Secondly, their choice of mixing classes and professions, I’m not a fan of it. Imo the classes Auror/magizoologist/professor should have talents which gives you a higher chance of finding dark arts users/magical beasts/herbs respectively, and increasing the drop chance of items from the opponents or plants. And separately you should be able to decide what path you want to take as a wizard. So that you could be a very offensive leaning wizard but with great knowledge of magical beasts, or a very defence oriented professor, for example. Like Snape, who were very adapt at defensive spells and also a potions master. Hopefully they will split those trees up, or at least change it, they still got some time.

    Also, spells. I love that they have a variety of spells, I just hope they don’t mess it up. I want to skill spells up, and have a variety to chose from, not just one or two set spells for each opponent. Imagine starting with lvl 1 protego, skilling it up to 10, then being able to learn protego maxima. Then you’d have to chose it to skill up protego maxima or stick with your already strong but maybe less effective protego. And yes I want to “have” to learn them all.

    Same with potions, especially potions. Being allowed to discover things, like having to make ten health and energy potion before being able to brew stronger potions. Not everyone can be Harry Potter, the child who have good genes and luck. Seeker in his veins, knew parceltongue by accident, found Snape’s potion book, inherited a small fortune, etc.

    I want to work hard to progress in the game, but for that I need the game to give me the right tools. I just hope you can trade items in the game. Would be nice to be able to go full potion master and farm herbs, and then trading potions for ingredients from the magizoologist.

    A flourishing in-game “economy” would be cool to have, and could be possible. I wouldn’t mind spending a week brewing a potion and trade it for a dragon egg or something. Assuming they would adjust the time for brewing and breeding to something more realistic. I don’t want to brew a Felix felicis, trade it and wait another set of months for an egg to hatch lol.

    That’s my thoughts on what we’ve seen so far. I hope they do some tweaking for the better once they get feedback from the beta testers. Btw, great covering of what’s going on, keep it up.

  6. Ok it’s final, all my Harry Potter friends and I are going to make a mega team, we’re even inviting our teacher to join us!!!

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