Handheld Fingerboarding 👇 | Tech Deck (GBC) Impressions!

Hey guys, today you find me playing Tech
Deck Skateboarding on the Gameboy Color. There’s no really good reason for this.
You know, I’m going to go… I’m going to go easy. I just wanted to check this game
out. I’ve seen it in stores before, and I just thought I had to see what was up
with it. Okay, so I have to collect Tech Decks, and let’s see… all right. I am — well
they call this guy Tech Deck dude or something. It’s just like a single finger
without a body. All right let’s check out these tricks: okay kickflip, 360,
big spin… all I’m doing is, I’m hitting Ollie and then just doing a direction in
the air, and sometimes it does something. I don’t know if you can grind or
anything like that. Ookay so my board actually changes colors when I get a new
Tech Deck. So this is not exactly Tony Hawk. It does – it actually does not play
that bad if I’m being honest. Come on!
So actually, the controls are based — come on — the controls are based on where you want to be on the screen. So if you hit up, you
turn to the up direction, not necessarily to your right or to your left. It’s
always relative to the screen, and I think that works relatively well. And
then you hit a — oh password, that’s nice. You always hit A to Ollie. I haven’t
found that B does anything yet, but we’ll see. So Tech Deck guy is a finger right?
But he also has feet I guess? He’s just kind of disgusting… looks like a Mr.
Potato Head or something. I think that I spun the opposite way of
my board on that 360. So one thing that I always respect in games like this is the
fact that they had to animate every trick eight times, or I guess four and
then probably mirror them, but so if you’re facing down, if you’re facing up,
if you’re at an angle, they all had to work separately. Of course, there are only
like three or four tricks in the game. There’s kickflip, big spin, 360, shove it are
all the ones I’ve seen so far that. Does the password have to be that long?
All right collect the Tech Decks in order. Yeah, I assumed that’s what I would be doing. So
this game came out in 2000, which was sort of the beginning of the huge Tech
Deck craze. So I remember when I was in Middle School, which would be 2001 2002.
That’s when everyone had one. That’s when at in the lunch room,s everyone busted
them out and they were doing grinds on their lunch trays and all that kind of
stuff. And so this this kind of came out when it was first starting to explode,
and Tech Deck was just so big everyone used them. There were all the ramps and
all the different kinds of half pipes and the different types of boards you
could buy, like there were the – I forget the size — like 96 millimeter and the
30-something millimeter. There was like the tiny one with one bolt that you would use with one finger. They had everything in the world, and this is
probably just a marketing tool to buy all these ramps. I bet you could buy all
these different ramps. But the thing is, this is really no purpose for all these
different kinds of ramps in this game, because all you do is you aim a
direction and you hit A sometimes that’s it.
You know, there’s no high score challenges, you don’t have to find
gaps like in Tony Hawk or anything like that. Loop-de-loop? What was that? I’m just hitting buttons.
I don’t really know. Yeah I really wish I could grind on stuff, actually make it
feel more like skating, because I could be doing anything. Yes the board does
something random in the air, but that doesn’t really make it a skateboarding
game. Okay let’s find some more Tech Decks. Ooo, a red one. So I don’t know if the harder
modes would be any different. I’m assuming the timer would just be less. I
figured I would do the easy mode so I don’t get too distracted and fail. Okay I
will start there. And I always thought it was interesting that – the way that they
always had all those sponsors. It had The Firm there, oh and right there, like who
was benefiting more off of that? Was it Tech Deck by making them seem more
legitimate or was it the skateboard companies that were trying to benefit
off of the toy craze? There we go. Oo, can I Ollie over? No. At those score totals at the end,
there is one for special, and I’m not really sure what that would mean. By the
way, I’m hitting the button as many times as I can, and I’m not bailing at all. Like,
you can’t land upside down and, you know, screw up. So very kid-friendly game. Yay
I’ve got a really pixelated deck. It makes no difference. I’m not picking my
my board here. Okay, but that would be ridiculous because, in addition to
animating every trick for every direction, they’d also have to do with
every deck. So having an actual graphics is probably too much to ask for given
the technology. But you know, one of the skateboarding games that came out around
this time that was really good, I believe it’s 2001, there was Tony Hawk 2 on Game Boy Advance. And it was actually – it was actually kind of 3D. Not really. Like, the
character was 3D, but the level was static, and kind of like this, where it
scrolled around and that one actually worked really well. And I gotta think,
they might have actually taken some inspiration from this one, because it
does actually play decently. Like, I’m moving around in a 3D type of world. The graphics aren’t 3D, but the world is, you know, and it’s it’s working. Oh oh oh oh. I made it. All right. I’m not sure how far I’m going to go
with this game. I don’t know, it only says round one. Is there a round 2 that is
something different than collecting or what? I don’t know. I do like the little touches
they put in, like that giant baseball over there, you know, because I’m the size
of one finger. You know, there we go. This is really starting to get
quite boring. See, if I could grind on that, and I could you know do a kickflip
out, front blunt, something. Tthat’d be kind of cool. Alright guys, I want to see if you can
beat my high score alright over 50,000 so far. Okay yeah, getting the same couple levels,
collecting boards, you know it seems kind of weird. You can just roll right on the
coping, and just kind of turn on it. It’s like, there is not even a ramp there, like
it’s just a graphical effect. But it might as well be just flat ground. Come
on, there we go. I’m getting stressed out! It starts counting at eight, it doesn’t start at ten. Man, I’m killing it over here! Okay, so I wonder if there’s a way — I’ll
do one more, I guess. I wonder if there’s a way to browse through those decks or
something. Like I’m actually unlocking pictures of the graphics instead of
supposedly different boards or whatever. I’ll check that out in a minute. The
tricks, of course, as you’d expect, are all wrong. I think the big spin, the board
just flips vertically, and then of course I’m pretty sure that was a 540 or 720. Come on man, give me a break! That was it? Ok. Well that was fun. I think I’ve had about
enough of this mode. I’m gonna have to save that password, though because I’m gonna have to
come back and keep this going. Alright let’s see: show decks. Okay I know I
unlocked more than one. You’ve seen how many – ah okay. So here’s all the decks I
unlocked. It doesn’t do anything to look at them. Okay. “Quitting so soon!!” Yes I am.
It’s been about 10 minutes. The only other option you have here is free play.
It this literally just credits? OK, wonderful.
Very nice. And now I’m stuck on the screen. So I guess this is Tech Deck Skateboarding.
Hey, Per Welinder was on there. What does he have to do with Tech Deck? He was a pro
freestyler back in the day. That was kind of weird. But anyway that is the entire
game. Looks like you can free play if you want, so there’s really no benefit to
playing it you don’t really unlock anything. It’s all just right here. So
well that was the entirety of Tech Deck Skateboarding on the Gameboy Color. This
is one more that I won’t have to review officially. So there it is. I’ve seen this
in stores for a few cents. Nobody wants it, and I can completely understand why. So check back soon. I’ll try to review
something that’s actually interesting in the near future. Aside from that, I have
all kinds of videos about skateboarding and skateboarding related topics that
you can check out. You see a few on screen, and don’t forget to subscribe so
you can learn more about skateboarding, and the random skateboarding games, three
times a week. Thank you for watching.

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34 thoughts on “Handheld Fingerboarding 👇 | Tech Deck (GBC) Impressions!

  1. Hey Rad Rat, great video! There's an old Tech Deck game for the PC called "Bare Knuckle Grind" that I think you should check out. Keep up the good work man. 🙂

  2. wow this game looks completely terrible. it doesn't even give you the feeling that you are actually interacting with the obstacles.. might as well just be skating on flat chalk drawings on the ground of ramps lol. I think the problem was the view was too top down so the ramps and obstacles didnt' have any feeling of depth. Skate or die's half pipe was a much better example of 2d ramps. or even 720 skateboarding on game boy lol.

  3. This game looks awful, I think even if I was given this game back in the day I would have hated it.
    Also lets be honest here, that character looks more like a penis than a finger!

  4. I remember I was blown away at Tony Hawk 2 on GBA at the time. I never owned a GBA (my friend did) but I couldn't believe you could take Tony Hawk 2 on the go. As a kid, this just blew my mind how close it got to the actual game. Now it just looks…eh.
    They also made one for GB Color, which was just a crappy 2D port and was nothing like Tony Hawk. I always thought they could make it look like this Tech Deck game, maybe make 3 levels and get somewhat close. Did you hear they made Resident Evil for Playstation and ported it to the Gameboy Color? It's pseudo 3D, and it's incredible what they could do given the tech they had.
    Anyway, great video. I remember Tech Decks were popular in middle school too. One kid had the whole skatepark which he would bring to school in his backpack! I've never heard about this game, so its neat to see.

  5. Bullshit!!!! I'm a new subscriber and I expected you to have like 200,000 sub's and was pissed to see you have 14,000. You deserve so much more!! Great content!

  6. Hey Rad. I was wondering if you heard of "Hover skate VR" it's an early access VR game where you control the board with your hands. You should find a couple videos of it its pretty cool.

  7. We had fingerboards in the late 80's. They were usually designed to be key chains and they weren't as advanced as Tech Deck. They didn't have grip. I still have a Mark Gonzales fingerboard from '89.

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