#Hackthesun: our Solar Hackathon creates smarter energy solutions

[Music plays] (Dr. Glenn Platt) Good evening everyone. Welcome to CSIRO. [Music plays] Tonight and tomorrow is about having an incredible number of collisions with just the right people. Amazing things will happen. Work hard, have fun and we might just change the world. [Music plays] (Female) These are all their problems. This is how we solve them and this is how they benefit. (Rhett Morson) There’s a really good energy down there. They’re looking like they’re making some really fast progress. They’ve got a lot of charts up and a lot of computers open and coding and business plans it seems. It looks like they’re achieving quite a lot in a small time frame. A couple of groups have been working on their idea for a couple of hours and the mentors have come around and they’ve taken some really interesting pivots. [Music plays] (Male 1) The Solar Hackathon’s been really interesting in that we’ve come in with kind of a few ideas and different ideas but some that are out of the conversations that occur here. We’ve now come up with an entirely new idea. (Chris Selwood) What we have here today, we have young people who understand that we need to have disruptive technologies to change the old ways of doing things. This is where it’s at. This is the stuff. It could excite… should excite us as human beings that we’ve got a future, that we’ve got these young people who are here to make a difference, solve the problems, identify the problems, solve the problems and carry us forward. [Music plays] (Dr. Glenn Platt) We’ve got one hour to go. Everyone’s really intense in there now. They’re head down, you go in and you go near them and they’re like “Oh get out of here, I’ve just got to get it done”. One hour to go. They’ve got a pitch and then they’ll find out about the amazing ideas. (Renate Egan) We actually need to bring expertise in from outside. We need the people who have knowledge and know how in areas outside of solar to really grow the business and to grow the industry. (Dr. Greg Wilson) So have we all had a very exciting day? I think that’s the main thing isn’t it? You’ve enjoyed yourselves, you’ve learnt something. You’ve come a little bit further. (Male 2) So what if I told you that together we can save 1,000,000 kilograms of carbon emissions per annum today, introducing PowerFlow, the coolest solar around. (Male 3) So how we’re going to do that is we want to build a competitive online social platform that tracks real time consumption and power generation and allows you to compare with other users on the platform. (Male 4) In this case, Harry uses the most and his financial benefit is redistributed to everybody. (Dr. Greg Wilson) Exciting times, exciting times ahead for our judges who have got the next big task. (Rhett Morson) I think you’ve got a very small amount of time to put together some… and convey some pretty technical ideas and I think they all did a fantastic job actually. (Michelle Taylor) What a smart bunch of people. Wow. I just wish we could have all of you working for me. It’s great. [Music plays] (Dr. Glenn Platt) With a one point lead, first place was “Take Charge”. [Clapping and applause] (Dr. Glenn Platt) Guys, we really can change the world. Get out there. Do it. Thank you and good night. (Male 5) How about that, we won. That’s crazy isn’t it. (Male 6) Yeah, we won “Take Charge”, that’s pretty awesome, right. (Male 5) Didn’t expect that, but I guess yeah, lots of awesome ideas. (Male 6) One awesome experience, would recommend. Ten out of ten, would do it again. (Male 5) Definitely, that was very cool. [Music plays]

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2 thoughts on “#Hackthesun: our Solar Hackathon creates smarter energy solutions

  1. Congrats for this great initiative. We just featured you guys on our platform http://solarpv.tv/index.php/2016/05/17/hackathon-winners-shine-light-on-solar-tech/

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