HackIllinois 2016

Hack Illinois is: I’d say it’s pretty fun. Exciting. Tiring. I second his word. A coder’s dream. Thank you. You know I think the energy is is another level here the
amount of people on the energy and different ideas and companies supporting
it…really cool. The students have been phenomenal. Everybody seems super on top of their game… people are coming up with really,
really creative ideas. We’re making an app where if you say you’re going to a Facebook event, and then you don’t go, it steals some of your money, and gives it to charity. We will get as much data…GPS data, events data, and combine that with contacts. She’s actually built a tool that, given the stream of syscalls, can determine exactly where we have lock contention. It’s a tricky problem, and, yeah, she’s got a solution very much on the way. -It’s so great!
-Awesome. It’s amazing how you guys manage to have this many people and keep it like under control and all together. Like the wifi hasn’t died… you guys always have a constant supply of food… everyone’s been really excited about this Hackathon for a long time. Everybody running this has just been fantastic. I think it’s just crazy to see how everything comes together eventually. And also, wearing a bear suit is fun. Everyone is here because they wanna be. Ya know, this is a weekend, and they chose to spend it like…sleeping on the floor and just hacking as much as they can. They clearly care about their craft and love what they’re doing. HackIllinois in one word: Awesome. Hardcore. Overwhelming, but I learned a lot. Inspirating… Inspir…ation? No, that’s not… INSPIRATIONAL! There we go.

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