Hackathon 2012

“iVision?” It’s basically an app that helps you test your vision; it gives you a number of tests and using those tests decide whether you have good vision or bad vision and tells you: “Sick, go see a doctor.” There is no required distance for you to hold the phone at. It recognizes the distance between the person and the iPhone by measuring the distance between the two eyes of the person. We can measure the distance between an iPhone and any object, a person, right now, so, this is kind of the breakthrough of the app. It could be utilized in so many different ways. The way we’re utilizing it is by performing an eye exam. It could be used for games, for anything else. We’re using it for eye exams. Our app is a game called “Feed the Squirrels.” It’s a physics simulation puzzle. What happens is you are a squirrel and you want to get to this acorn, but you can’t launch yourself there, you don’t have enough … you can’t get there. So what you do is you add objects to the world, such as a speed up block a bounce block, a wall block to get yourself to the goal. We’re developing an app called “Noteable” and the idea of the app is to be able to take a picture of a piece of sheet music and have your phone interpret it and be able to play it back for you. This helps and deals with a lot of new musicians because sometimes, you know, they can’t visualize what it sounds like. “iGame 13” is a two-player version of the card game Thirteen. How that works is you get thirteen cards dealt to you and you have to play them all in a strategic way. So we have a two-player version of that where you have an iPod and an iPhone and you connect them with Bluetooth and you can see your deck and your opponent’s deck face down and then play your cards. I slept here the first night, accidentally. I was actually so tired I programmed until 4 AM. OK, I’m really tired… let me just lean against the wall. The next thing I know it was 7 AM and everybody started to run. That was fun! Some people have mattresses… I’ve been here for about, probably, 40 hours. The person that was sleeping right next to me was also speaking while he was asleep. Yeah, he literally spoke. He was like, “You should test the eye before you test the letter,” and I’m like, “Yeah, that’s a good idea.”

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