Gyarados ex tin online deck battle TCG online

hello youtube my name is like the law
and today we’re going to review the gyarados 10 online deck you get this
deck by buying the 10 or buying online code from I think together those triple
power so let’s review it you get a Goldeen a Sea King III Goulding to
seeking to gyarados TX cards which is nice a laparoscope Magikarp to Gary doses a
Reggie which is a beast a story you a stormy some training the courage you
know you get the diboll you know get these these are nice and you get some
energy they do not put in here they give you two special G which to me while I
realize you put one on when your monsters when it dies it comes back to
your hand do not put any colors and the gene here
to call us but so let’s go play some games let’s go to play this deck you want hit
vs anyone pick dare those spring deck or any 10 will say whatever spring you know
of the year hit play so let’s go we’re going to talk and I’m
going to walk you through how I would play this can be doing this for like a
lot of decks but this one ginge on another one coming up if you
would like me to review of the decks please leave in the comments not going
to review every single text because i do not have the money see well I want to
put Magikarp down because i want Gary those we have that Goulding will do that
who 80-foot Goldie i usually put prize current just put a
bench pokemon just in case somehow they’re able just to kill in one shot it
now we got us a better spirit link that means they have the mega form so we
could be screwed what know you’re in you’re not very nice well i’m gonna say we’re done but that
good so we’re gonna do is we’re gonna put town map down one put and energy
here can involve in your second term will put this down and we’re going to
shut them out you might want to wait put your energy but I want to make sure we
had them G ok alright this is it implies many items called you want so let’s go
get big bad Garrett’s not that one well actually read this one DX DX as
that Reggie I we get Reggie when Reggie is good for as if it’s Aniak pokemon use
blizzard it cannot tack it I know he’s Opie not really right hey guys i lost a former Goldeen so yeah
that’s really great year let’s go ahead who do we get Skrillex good big gear those get big
daddy gyarados Big Daddy gyarados for the win and it does ten percent name
itself which was bad but you do 20 on it has a hundred seventy eight points oh well I need to use the but i have
been able to text girls message twitch chat pull up random pokemon on google go
to the bathroom and get a drink in the time you should not be able to go to the
bathroom and do crap like that like I don’t know who you you know you could do
a live game i think chest you have like a minute to make your move maybe and chess is a lot harder because
technically on chess you see every move maybe you plan moves ahead but you guys
think okay I have this weather chances i have stormy let me have chest it’s like
okay I can move here but then he can move there you see it on the board super
dirty dirty bagger Hooper trying to show the folks there dec I knew my test this
deck we’re going to get killed online it’s
gonna be pretty we put in gyarados no stormy we’re
trying to find um what i use this deck online ate bad starting out with a lot
better than the jinjja deck although that one you can use the theme deck you
can’t use this in the theme deck was like these guy you you like the online
battle do you want like the test deck about test deket does it take a half
hour to pick a card reply you have sex think of all the things you could be
doing in the time like we got another one here Reggie now to play the way to play
this is you see the ex reggie just Reggie it’s going to hit me put the
other one oh yeah he’ll it 120 damage of the hundred sixty know my bed yeah I’m doing that because we might need to
sacrifice care of this DX courage or earth to prize cards may go should be
three but they’re too normal colder one so it’s going to kill
that if we don’t get energy we’re going to put gyarados in and I’ll take a hit
then that I’ll see anyway where you will win this spot you know if you’re able to
buy time a big believe ok they won’t leave be in be the internet connection
get bad see you know you’re hoping for like the worse bind on now doing energy
i get Angie well hey it will survive to Terrence hope we get
energy is always bad rooting for energy remember what they give you i can look I
like having 20 energy you have a deck of 60 i like to I mean I like you know 12
to 14 pokemon you know I’m trainer I have a lot of energy just so i don’t
have to hope for energy boom Reggie all funded so you’re going to see
what veggies that Reggie is a good Opie card now do I suggest buying this
deck screws Reggie know yeah we’re trying to now just by time because
gyarados retreat classes for bone up if you want bodies to play TCG’s please not
do what i did i bought the 10 and grant i got cards and that by the online code
i will leave a website in description below that I have cards coach waiting
for I haven’t bothered him from these guys
yet so i might wait till you my current spear should we put magic carpet out
here what we’re going to have to normally I don’t know if I would because
i’m going to take a hit of 30 luckily blaster needs three turns last rides would definitely kill it during those not be so that’s going to
just flat-out hit know it does hunt when my bet unable to hear do 60 so yeah I do have
that blaster on you get that blast roids in the the blast roids action figure box
which i have nevermind it she’s another reason i’m hitting all these
mangoes is I play a lot in my rankings really high so if you’re new you
wouldn’t have this where you shouldn’t but yeah there’s some energy problems i
feel in this Dec the granite on used to playing and with like to a lot more the
role I i think for new people this dex good we’re trying to load gyarados up so yeah
thatthat’s yeah what do you do in this situation you hope for Reggie Reggie is
really be your only option I don’t want to tell you because then he’s going to
start one shopping you although if its tail’s he discards 2ng
Tessa’s pokemon so we’re hoping for tails the crap um yeah lappers go out there i choose
you just rough justjust rough diagram I my ranking tie
so even with my depth though there’s this we roughed depending on how fast
got Reggie and stuff and you can choose goldene gyarados eggs yeah people online
are ruthless you play to win yeah so you pretty much win so this well hey we get my Reggie now but hey I
have no energy to fund them so if you do get this deck you then can edge you can
then edit it you a customized one little i would put more energy too well so I
put in it you you get other cards so you could build around this deck and it’d be
nice i would put more energy note though if we like me making a video on how to
how i would edit this deck with stuff that is common leave a comment but
overall I think this is a good starter deck I mean come here to gyarados is DX you
get another gyarados well I say nothing because i have a couple Gary doses when
i started i would put energy in here and put clothes energy we switch with you and sometimes just tough to play just
take out Reggie so we can end the video but yeah now we get an energy what where was this where was this welcome to online on teecee ttc teach t
TCG always said tech gaming weekly TC that’s the four or care of those it’s
nice i don’t have this for Blass rights nice to come on you
just make your move course I can get that we get a dream
paralyzed him boom alright this is what happened now I’m
not saying we have shot to win if he yields himself we’re done if he doesn’t well then he
has Geneva what he has gingerbread watch imagine ninja break can retreat is Lou Lou key is a good card there’s a
theme deck as and in their theme decks online or 600 coins or you could buy in
stores that’s what happens when you you need to
put people away you see a little bit light you jump on he could have killed me he didn’t I ice
beam him paralyzed him got a heads and now i can’t attack me because Reggie a
special ability and people might think early you’re hacking now read the
colored bra read occurred there’s a couple that are really stupid there’s
one that a you can tag with the basic unlock crafts basic EXO basic the ground
he had ginger but sometimes you get the case we all have DX’s if they can’t
switch it to wear when do we are going to try paralyzing because that’s our
only knew that we paralyze him we only do a hundred on him let’s hope for heads heads heads boom
get the Hilo curve right here i probably won’t killing that luya you know but
there’s hope when there’s a way there is hope this is
how i will say that’s nice this is how we play their deck a take
care of those dxb get Reggie them to go hand-in-hand because if you can find Gary those ZX
and begin i granted when you find them we’ll do 3 damage so don’t put Magikarp
on there because it will kill MatchGirl one hit this is my last card some people just give up are not because
now you guys go see how how you should use Reggie and why he is so good he
doing that cuz gingers ability discard energy cable to kill three granted so please like comment and subscribe and
leave comments and see you in the next video

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