Gwent Open #6 – Winner deck spotlight and guide

Hey Gwentheads, the first day of Gwent Open has commerced,
and in this video, we’re gonna take a look at what made the decks from the winners of
Day 1 unique and what you can incorporate in your ladder decks at home! Subscribe if you like what I’m doing and if
you want to get notified about the uploads of my weekly in-depth deck guides, decided
by the community! Winner Number 1: Proneo with his Veteran Deck. Remember that tournament decks are always
different than ladder decks, because they try to maximise their win rates against possible
matchups, especially when you can control against which decks you want to play through
picks and bans. Veterans decks are all about dropping as many
Tuirseach Veterans, which strengthens all your Tuirseach units in your hand, deck and
board by 1. Thanks to Sigdrifa (and in other deck variants
also Decoy), you can strengthen your units 4 or 5 times. Typically those units are Bearmasters and
Hunters, but Proneo took a different approach by taking Tuirseach Archers with him. In a tournament setting, those can become
very good, for example against Greatswords with Harald Houndsnout, because they can kill
the skull before the enemy uses it to spawn a bear on their side. Against Shupe, they can kill off the Bomb
of the Dol Blathanna Bomber, and they enable you to stagger units, especially your 11 point
bears so Scorch won’t be able to destroy you. But Proneo took another exciting card with
him, with which Archers have good synergy as well: Sihil, which either deals 3 damage
to all units with an even or uneven power or which pulls you a random bronze or silver
unit from the deck. Using Archers, you can turn 3 enemy units
to even or uneven cards, enabling Sihil to hit for 9 extra damage. Why Sihil though? Veterans are outstanding in short rounds,
but their power diminishes in long rounds, while Sihil works precisely the other way
round and enables a Veteran deck to keep up in a long round as well. And if you find yourself in a short round,
then Sihil is able to pull you Freyas or other high-value cars, making it a good play in
short and long rounds in this deck. Winner Number 2: Damorquis with his Control
Sabbath deck On Wild Hunt, we have already seen some Sabbath
decks, but instead of going for the typical version, Damorquis combined it with an Eredin
Frost core, while adding some Ice Trolls for additional Control. Let’s look only very quickly at the deck core
before we go into some exciting combos that can be made possible with this deck. The idea is that you drop Wild Hunt Hound
into Frost to get weather ticking to get that long round value and to enable the Troll Synergy. Because Ice Trolls duel an enemy but will
do double damage if the enemy is under frost, enabling Ice Trolls to remove 8 point units,
making them worth 12 points. Drowners enable you to pull units into the
frost and Reconnaissance will allow you to thin more and get the cards you need. However, this deck has hidden potential, that
can be easily overlooked. Since Damorquis teched actively against Greatswords,
it should come as no surprise to see no Silver units in the deck, only spells and spies. This prevents Hym from creating a Silver unit
from his deck, and since the enemy does know the decklist usually, that will be a very
nasty surprise. Playing Sabbath, you need access to Mandrake,
which will strengthen it by 6, and Whispess is able to pull it from the deck for us. But Whispess is also able to pull Adrenaline
Rush, so if the enemy passes after seeing your Sabbath, you can play Adrenaline Rush
so it will stay on the board for another round. But Adrenaline Rush enables another nasty
combo as well, especially against Greatswords. Imagine the following situation:
You are in round 1 or 2, and the enemy has established a big big Greatsword. You play Miruna, and the enemy passes forcing
you to go one card down. Now you play Adrenaline Rush on the big Greatsword
of your enemy, Miruna will charm it and voila: you deny a big Greatsword resurrection while
getting big big carryover in round 3. Winner Number 3: Kolemon with his Machine
Foltest deck Kolemon’s decks could also be found on the
regular ranked ladder, as he didn’t tech against any particular enemies, but brought valuable
decks, that can do good on their own. Kacper had the same idea, and so we saw a
Foltest mirror match, which we gonna look into a bit. The core cards of the decks are the Temerians,
which have a ton of synergy between each other. Playing a Blue Stripe Scout buffs up all Temerian
units with the same power by 1, while Blue Stripe Commandos jump out of the deck when
a Temerian unit with the same power is played. So playing 3 Blue Stripe Scouts after each
other would get you 36 points. Since Roche adds another Commando to your
deck at the beginning of the game and Foltest buffs up all your units by 1, you will create
a big tempo play through the Blue Stripes. 1 Temerian Infantry pulls all the other Temerian
Infantries from the deck, plus the last commando, resulting in 3 times 7 points + the commando
for a total play of 28 points, while even thinning your deck, which makes your Dijkstra
more powerful as well since the probability for drawing golds increases. And since Blue Stripe Scouts are also a Crewman,
as well as Foltest, your Machines like Trebuchet and battering rams will create more value
as well. The biggest weakness of this deck is that
you have a lot of cards you don’t wanna have in your hand like commandos or Temerian Infantries,
so passing early will give them a weird mulligan and if you manage to kill their Blue Stripe
Scouts, then they may not be able to get all the commandos out, making Stennis, Dijkstra
and their remaining draws awkward. Winner Number 4: LPHanachan with Dagon Deathwish Similar to kolemon, Hanachan focussed on decks,
that could be seen on the meta, with only some slight changes, to be optimised for the
tournament. One of the decks was his Deathwish Dagon deck,
which amasses quite some power in long rounds through double fog while being able to push
quite hard through the deathwish core package. This core package consists of Deathwish units
and Deathwish executers. The deathwish units are:
Archespore, dealing 1 point of damage to a random enemy each turn and 4 damage to a random
enemy as a deathwish Dao, creating 2 4 point tokens as its deathwish
and Rotfiend, which deals 2 damage to all units on the opposing row as its deathwish. However, you only play Archespore and Dao
from your hand, while you keep Rotfiend safely stashed in your deck. You want to pull Rotfiend only through She-Troll
of Vergen, which is able to consume a unit from your deck, then triggering its deathwish. Through rotfiend, she-troll becomes a weaker
lacerate with an 8 point body, which is a quite decent combo, especially in a long round. Deathwish Executers like Griffin and Cyclops
enable you to trigger the Deathwishes of your Archespores, but preferably the ones of your
DAO’s to create big values pushes like 17 points with a Griffin and 19 points with your
Cyclops, while Cyclops is even able to kill off an enemy engine. Thanks to Brewess: Ritual you then can resurrect
your Deathwish units in round 3, to finish off your enemies, especially when you have
played Mandrake on one of your Archespores or DAO’s before, so your units rises from
the grave with some sweet extra 6 points! Don’t forget to tune in to the second day
of Gwent Open at 4pm Central European Summer Time over at the CD Project Twitch channel,
where we will witness who will become the new winner of Gwent Open #6 securing a place
in the next challenger. A big thank you to everyone supporting me
over on Patreon and Shinmiri for his valuable input on the video. If you are looking for more Gwent content
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and I hope to see you over in the next video! Thanks for watching!

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  1. Cricket been climbing the rank with your nekker guide finally hit rank 18 thanks a lot. Continue the great content Master Cricket.

  2. Hah that veteran deck is very similar to mine except I try setup that gold sk warewolf card. Could try sihil. Atm I have switched to hjalmer as turseach archers and sk storm can garruntee killing undvik giant

  3. "Gwentheads"! Ha! Interesting to see how the Sabbath deck was banned during Sunday's final. Would like to see it banned from Gwent altogether…

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