GUILTY! Huge Child Gambling Youtube Scandal Ends In Massive $100K+ Punishment

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100 thoughts on “GUILTY! Huge Child Gambling Youtube Scandal Ends In Massive $100K+ Punishment

  1. Trump has a history of trolling the media and fool them into covering stuff they weren't trying to cover at the time. Also they might be referring on how the media is trying to distance radical Islamist s from the events. example the killings at the gay bar, the media was trying to find some other reason to the killings trying to imply the terrorist was a confused gay person who lashed out even though he yelled Allahu akbar.

  2. ::Looks at the thumbnail:: No Trump: Alright, finally!

    ::Reads the video title:: No Trump: Alright, finally!

    ::Watches video:: Trump sneaked in for views: Jesus Christ, this again?!

  3. YEESSSSS Phil I love these long videos. Please do more longer videos. Touch a little bit on every news sector. Thumbs up so Phil can see!

  4. So is that why Vizio crap kept popping up on my TV when I finally connected it to the internet? It has been disconnected for awhile since I only use my Apple TV and my Xbox.

  5. the MSM doesn't cover the illegal immigration as much as it should be, not as much as the gun violence , next to no reports on good guns, bc it doesn't fit the leftist on gun control, it would be in MSM favor to as many stories on positive things as negative. just as the MSM all the while saying President Trump wasn't going to win over HRC, KEEP DOING WHAT YOU'RE DOING PHIL.

  6. You should decriminalize weed in the US… you'd stress a lot less and you could cope with the mess around you legally xD

  7. 70 people(mostly teens and kids) were murdered by a christian in norway 6 years ago. the largest mass murder in european history since ww2.

  8. I remember using a tape recorder on my stereos radio to record my favorite songs for my Walkman damn that makes me feel old…..

  9. It's good that the press does not report terrorism! That is what terrorists want, media coverage! They want recognition of their acts in order to further their cause. That is the point of terrorism, cause terror and let the people know who is making them scared! It only works with the help of the news media. If there is less reporting on terrorism then there is less reason for the terrorists to perform their acts of terror.

    The way I see it working is that the media could report on the terrorist act and the devastation etc. but just not report on who committed the act. Focus on the victims, not the people committing the acts of terror.

  10. "… and let's just jump into it!"
    AGAIN?! What if, just this once, we didn't WANT to just jump into it? What if we wanted to take things slow for once, maybe have a candlelit dinner, have a stroll along the beach…

  11. What do you think about the theory that trumps SC pick was told to say that trumps statements were "disheartening" so that he would seem more moderate and the dems would be more likely vote for him?

  12. Step one: tell the media they never cover terrorism
    Step two: media "untrue, look at all the terrorism coverage we have"
    Step three: Trump "look how much terrorism is in the world"

    The media walked right into that one. Quite a brilliant fear mongering technique, I must say, and Didn't cost Trump a dime

  13. After working at eBay as well as my husband I'm not surprised that cheeto was sold for that much, there is a lot more crazier stuff on there to be honest.

  14. Phil, the media covers the story while it's hot, but often doesn't follow through or follow up on the story, as it should be followed up on. For instance, Haiti. The story went well beyond the days the networks had their talent had boots on the ground. They packed up and left. This may be what POTUS was referring to???

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  16. Third option: There is no master plan, they never thought they would win, they wanted to set up a Trump News network but now they have to play reactionary politics without anyone with experience willing to help them due to the divisive and erratic nature of the campaign. But that's just another theory.

  17. Phil, I love you, love your channel, but can you please do something about the titles? Even though I know there is good content in these, I feel like they are becoming more and more click-baity in the way they are put together.

  18. On the note of using the drones for Search and Rescue I don't see it happening. The ranges that these things would need would be insane, or they would have to be hiked in (which is a pain in the ass). It'd be still simpler and cheaper to use prop aircraft like we do today for SAR.

  19. god i hate when companies relerase a piece of technology which is obviously used for survelance, noivelty or just making a load of money and they say "ooh we think we can use it for helping stranded people on a montain" yeah right, and totally not beating amazon to drone delivery

  20. RE: Vizio. While yes, they would know what shows you're watching on the smart apps (Netflix, YouTube, etc)…. how would they know what you would be watching via Cable, DVR, or gaming consoles? they just connect as an HDMI video input so the smart TV would just see that you were watching on an HDMI input but wouldn't know what you were watching.

  21. cartoonito was hacked could you please do a story about it they took off a lot of their videos it even change their name that used to be called cartoon universe now is putting hacked videos to hack more people

  22. Hey. Not really relevant but why is your last name capitalised like that? 'DeFranco' Is your real name actually capitalised like that or you just chose that for youtube. Lemme guess, 'Defranco' was taken.

  23. I don't want to agree with Trump on this one, but it's hard not to… you even built your current model on exposing media ineffectiveness, lies, and mis-reporting.

    Take your recent video of the four Chicago kids who: abducted, beat, and victimized a mentally handicapped white person — all while yelling "Fuck white people," and "Fuck Trump!" You took the under-reporting of regular media, who was saying this wasn't a hate crime, and called their bluff. I totally agree with you, on this one, and firmly this is a hate crime — especially when you swap the races and roles.

    The media took their sweet time claiming that this wasn't a hate crime, and that it wasn't racially motivated — grossly under-reporting the severity of the crime. They tried to cover everything from the mindset of "children," to the tough times that "kids" these days go through, to even the response that Trump's election has spurred. This happens more often than not, especially when a terror attack happens, and the media is afraid to call it an "act of terrorism."

    1. The Boston bombing was deemed "Not an Act of Terrorism" (

    2. The Nice attack was "Not Tied to Terrorist Networks" (

    3. The Pulse nightclub wasn't targeted because it was a gay club, or because of terrorist intent (

    I could go on, and on, but you have Google, and can append all of your searches with "not terrorism" and find a litany of articles where LEGITIMATE news agencies say that all of these terrorist-involved attacks had no terrorism ties, whatsoever. I firmly believe that this is the "under-reporting" that Trump is talking about: stories that are "downplayed" as if they are actually not terrorist attacks, and reported as such.

    Sure, there are news agencies that take turns calling a spade a spade, but there are just as many news agencies that are willingly, and intentionally, under-reporting these as non-terrorism related.

  24. And people will still deny that racism exists…that ladies mentality(wigger) exists everywhere…like Phil said "Different day Same SHIT"

  25. You guys remember Sandy Hook and that never happened how is bowling green any different.

  26. I don't like how twitter has become the way for politicians to communicate with the world on certain issues. It's reminding me of high school midnight beef… shake my head

  27. Trump is a slimy fucker and seriously incompetent, not sure why media think they need to make shit up to discredit him. Just quote shit he actually say/said and his utterly moronic fucking policies(I mean have anyone actually looked at his budget proposal?).

  28. 1 Trump is a counter puncher. The Left is striking him first with blatant which are then being spread like wildfire. Once everyone's feathers have flippin' fell out and their panties are in a bunch over the lie about Trump someone then calls out the Left's lie but super quick and the lie and the liar are never heard about and from again. Trump's "counter punch" is "harder" than the blow to him. Everyone then covers the counter punch like he flew to my city, and then drove to my location to knock out one of my teeth. See the difference in coverage of the fight? That seems like OUR President and the Media are being held to different standards. Thats Behavior Unbecoming of Americans.

  29. I mean, is it really the question, he just wanted to say that there are a lot of attacks and he's not a very precise talker, it's trump.. but there are a lot of attacks lately and it's scary, closing the border is scary as well, and wars that usa are leading in the east are much scarier, is it really a matter of taking sides and complaining about little things, this is fucked up, please people, help.

  30. You know what's happening so much that it isn't even being reported anymore? Corrupt government ruining lives.

  31. I think what Trump's point was is the amount of hype the terror attacks gets or doesn't. The press reports, but was it front page for day or two or insert on page 18? Example: The Quebec Mosque shootings that where front page for a week in Canada(because it fit with Trudeau's narrative on Islamophobia) VS. London attacks. That were covered but quickly put on back burner. Anyways great video's!! Are you being censored by You Tube?? having $ taken off video's??? love to know.

  32. Meanwhile, DARPA also has drone swarms, but they sound like fucking hellhornets and come out of pylon-mounted pods. GG TERRORISTS

  33. Major news outlets cover Islamic terrorist attacks and white terrorist attacks differently from what I’ve seen, in the attacks in Spain, France and other places across Europe, all I’ve heard was “we need more love” and other lines that are for immigration, I haven’t seen many news sources cover what’s lead to a lot of these attacks, the migrants

  34. While I don't speak for all. My take away from this is very little mention of Islamic terror attacks. It all seems to be, terror attacks, which does not bring home the issue of an ideological religious terrorist organization.

  35. I'll be honest. I had to double check at 5:24, because I thought that guys finger in the first video thumbnail was a dyick. A big stiffy dyick.

  36. We all know Danielle or her MOM started that..her daughter didn't get that way on her own..Her mom is JUST as bad..she pimps out her daughter for money instead of ever getting her crazy child help and HERSELF!!! They better people will sue knowing they have money now..MAYBE..they are flying spirit which is a discount airline.

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