‘sup you beautiful bastards? hope you’re having a fantastic Tuesday welcome back to the Philip DeFranco show and let’s just jump in to it and the first thing I wanna about today is the UK because the UK is setting up to ban something very interesting and that is “non-conventional porn” while part of the digital economy bill is aimed at making adult websites verify the age of its users and they don’t do that the government would ban and block that content, but people are freaking out because it would also go as far to ban non-conventional porn ok, so here, let me explain that. The BBFC: the British Board of Film Classification, is responsible for vetting adult content, and certifying adult content sold via DVD Now there’s strict rules as far as what they allow. And the things they have banned: uh, gags, uh, any any kind of like physical interaction that might leave a mark so if you slap the booty regardless of whether it’s real or simulated or if it’s consensual that’s banned. The penetration of an object deemed likely to cause physical harm.” That includes things like pool cues. There’s something called the four finger rule. That rule limits the number of digits that can be inserted into an orifice for pleasure Because at a now-defined point, that becomes fisting which is also banned. Spitting, hair-pulling, gagging, strong verbal abuse.. And there’s more. Well under the new rules of the bill the BBFC would now be responsible for all porn online. So if there was something that could not be featured on a DVD it can no longer be featured on the internet and would thus be banned. So there are a lot of people that are against this saying that this goes against freedom of speech and freedom of expression and most of the arguments I’ve seen for the ban have been “we have to protect the children.” And this is also brought up other issues not including the fact that you’re banning things that technically people could legally do to each other consensually in your country at the age of 16. You can’t see it but you can do it! But also there’s the question of could this really be enforced and is there potential for this going even worse? What I mean by that is it would be simple if you block just porn websites. I mean, if you’re just gonna ban fetish websites that’s pretty simple but what about a lot of the places that have a lot of different types of content? I mean obviously you’ll have places like 4chan /b/, but I’m talking about like Tumblr. Tumblr, yes, there are places that it’s like all look it’s like cute fandoms for like Doctor Who or anime and cutsey aw having a rough monday gifs. But then there’s also an immense about pornography Twitter, even though they come under fire for free speech stuff they’re pretty lax when it comes to adult material of course massive places like Reddit which yes you can go for world news you can go for whatever but then there’s a lot of adult themed stuff so if this goes through, is the UK going to shut Reddit down, are they actually going to censor all of Reddit? Meanwhile anyone the UK willing to google VPN will still be able to access that material. I mean talking about this my opinion is I feel like this censorship is stupid. It’s not really protecting the children, you’re, you’re banning adults from seeing what they can legally do that’s a little bit crazy now the silver lining in this situation is that if people speak up, this law can be amended it is not officially a law yet, but as it stands, if it continues to move forward this could be a huge problem. But I also want to pass that question on to you – do you think that this ban does make sense, it doesn’t? I have my opinion I’d love to know yours whether it agrees with mine or not. and then want to talk about that story about the guy who punched a kangaroo that story’s blown up this week the video blew up; these guys were on a pig hunting trip all the sudden out of nowhere the dog gets captured by a kangaroo. The kangaroo essentially as a dog in a headlock and that’s when the guy runs over, he’s now been identified as Greg Tunkin and he punches the kangaroo in the face and the reaction from the stunned kangaroo is my favorite thing in the world because it’s like you fucking what mate? he then hops off. If you havent seen the video I’ll link to it down below. I’m not showing it here because it’s been licensed by one of those groups that loves to take down my videos when they get a chance well the reason I’m talking about it now is it’s more than just a viral video, like uh, this weird thing, after this blew up people called for Greg Tonkin to be fired that’s because once his name got out people found out they actually worked for a zoo as an elephant keeper. Standout Claire Fryer, campaign coordinator of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals said if the kangaroo has my dog in a headlock, could kill my dog if you don’t know how strong kangaroos are just google it. Hell yeah, pop that thing in the face, although I don’t know if I would do it because kangaroos are scary as hell you ever see kangaroos fight? You do not want to be kicked by them. So as a dog lover respectfully Miss Claire Fryer I want you to go fuck yourself, and I want to give big props to the zoo where he works at who said that they are not going to fire him, saying also if I’m mispronouncing things I’m sorry. Side note – I know Conor McGregor’s always looking to make history, I say UFC 210 enough of this you’re gonna box Floyd Mayweather business, you fight a kangaroo I’d not only watch it, I’d start a GoFundMe for that right now then in airline news United Airlines announced they’re offering a new ticket, it’s called basic economy and it seems pretty much be the same except that you are banned from using overhead compartments. Now the way that United Airlines are spinning this is hey look it’s a cheaper option we’re making it more affordable but really what we’ve always seen on these changes, sooner or later what we see is that this new thing this cheaper thing becomes the new normal and then we’re just paying extra fees they’re of course 100-percent in the right to do this they’re trying to stay competitive they think this is a smart move is going to add a billion dollars in new revenue, but it is also granted people like myself the reason to inform my viewers that United Airlines is by far the worst airline I have ever been on granted the last few times I flew United, maybe they were outlier experiences, not the great normal service but simply how rude and dumb everyone involved was was it was it was amazing the flight was already delayed one hour which that that’s whatever, sometimes there are just delays small seats stewardess was rude to me, we were late another hour because the pilot, the pilot couldn’t get his iPad to work, the other United employees close the door to the plane without permission from the crew they’re taking a flashlight trying to get the attention of the people at the gate saying hey please open the plane door that takes another 10-20 minutes we end up leaving I think an hour, hour 10 after we were supposed to even after the other delay long story short the shit show continued and I wasn’t even angry I was just like I was just amazed at how stupid everything was the thing that’ll suck about this situation is that if it’s even mildly successful you can 100-percent expect other airlines to adopt things that are similar and while some have called for the government to step in, I, I think that that is that is the government overstepping their bounds I think this comes down to just purely consumers. If you think that this is ridiculous do not support them with your money. It’s as simple as that. Companies don’t make decisions based off of their hearts and what they think is right, they make decisions based off of how it affects their wallet so let’s affect their wallet then a bunch of you want me to chime in on the Forbes 2016 list of highest-paid YouTubers at the bottom of the list they had Rhett and Link and Miranda Sings at five million dollars, followed by German Garmendia, then Markiplier then Tyler Oakley and Rosanna Pansino at six million a pop then Smosh at seven million Lilly Singh aka Superwoman at 7.5 million Roman Atwood at eight million and don don don don as expected PewDiePie at the top of the list making what they estimate to be 15 million dollars once again, I do want to point out that as much research as Forbes seems to do, their numbers are wrong this is just based off of behind-the-scenes knowledge I have while the people on this list most likely did make a crap ton of money I’m just I’m just saying, Forbes is doing the best they can but there’s, there’s a lot more play and that’s, that’s really the most I can say legally although a thing I do want to point out – I, I’m not talking about me, I, I would not be on this list and then let’s talk about what I find to be the most ridiculous story today and that is the story around officer Michael Slager and you may remember that name because he is the man who shot and killed Walter Scott Mr. Scott was stopped by the officer and he unlawfully fled and that interaction resulted in the death of Walter Scott which was actually shown on camera I am going to censor the footage but please keep in mind that this is going to be very hard to watch (gun shots) so unarmed and very far away, Walter Scott shot in the back multiple times resulting in his death. And I know there are people that rightfully will say you should never run away from the police and I agree with that but the punishment should not be instant death. Unarmed, posed no threat, shot in the back, killed and the thing is, in my opinion this is something officer Slager is obviously aware of because he is caught on camera lying because that footage I showed you continues to record and has now been paired with the police scanner audio 243 just had shots fired, subject is down, he grabbed my taser so he says ‘he grabbed my taser’ which shows oh man this guy was definitely a threat that’s why I had to put him down but then while still being filmed he runs back to where his taser fell, he picks it up, then bringing it back to the body in front of the other officer dropping it near the body and in the official police reports, they say they perform CPR on him but the only thing documented whether it be on video or in the audio is them hand-cuffing the man they’ve now shot in the back multiple times now all that happened April fourth 2015 and the reason I’m talking about it today is its back in the news because the officer who killed that man has not been convicted of murder. He was on trial, everything was pointing towards a guilty verdict but they have now come back with a mistrial according to reports there was just one person on the jury not willing to put out a guilty verdict, everyone else was saying guilty but there was just one hold out that would not change their mind no matter what. The lone holdout saying to the judge I cannot and will not change my mind. And honestly I’m just lost here I don’t understand how this happens there are a lot of times that there are shootings that I think that there is a question was maybe reaching for something, was there an imminent threat, but he shot this man from 18 feet away in the back even during the trial despite there being video evidence, officer Slager testified that Scott yanked his taser out of his hands during the struggle and then charged towards him with the weapon making the officers scared for his life saying at that point I pulled my firearm and pulled the trigger I fired until the threat was stopped as I was trained to do. What are you talking about?? Do black people and/or people over the age of 50 have guns that pop out of their back and shoot at you? Not only is there video evidence but the coroner said he was shot in the back, he wasn’t charging at the officer. Then despite there being video evidence that he took the taser and then dropped it near the body, he said he didn’t remember doing that ok that’s fine, but there’s video evidence showing you doing that officer Slager of his own testimony said that I was shooting to kill as I was trained to stop a threat spowe know that there was intent to kill and we also know thanks to video evidence that Walter Scott was shot in the back the first time while 18 feet away. There’s no question and really the only potential good news here is that while justice has not been served it may have only been delayed. Prosecutors have said that due to the mistrial they will try to get a new trial as fast as possible and I do hope that happens sooner than later because I know while the family has been speaking to the press and has talked about remaining peaceful and staying strong and believing in the system this is ridiculous if the worst of police officers are not held accountable that’s what most people will think of all police officers. This is just a disgrace in my opinion that’s actually I’m going to end today’s show remember if you like this video, you like what I do on this channel, hit that like button, if you new here, hit that subscribe button, if it’s working today but that said, of course, as always, my name’s Philip DeFranco, you’ve just been Phil’d in, I love yo’ faces and I’ll see you tomorrow

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  1. Wait wait wait wait WAIT, their excuse is "we have to protect the children"? Your protecting children from something they shouldn't even be able to watch?

  2. I think all sort of porn should be banned.
    Sex is something between 2 people not on a screen, with more thn 2 people or anything else unnatural.

  3. That poor kangaroo was Steve Irwin reincarnated, that just wanted to kick off his new show. Well that dream is certainly over now, after he took that right hook straight to the face.

  4. I disagree with the law for adults but if you look at how British kids behave these days, it’s easy to understand the motive

  5. Hey Philip, I know this video is a year old, and you probably will not see this comment. I just recently watched this and had to comment on something you said. First off, I completely agree that the officer is a piece of shit and needs to buried under the jail. With that being said, the only correction I have for you is when you stated that the officer stated that he "shot to kill", and had the intent to kill once he pulled his weapon, like he was trained.

    No officers are trained to shoot to kill, they are trained to stop the threat. If someone runs at an officer with a knife and that officer fires one round and the suspect drops said knife and falls to the ground, raises his hands, or drops the knife and dies . That officer has stop the immediate threat with one round. The officer did not try to kill him, just stop the threat.

    Same scenario, but the suspects is still charging at the officer with the knife. So the officer puts 15 rounds into the suspect to finally stop him. That officer has stopped the threat just like the first.

    The only time an officer is trained to shoot to kill is when the threat to innocent lives can only be protected if that suspect has all motor functions stopped instantly. And the only real good example of this is a hostage taker holding a knife or gun to someone's head, or a suicide bomber ready to push the detonator. Even during these rare and extreme circumstances only the most highly trained members of that department would be trusted to the that shot, i.e. SWAT, SRT, or HRT.

    I've heard many people make similar statements about officers being tabbed to kill, that's the only reason why I commented. As for that asshole, fry him!

    Ok, I've ranted enough… time to go play Overwatch and think and unicorns and rainbows.

  6. porn SHOULD be banned, i had a bad childhood years ago with my parents obsessed with porn, and waste all their money on fucking sex when they can do it themselfs, whats the fucking purpose?

  7. I wanna see whats gonna happen when that kind of porn gets banned in the uk are they gonna have hardcore porn trading rings? How would people respond.

  8. Look man, don't ban fetish sites, all you're doing is depriving people of things they enjoy. Unless this is being made to try and shut down like snuff or child porn rings then just make some kind of personal security code that you get access to when you're the legal age that you can input into the sites that verifies your age. I mean shit all this will do is cause people to get more anxious and irritable.

  9. I agree with the UK, if you do those acts with your partner that is most likely (AND SHOULD BE) consensual. In many productions, the “actors” don’t have much say in what they do. This is designed to protect them, since many of these actual human beings don’t have a desire to do these things. Porn will always exist, this will just protect these people to the best that can be reasonably enforced

  10. It isn't illegal to punch a kangaroo, no law whatsoever says this, I'm only talk about the specific situation, of course you can't just punch one randomly you have to have a valid reason, and the porn ban won't happen, they can't really ban it as it will still get out (what certain types they are trying to ban)

  11. I'm actually in fan of this restriction on porn because 1. many people doing porn are not professionals so there is a danger to certain play violence or toys. 2. also I think porn is a slippery slope. People's morals are naturally pretty fluid, meaning that the more extreme things of anything, not just porn you expose yourself to or do, the more 'desensitized' and rationalizing you become. 3. Teenagers and even young adults sexuality can be skewed by some of the kinks that exist out there and ruin their relationships when they can no longer function without the porn or kink element and porn addiction can get more severe 4. Some porn shouldn't exist. Some of it is so terrible that if it weren't for money or drugs I refuse to believe anyone would consent to do it at all even as just a kink, not just porn,
    so consent issue is also a thing with porn 5. Porn is essentially third party prostitution so I waffle on whether porn is a sexual norm like people want me to believe or a money-grubbing empire built on exploitation of women and nightmarish perversions.

  12. LMFAO people like this guy are just so stupid i hope this ban becomes law. Its beneficial for children and people of all ages. Pornography is an addiction just like drugs. Once you see it you become hooked. And believe it or not its starts at a very young age. FUck this looser.

  13. Who care if they ban something. I mean seriously in todays age? Banning something doesnt mean it cant be seen. Canabis is illegal – doesnt stop people smokin it. Torrent sites are banned in UK – but plenty of us in UK still use them… so they ban some porn sites – we'll still get around those bans. So really who cares? Ban wtf they want. We can get round those bans easily enough LOL. Dont think government has figured out banning things just makes people want to bypass that very ban even more and STILL see what they wanna see.

  14. Odd. I don't remember hearing about this ban at all. I wonder if it even actually happened? It's certainly a very British thing. LoL "Think of the children!"…. the children watching porno?? What?

  15. No matter if they ban the websites coz I got ma tumblr ._. Ooooh so much porn ._. Like Like a lot of it ._. How isn't tumblr a porn site yet

  16. I️ feel that this dirty content shouldn’t really been banned, however i do believe that there needs to be an age confirmation and restriction. It is scarily easy for children to find pornographic content! There needs to be more restrictions that prevent children from finding things that may damage them! Please please PLEASE monitor what your children are doing in the internet and do not let them be on it until they are the legal age to have a social media account and even then monitor their actions!

  17. Mr. DeFranco, I completely agree with you. I don’t personally watch porn but do read it. I think that if you do it, can do it or want to do it with your partner in bed then it should be on a porn website because censoring stuff that people have the option to to themselves is completely and utterly ridiculous and stupid.

  18. As a vegetarian who loves animals and extremely hates animal abuse, that video of the kangaroo punch is fucking hilarious. The kangaroo had his dog in a headlock for Christ's sake.

  19. porn should only be banned if something highly illegal (pedophelia, etc.) takes place in it. and as far as protecting the children, LEARN TO DISCIPLINE YOUR OWN CHILDREN. the government shouldn't have to be concerned for the youth of the country watching this stuff if parents actually taught their children right from wrong, legal from illegal, and porn from not porn. learn to parent england

  20. I'm from the UK and I agree with you Philip. That should NOT be a law! I hate our government… We're not fucking kids… And if people wanted to 'protect the children', they shouldn't have bloody phones, tablets and shit! BUT their PARENTS don't care and give them one when they are like eight or something…

  21. I think that rules for pornography need to be set into place, but only things that are harmful for the mind of the viewer, such as; depicting presumably 18+ adults as children or an act that (in real time) would cause actual harm to a person–extreme bdsm and such. But I also believe that these rules should be limited.

  22. I think that this horrible awful terrible crime known as "porn" should be banned forever because I am a son of Jesus Christ👼😇👼😇 (jk I don't care)

  23. The title and the picture for this video gave me very mixed messaged and I am relieved that the two were basically unrelated lol

  24. I've seen what BBFC has to offer and it's really fucking bland. Just full of unattractive blond white women. I see this as a reflection of what would happen if the BBFC would be allowed to regulate internet porn. Would totally ruin diversity and make it almost impossible to find any colour.
    Not to mention female ejaculation will also be banned.

  25. About United Airlines, I’ve seen every single airline now charge 20 dollars per suitcase besides Southwest. If you think it is fucked up don’t go on those flights that charge extra.

  26. I always love watching the beginning of every single video. I LOVE THAT AMAZING GREETING. Keep being amazing and doing what you do bud! Have an awesome day/night! Bless!

  27. Somebody needs to fucking kill everybody who put these bills into place, before they can poison our society even further. The internet Belongs to us, fuck with it, and well end you…

  28. It's not that weird for the UK to ban non-conventional porn – after all engaging in certain non-conventional… activities has already been illegal for a long time

  29. People need to learn to watch their own damn kids. Don't make it the rest of the world's problem. Also kangaroos have a claw that slashes as they kick.

  30. I only fly foreign now! Foreign airlines still provide good service, complementary bags, complementary booze, and at the same price as American airlines while American airlines only seem to offer free beatings!!

  31. punching a kangaroo, dude he gave that animal a love tap to tell it who was boss then walked away…thats just natural animal kingdom shit. he didn't kill it. he got it to walk away and then he left

  32. I want to thank you, for making me think a little deeper. Even if I don't agree I can always see what your opinion is and what the story is.

  33. If you run, I'm not going to be upset if you get shot. With modern medicine, most gun shot wounds are relatively minor. So if you need to be slowed down, one shot to the shoulder, arm, or leg oughtta do it, and you'll be fine. Any officer who feels the need to empty his clip into the back of a man, however, is messed up in the head, drunk on power, and needs to be taken care of.

  34. It makes you wonder how messed up peoples perception of race is when they can interpret the inherently defensive act of running away as an attack.

  35. This ban makes no sense. I'm of the opinion.. If you don't like the song ,change the station. If you don't want to view this. Don't watch it. Not have Big gov come in and smash your TV. You know what I'm saying. I

  36. unless its obviously illegal content, like animals and underaged people and forced sexual interactions etc, then the gov should stay out of consenting adults personal business. we dont need the gov in our bedrooms!!!! we dont need them in our living rooms or our pcs either!!!! they can go to hell on this or any other freedom infringing crap they try to do!!! so far this is not an issue in america right? other than maybe rhode island…but it could spread so stay vigilant!!!! but beyond this obvious surface issue what the uk will really end up with here is a brand new black market for porn. DUH!!!! just like anything else the gov anywhere makes illegal there will be a underground market for it immediately. in an underground porn market there also comes the chance that in some cases there may also be real abuses going on. when porn is legal in a country the filming of the porn is also regulated which includes legal protections for actors in the porn. if the porn is illegal in a country then guess what, there ARE NO legal protections for actors either. any sexual abuse that happens will also liekly go unreported since the victims doesnt want to self incriminate. the proof of this concept is already in existence with the underground pedo rings. this is why the uk is being supremely stupid about this..unless of course black market porn without legal protection for actors is exactly what they wanted.

  37. “We must protect the children” *from websites they cant be on and 100% know what their doing if they are

  38. The guy who killed Walter Scott should differ the punishment of being killed in the same way he murdered Walter Scott.

  39. I don’t think some police are racist, they’re either unimaginably stupid or enjoy killing innocents

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