Guerrilla group returns to civilization ( They were born in the jungle and raised for war )

this is a very important moment for the country it´s arriving the FARC guerrilla Here to the puerto asis municipality we are over the putumayo river this is the putumayo´s river where from puerto viga you arrive to the carmelita , we are at the other side of the putumayo´s river. at this moment are arriving, lets see if the people give them the applause this is a great moment for the putumayo department and also for the country, we can see the peace flag today the flag is shaking ( the guy says ” this is the ferry” but at the background a woman yells welcome to colombian territory and they answered thank you ) they say “good evening” ( kinda funny they killed innocent people and yet they arrive saying good evening) who can i talk with, with whom can i get and interview welcome ,welcome welcome welcome welcome ( the next girl answeres ” how are you fellow ” because i am a native speaker from colombia i can tell you, that expression is communtly use in their army combined with a rare way to talk that they have because of so many years in the army. this is a very important moment for peace in the department and for colombia we are receiving the groups 38,48,32 (those are the codes that each front of the army has ) so we keep seeing how do they arrive to the puerto asis department this part is funny beacuse they are getting out of the ferry for the first time ,they are afraid of an ambush, and the thing where they are standing falls perfect moment. good evening, welcome welcome welcome welcome welcome, welcome

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