Guardian Circle: 911 Emergency Providers on The Blockchain | Guardium ICO Review

GUARDIUM ICO REVIEW look at Guardium which is
revolutionizing the industry of emergency service providers and creating
a global decentralized 9-1-1 i think it’s pretty cool what they’re doing the
business model that took the took a look at it will go through the white paper in
a minute and also talk about some of those opportunities coming up to
participate in the ICO but first let’s jump over to their
website this is Guardium dot co I will have a
link in the description for you to review as well and as you can see it’s a
it’s a fairly simple website they got 19 days left on their ICO and and the
biggest thing I notice is is this was a functioning mobile application for about
a year now and in fact it won one of the most coveted Awards in in the app
industry with apples planet apps I think that was like a little TV show they did
I was pretty cool so they’ve been featured in other publications and you
know they were a functioning business before they came over to do an ICO I
think that’s one of the biggest things all too often you hear about these you
know freshmen in their dorm room when an idea and a computer and they create some
30 million dollar ICO just off of a white paper PDF this isn’t one of them
these guys have a functioning mobile interface they have a mobile wallet you
know in recognition throughout the tech space as an innovator in the world of
service providers right so let’s take a quick peek at their promo video and then
we’ll come right back with the white paper thirty in circle is a way to connect
with those close circle of friends that you already have and get in touch with
them in an emergency situation when you declare an alert all of the friends that
you’ve designated as guardians are alerted instantaneously and brought into
a chat room or they could all communicate they’ll also see a map where
they are located and where the person in trouble is located what that allows is
immediate communication between all of your guardians instead of having to call
one by one all your different friend groups that might be people who really
want to help you in crisis this way they’re all together all at once
immediately and mapped out you should be guarding people you really care about
and you should take it seriously these are friends that you’re saying you would
come to their aid in any type of emergency whether that be a five-alarm
emergency or maybe an emergency that they need someone to come and help them
because they’re locked out of their out of their house throughout their car you
can’t be there to take care of a pet maybe you’re stuck at work and your
child needs a ride home all the way to a life-or-death situation you’re on the
floor of your garage and you might be having a heart attack this is not just
for old people everyone has gone through some sort of emergency whether you’re
out on a a tender date and this is not looking good all of those are
emergencies that any number of us could go through regardless of our age it’s
not just when you’re old and have health problems that you need a guardian Circle
it’s actually all the way through your life
you should download guardian circle because if you’re in trouble I’ve run
out and if this is an easy way for you to let me know and all your other
friends know then we can connect to make a plan to help you and that’s why
Guardian circle exists is to bring all of those people together and let us help
you out so there you go right there one of the things I try to do is let you
guys hear from their voice the value they’re providing and then I go in and
you know look at the business model the white paper a few logistics and give you
my opinion on it first thing I noticed right away is these guys are you know
kind of a loudest voice that I’ve heard with regards to providing value for
emergency situations and creating decentralized peer-to-peer network to
facilitate the transfer of that value I think that’s pretty ingenious they can
almost if they execute it and build it out to scale then they will essentially
become the uber of nine hundred which is pretty cool they said right off the top
four billion people have no access to on call emergency services such as 911 all
too often in the United States we take things for granted that the whole world
experiences them as luxuries when this is indeed not the case so what they look
to be able to do is uh provide a global utility for unified decentralized
network through this emergency service provisions right biggest thing they’re
doing is bringing people together to help people and if you know me that’s
that’s pretty much all I try to do every time I speak into this microphone one of
the other things I like right away is that you know these guys aren’t a lot of
fluff and razzle-dazzle is a very simple straight for a white paper not a huge
marketing initiative so you know as a marketer I can see through a lot of the
fluff that some ICO is put out there and these guys kind of
through two fat and give you the content just barely enough to show you what
they’re offering but still not very wasteful you know in the sense of
lavishness so again and you know it’s kind of straightforward government work
that these guys are looking to fulfill you know and then it speaks through the
way I present their content as well biggest thing they said that 911
operators don’t know your location ninety percent of the times if you call
from a mobile device I don’t even know how that’s possible given that we have
3G 4G 18 G LTE s TV networks you know but they don’t even know how to get to
you if they actually need to get to you and that’s a that’s a huge opportunity
and and I think the best way to feel that opportunity is indeed with a mini
to one network right and so let’s jump over here this is a quick lesson of the
day this is how traditional 9-1-1 dispatched its distribution systems work
it’s one Operator with many police cars and she uses those police cars to send
them out into the field to fill you know people that call to basically respond to
people that call it’s a one-to-many because each one of these cars over here
it’s many cars many police dispatchers out there police officers and they go
into the field to the houses to respond to individual calls on a one-to-one
basis now what these guys are doing through digital interface is creating a
mini to one network to where you the person initiating that 9-1-1 distress
call have many people in the field that can respond to that call individually
and each one of them will be able to facilitate the transfer of that value
whatever you’re looking for i think you know just then doing a little bit of
research on these guys i saw that the ISIS report if I think 2016 20 2015
said that ambulance it rides just ambulances in itself was 15 billion
dollars and I now remember hearing another thing too where most people
didn’t even want to call 911 they knew that the ambulance ride would be about
two thousand dollars and so they would just you know take their chances and
have a friend Drive them to the ambulance or to the hospital as opposed
to you know footing a two thousand dollar bill well that’s an opportunity
in itself if you got a uber for 911 responders then you can turn someone’s
backseat and to you know a vehicle to get someone into in dire need of
assistance to a accommodating facility if that’s indeed what they were asking
and again ninety percent of the world does not have access to a 911 dispatcher
system right and so uh jumping back over here a few other things I saw in the
white paper we can speak on emergency response grid and they’ve already built
out you know the mobile interface I think that’s the biggest thing when you
talk about you know safety and digital community these guys are pretty much
ahead of the curve and in trying to bring those together right I did
download the app and I noticed right away it’s it’s not too uh
you know not too many things you can keep secret as it you know kind of
defaults you into allowing notifications and you know authorizing your context
and it verifies your phone number right away and you know basically you need to
connect your identity to this app so that others who have done the same can
more or less trust you right what will be interesting is how these guys plan to
account for the privacy you know aspect that is built in to blockchain protocol
and also how they plan to account for the governance if you have a
or a hacker you know or you know us someone you know that doesn’t
necessarily have the best interests of the community in mind how will you know
the community be able to account for that person or that individual right but
again you know a lot of a lot of good things that I’ve read in their white
paper and in their execution plan and you know a few people agree this is an
article from TechCrunch right big big big
entrepreneurship technology publication says they they crowdsource your safety
right again creating a many-to-one system where you have many nodes of
support many opportunities to gain value from your local community and again this
article is from March 10th 2016 and you can see that see that they were already
on the market with a gold plan for $99 a year so these guys were making money on
the market before much of this ICO craze even came to beat right just something
to keep in mind the app is available on iTunes and Google Play
download it test it out you know see what you think about it and then lastly
with regards to the token the ico biggest thing i noted right here is it
is only open to non us-based individuals but if you are u.s. accredited investor
you can participate you get a 25% bonus they’re doing about 33 cents a token
with a 5,000 dollar minimum five thousand USD so that’s about almost a
little over five aetherium just to participate but in doing that you are
locked in to a $0.33 token price with a 25% bonus right so check that out if
it’s something that interests you again I think they’re they’re spinning the
tokenized economy a unique way to not so much promote privacy and a not anonymity
but more so and still a many to one distribution model to transfer value in
one of the biggest value needs of our world the fact that 90 plus percent of
the world doesn’t have access to 911 service providers is quite astonishing
in itself and if these guys are able to execute on this business model then it
will indeed be you know a great opportunity for the community and that’s
what I hopefully have been able to communicate to you guys again I’m here
to to teach to help you learning and ultimately ideally to help you make
money but if anything above all else we can learn how these businesses are
created and how this value is being disseminated through this new blockchain
technology right so Guardium dot Co check it out make sure you like and
subscribe to the video as I will be doing a few more these spotlights as
well as I see different tokens and protocols come up you know that I think
might be interesting to share with you guys as well thanks so much I will talk
to you guys soon take it easy guys he’s like a boss you

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