With every group picture, there is this problem The person behind the camera is always missing So possible solutions? You can take a goofy self shot Or have an awkward moment with a complete stranger But nah! If only these two incomplete frames could be combined into a complete group picture Well, groopic does exactly that! Take a picture! Swap the photographer and take the second one Mark the photographers and… Groopic does the magic! Groopic is available now on the App Store.

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21 thoughts on “Groopic

  1. since the samsung galaxy released their phone the camera always had this function
    not see what the boom if it has patented by samsung..

    is called add me and all the samsung galaxy phone have this function.

  2. Well my main concern is that you have to hold the phone in the exact position that the first person held it. So its a

  3. Besides "magic," what do we do if the second photographer standings in a slightly different position and the background and angle of view are off (which is highly likely, since we're not carrying iPhone tripods).

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