Great SCOTT! Hoverboards are Real! (Nerdist News w/ Jessica Chobot)

News? Where we’re going, we don’t need
news! Oh wait, no, yes we do. I’m Jessica Chobot and this is Nerdist News! [intro gfx] Back in 1989, a little movie called Back to
the Future part two turned hoverboards and holograms into every young boy and girl’s
dream for the future. Whelp, that movie took place next year in 2015. Two insane gadgets debuted this week that
could change everything. First up: Real. Freaking. Hoverboards! A company
called Hendo broke the world’s collective brain today when they launched a Kickstarter
for the Hendo hoverboard. Using some extremely vague magnet-based technology, the couple
behind Hendo has managed to create a hover engine that can be scaled from something as
small as a tech deck to something as large as, oh, I dunno, a landspeeder! Wrong movie.
While the Kickstarter is heavily focused on the boards – even going so far as to include
designs for a crazy, high-tech skate park – Hendo sees this as great publicity for a
new piece of tech with lots of potential applications. Like earthquake-proof floating buildings.
You can grab a prototype off their Kickstarter page now for 10,000 bucks, or just get a white
box dev kit with a little engine inside for under 300. But here’s the tech that’s really got
us yelling “Great Scott.” Magic Leap is a mysterious new gadget that could easily
be the ravings of a lunatic – save for the fact that Google and – [quickly] full-disclosure-our-parent-company
– Legendary Entertainment have invested 542 million bucks in it. Magic Leap is apparently a pair of glasses
that projects images directly into your eyes, bringing “magical” things to life in your
real environment. So, I guess it’s sort of like a reverse Oculus Rift? Legendary CEO
and my magnanimous boss, Thomas Tull tried it out and said “It was incredibly natural
and almost jarring — you’re in the room, and there’s a dragon flying around, it’s
jaw-dropping and I couldn’t get the smile off of my face.” Now the website features glam shots of a whale
floating above the ocean and kids in a classroom tripping on psychedelic seahorses. The founder
of Magic Leap Rony Abovitz said, “Kids growing up with Magic Leap will be doing what Harry
Potter did, not watching or reading it. Doing it… Imagine being one of the kids in Hogwarts,
interacting with the ghosts, with a magic wand that works.” Hyperbole much Rony? We
hope not. Certainly not from a guy whose Ted talk looked like this: But what do you guys think? Which of these
BTTF technologies are you most excited about? Which has the most potential to change the
world? Or are you still waiting for blow dryer coat? Yeah you are. Let’s talk about it
in the comments below! That’s the future! Don’t miss this week’s
Sleepycast, the official Sleepy Hollow podcast! Scott Ian is talking to the kings of stop
motion animation on Bloodworks, and Malik is launching #GamerAgegate on Play. Finally
check for even more hoverboard news! [Jessica sings Back to the Future theme]

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100 thoughts on “Great SCOTT! Hoverboards are Real! (Nerdist News w/ Jessica Chobot)

  1. Magic Leap beaming stuff into your head, hmmm. Sounds like a perfect way for an evil genius to take over the world via mind control, or to be bombarded by ads every 3 seconds

  2. I won't say it's not cool – it is – but if it only works on a metal surface, I hesitate to call it a hoverboard. I mean, yes, it's a board and it hovers, but if it doesn't hover over, say asphalt (or solar roadways), we're not there yet. 
    It's like with flying cars… if you can't maneuver it in the air in a way that resembles a car on the ground, it's a car that doubles as a plane or something, not a flying car, and if it's never going to be affordable enough to replace regular cars, we're not anywhere near Jetsons territory. Similarly, there are certain requirements that a hoverboard would have to fulfill in order to live up to the name, and one of those is that it has to be a self-contained system that doesn't require specifically designed environments to function. 

  3. I am excited for both but I a looking forward to the hologram thing more, especially if they make Yu-Gi-Oh! duel disks with it.

  4. Background ghost, you bore me. I don't want to endure 10 more days of you. If you're gonna kill Chobot, hurry up and kill her already! Even though chances are, Chobot is gonna do the killing and dismembering. :/

  5. What if they created magic leap contact lenses, and evil doers made world leaders wear them. The world leaders would be called crazy, thrown into insane asylums and the new overlord of the world would come into power while the governments were weak.

  6. I'll wait for the long term studies on those glasses. But those are pretty exciting if they work and aren't dangerous. I think the hover boards would probably have to have some special surface to work. meh on that. I fell off my skateboard like the second time I tried it and broke my arm as a kid. I doubt I could do it now.

  7. I was wondering why nobody had done the MagicLeap thing yet.  I figured with Google Glass, it was just a matter of time.

    What I'm more excited by, (in terms of things that use that technology) is the programs that create HUDs with it.  I'd love to be able to set it up to, say, show little measurement tags for things, or display people's personal digital avatars or whatnot.  It could even revolutionize things like the fashion or makeup industry, allowing people to wear literally physics defying clothing or hairstyles, or have makeup that changes color and pattern as you watch.  And the show wouldn't be limited just to people wearing the glasses, but also could be integrated into cameras for broadcast.  It would also make (and this is what I think Legendary is interested in it for) filming with live actors and CG actors a ton easier- could you imagine how much easier it would be to imagine, say, King Kong climbing the Empire State building if you could actually see it happening?

  8. Mr. Spooky: "Hoverboards? Scoff We in the afterlife have been hovering for thousands of years. You guys are just catching up to us."

  9. Both are pretty epic ideas. With the hover tech, we can have real Ghosts, Revanants, Wraiths and the likes. I'd like to see what the future of gaming is going to be with Magic Leap being a real thing. Though i still have my reservations about that being real.

    But I'm going to save the judgement till when its actually a product we can buy, or drool over [if its price is going to be something mad like 1 mill!!]… anywayzi, great episode!! 🙂

  10. Does this mean I can finally live my dream of a giant flying purple mountain majesty orca narwhal flying in my room? Don't play with my feelings Jess

  11. Interesting…. Though I'm not entirely certain how convinced I am about that whole hover board thing; The magnets or whatever were on the bottom look like they were pretty damn close to touching the ground if you ask me.  Now the MagicLeap thing, sounds to me like Augmented Reality, which would still be cool for gaming like for actual in-game effects if they won't put the time in for 3D even though it would kinda mirror 3D, anyway.

  12. Stop inventing hover boards that need special ground in order to hover, science! Come on with the self lacing shoes already, Nike! We all know you own the patent!

  13. I was excited about the hoverboards, but I am too old to risk them. But, Magic Leap? I missed the announcement on it. Now I am beyond excited!

  14. Hover boards will undoubtedly be way more useful for a lot of more practical things like you said, earthquake proof buildings (although my favorite would be to make roads that let you use this technology to float above them, and just have alternatively powered cars, saving everyone tons of money on gas).

  15. wait, somebody actualy made a hover engine?
    i thought that that technology was at least 50 years away.
    what is it power source and how long does it work?

  16. Did anyone notice that in the movie it was 2015 and they had hover boards and flying cars but nobody had cell phones?

  17. I'm glad they focused on the ghost in the background. Up until then, I was wondering if I was the only one recognizing it.

  18. i'm waiting for the time machine. start working scientists! maybe we can get it in 30 to 40 years if we start in 10 days!

  19. If the hover boards don't become a household item by the end of 2015 then i better see some improvements on lightsaber technology.

  20. What the heck is with the ghost thing and why does it keep stalking you? that's pretty creepy ….you should get a restraining order! October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month. That must be what happens on October 31st! she gets restraining order for the Guy in a ghost sheet who stalks her and eats out of her trash!

  21. If i had a hover board i would use it to carry my groceries. Groceries from a greengrocer. Then I'd have a nice sleep in my chair.

  22. Faith in humanity RESTORED! I've been telling myself for years that I would quit the human race if nothing promised in Back to the Future 2 actually came true. It's not my flying car or shoes that make me two feet taller, but I'll definitely take hover boards and scary lifelike holograms.

  23. I want a hover board! WE WANTS IT PRECIOUS!!!
    (More than 3 exclamation points is just crazy town)
    It would be a board I could actually use, it could compensate for my X-Treme Clumsy. It's the un-crashable board… Right?

  24. People should start buying the engines and putting them in shoes because everyone knows that hover shoes are awesome

  25. BEWARE, the "hoverboard" is just opposite ringed magnets. [N-S]/[S-N] Same forces repel to give "hover".  The whole thing is a scam! 
    As for the the Magic Leap, it is just pure innovation and groundbreaking technology, monitors will be out of business. 

  26. Ahh he did was glue a magnet to a little board… why is anyone excited about this. WOAH, THEY INVENTED THIS NEW THING GUYS, MAGNETS!

  27. Imagine someone high on marijuana or acid and then put on those glasses = mind blown more like mind destroyed

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