Grandparents Teach Their Grandkids Old Technology [Technically Speaking]

I don’t even know how to tell time! I’m so happy to see this, I can’t tell you! Oh yeah, I would definitely consider myself a tech-savvy person. I’m tech-challenged. I’ve never seen one of these… You’ve never seen this in your life? I’m guessing I have to plug it in. It looks smaller than I thought it was gonna be. I had one just like this. Oh good- then you can figure it out! I can, sure! That feels like rubber. Actually, it’s vinyl. No no no, you have to turn it on! I did it! Yep! A technology genius! I am a genius. No, I don’t know what this is. You don’t watch old movies? I went the wrong way… No pressing! Turning! You need your finger in the hole. I had an alarm clock very similar to that. I think this one might be yours. That’s mine! I have no idea how to do this! I don’t understand! The time is still set to 1960 I think with this thing. (alarm rings) I did it! It’s like a stereo player? I think? Yeah. I can’t figure out how you open that thing. That’s not the “Power”. Ahh, there we go. Yes! Good job, good job. Here, try this- I’d rather not, to tell you the truth. This does everything all those things do. Say, “Siri- set an alarm.” Siri? Who’s that? Okay, and then you… And then you find where the little phone is… How come I don’t see a little phone? I see a camera! Do you need a code to make a phone call? (Siri) No match found. What do you mean? She doesn’t like you. Who are you? It’s like you have to press so many things to try and figure out how to even dial a number whereas with the rotary phone, the numbers are right there! I’m very grateful that I never have to use any of those things.

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100 thoughts on “Grandparents Teach Their Grandkids Old Technology [Technically Speaking]

  1. I had to down vote because in today's technology you should have the sound equalized so I don't have to sit and turn down the music, then turn it back up to hear what the people are saying. You're better than that, aren't you?

  2. This reminds me of CK Louis commenting on Conan O'Brien how clueless and spoiled and ungrateful these new generations are. Feeling so superior.

  3. I'm pretty sure that most Millennials know what an alarm clock is; especially since companies still makes those (both analog and digital).

  4. Uhh, I'm considered a "Millennial" and I had a rotary phone and a boombox. It wasn't THAT long ago. I never had a record or a record player but I knew what they were and how to use them.

  5. Either these people are really dumb or just horrible actors. All of that is so simple and I'm sure they've seen that stuff before. How can you not know how to play a cassette!? You're not that young.

  6. wow, these teens seem pretty bottom of the barrel tech-savvy wise. I mean seriously? You don't know what a boombox is let alone how to use a cassette tape? You are looking at a rotary phone and can not tell that it is a phone? Kids these days are out of touch what with all these $600 phones that do everything for them.

  7. Did they really not know about these? What about the clock? And the phone is not hard to figure out. I'm 20 and I know how to use all of these.

  8. I hope this is scrippted… I'm a 90ies Kid, and I know how this stuff works – how can you not know how this stuf works?!?

  9. "I don't even know how to tell time." looks like a 20 year old, and doesn't know how to tell time. Yep our generation is fucked if we have bitches as dumb as her.

  10. The rotary phone was life! why can't we go back to the old days when technology wasn't ruining our social life?! 😭😭

  11. My grandma had that phone in her house she used to lock it because we always played around with it and used to call different numbers lol good time it was

  12. I'm 22 how do these people not know ANYTHING about that stuff but I do. Assuming they are a little older than me. I get it if they were like 15. really???

  13. Proof that anyone born between 1980 and 1990 essentially are the only ones that know how the fuck to do anything. Old people don't understand new tech, young people don't understand old tech. BUT NEITHER IS FUCKING ROCKET SCIENCE….

  14. Did that girl just say she can't tell time? Wtf I learned about telling time in second grade.. I think.. Or third..

  15. I'm hoping this video is fake because i knew how to use all of these things when i was 13 which was only 3 years ago. How sheltered can some people be omg.

  16. The ghetto blaster I remember that one!
    The good ol' tapes. The best ones were the ones you could just turn on the other side to play it again, instead of rewind it.

  17. Defuq? They look so much older than me (I'm 18 yet) and they really do not know how to use all that? XD Jee…

  18. Thes kids must be playing up for the video? Surely nobody can be that ignorant of things that most people still have in their homes?

  19. Do the same but viceversa (grandson teach ggranpas) you know you could put the selfia and hashtag stuff, new consoles like the 3DS or the PS4, etc.

  20. technology back then wasn't very difficult to use. if anything it was more simple than what we have now.

  21. Rotary phones are cool as fuck. These people need to realize how much more straightforward it is to put a cassette in a box and hit play.

  22. If I we're in this video I would be so excited I think old fashioned stuff like record players and cassettes are so fascinating

  23. When in the hell are these kids born, 2005?! God they’re simplistic. I was born in 1992 and I know how to operate ALL of these.

  24. Im a young man, and I live for nostalgia. Give me a Roy Orbison tape and a Player, I'll be much more satisfied than if u gave me a iphone. Ive grown up appreciating these items. Im looking to buy a 8 track player now actually

  25. Wait… Was that a cell phone she was on in the end? She had a cell phone on her the whole time. WFT! Why wouldn't she just use that to call her mom to begin with?

  26. My Gen, Generation X is both analog and very tech savvy because we grew up with both, it's nice to know both worlds and have that edge to think in both patterns. It really helps with trouble shooting network and electrical problems.

  27. These people aren’t even fricking kids anymore, I’m 11 and I can use some of these without instructions

  28. " I'm guessing you have to plug it in" ( in a condescending voice) as if most technology nowadays don't have plugs. smh

  29. Bruh. None of this shit, new or old, was complicated. Calm down. I was still using cassette tapes and players in 2001. We had a record player throughout the 90s. All you have to do is wind the third hand to the number you want the alarm to sound on. And the rotary phone is just common sense. Come on, now. 😑

  30. … I expected kids as in 6 or 7 year old, who really don't know what these gadgets are. But the cast in this series  … they are all over 20 and then MUST know what a of these things are.. cool idea but just not realistic..

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