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So here we are in this beautiful
tranquil wood in the heart of Suffolk. We’re here with the latest GoPro the HERO8 black, so we’ve brought in 9x East of England Enduro champion
Chris hockey. How’s it going Chris? Good thanks. Do you have much experience with GoPro cameras? I have no experience with GoPro cameras, but I’ve got some
experience with these. Well that was really cool and this new GoPro has
amazing video stabilization so this Enduro course should really put it to the
test. So you best get kitted up. Let’s do this! Yes! My ego is bruised more than anything,
I really enjoyed that as well it was awesome. Do you mind if I take that GoPro
for a go myself? That’ll definitely put it to the test. Let’s see what you
got! Here he is. So it’s a 12 megapixel camera
it films in 4k at 60 frames per second or in 1080p at 240 frames per second, so it means you get all that detail in super slo-mo. Mega, so it’s going to be
good on the bike and it’s good for slow-motion. And on top of that you can
also livestream in Full HD as well. No way, Tel’s on his way around now, do you want to see how he’s getting on? Oh yeah absolutely. So as you can see we’re streaming live in
Full HD right now, how good’s that. So there’s a couple of enhanced features
that we first saw on the HERO7 black firstly the HERO8 has hyper smooth 2.0
which is an improvement on the already very impressive video stabilization,
which means you get even better super smooth gimbal-like stabilization when
you’re shooting. The other thing is time warp 2.0 which is an update to GoPro
super smooth and stabilized time-lapse video feature. But it’s clearly gonna be
good for this type of stuff. Oh yeah definitely, it’s got that rugged design that
you’ve come to expect from GoPro including waterproofing to 10 meters
without the need for a case. So in general it’s just really versatile. I
knew they were good but I had no idea that had that many features. Yeah even
more so with this one. There’s loads of opportunities to get
creative with this camera as well as shooting accessories, there’s also this
integrated mounting plate that folds away nicely so you can attach it to
mounts, hand grips, tripods, whatever you like and it’s all really easy to do.
Thank you so much for a brilliant day, I had an absolute blast and thanks for the
GoPro HERO8 black, we should have some amazing footage to go through as well.
Well some of those falls were quite impressive. Don’t know what you’re talking about… GoPro HERO8 black get it in store or
online at Currys PC World.

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