Google’s new WiFi router

Google revealed Wifi today – not the underlying
tech, of course, but a new piece of hardware that wants to make it even easier to bathe
your whole home in wonderful, soothing connectedness. Google Wifi is a new router, which basically
is a tiny device that can pair up with others to create a more robust, more far-reaching
home network that will ensure reliable performance across the board. At $129, the new Google Wifi hardware is definitely
one of the cheapest modular, customizable home networking
options with the full gamut of modern wireless networking technology support, including AC1200
speeds, and Bluetooth connectivity for simpler set up and making the mesh tech work. Network Assist optimizes your router performance
behind the scenes, but a companion app gives you direct control over network conditions. Google is offering pack pricing of $299 for
a pack of three which means if you need to outfit a larger house you’re still going
to be paying less than you might for a top of the line individual router. Google WiFi will ship in December.

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10 thoughts on “Google’s new WiFi router

  1. hello, i have the google onhub router can i use this single google wifi module as an extended range cause it not reaching my upstairs home?

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