Google will stop scanning Gmail messages to show targeted ads | QPT

Google has announced that it will be stopping
its longstanding practice of scanning email messages in Gmail to serve targeted advertising. Currently Google does not scan the email of
paying corporate customers of its G Suite, while it is scanning the messages in its free
consumer version Gmail. Google says that G Suite business is gaining
enormous traction among enterprise users. G Suite usage has more than doubled in the
past year among large business customers. Today, there are more than 3 million paying
companies that use G Suite. So, to avoid confusion and to have uniform
policy, Google has decided to stop doing the scanning in free Gmail also. Ads will be shown based on users’ settings. Users can change those settings at any time,
including disabling ads personalization. According to Google blog post, Gmail is the
world’s preeminent email provider with more than 1.2 billion users. No other email service protects its users
from spam, hacking, and phishing as successfully as Gmail. Though offical Google blog post is saying
the uniformity as reason for taking this decision, Techcrunch article is saying that Google may
be taking this decision as it is already having all the required data to show the targeted
ads without the need for scanning gmail messages. What do you think about it? Share your thoughts through the comments.

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