Google Wifi Mesh Router Review: 6 Months Later

What’s happening YouTube. Josh Teder
here from 6 Months Later and today we’ll be taking a look at the Google
Wi-Fi home mesh router. Now this is a router we previously reviewed in a video
six months ago, so in this video we’ll be doing our in-depth six months later
review of the Google Wi-Fi router. We’ll be taking a look at what makes this
router such a great router for any home big or small, how it improves upon and
solves a lot of problems that have plagued users with Wi-Fi routers for
years, and we’ll take a look at how its held up after six months of use. This is
6 Months Later. Wi-Fi can be a tricky issue in a lot of
households and apartments. For houses, people typically find that their Wi-Fi
router struggles to pump out enough signal to cover their entire home with
full Wi-Fi signal strength. In apartments you have the opposite problem, there are
so many routers in such close proximity to each other that it causes a ton of
interference issues and thus reduces the effectiveness of an individual Wi-Fi
router. The Google Wi-Fi home mesh routers aim to solve these huge problems
in consumer Wi-Fi and much more. I got my Google Wi-Fi router six months ago after
sadly my Apple Airport extreme fried in a lightning storm, so I was already
coming from a pretty decent router with great performance it was great for my
residence at least and it served me well. So when I plugged in my Google Wi-Fi
route, I really didn’t notice that big of a performance boost or anything since
both routers were very good. However as I started to use the Google Wi-Fi router
more, I just noticed how much better of a router it actually was even compared to
what I had before. For example, here’s one issue that it solved right off the bat
for me. With my Apple router, I had an interference issue with my PlayStation 4
controller when I had a headset hooked into the controller. When I plugged in
and started using the Google Wi-Fi, this issue was solved immediately, likely due
to one of the best features of the Google Wi-Fi router which is channel
optimization. With channel optimization, the Google Wi-Fi will scan the
environment it’s in to see what Wi-Fi channels are currently in use, as well as
measure other sources of congestion and interference. It will then select the
best channel for your Wi-Fi devices to be on this is great for apartment
dwellers with all those routers in close proximity to each other and lots of
sources of interference for Wi-Fi routers. And it’s also great for other
situations like playing a ps4 with a headset plugged into the controller. The
best part about this feature, with the Google Wi-Fi router, is it does it
automatically, you don’t even have to about it. That’s actually a really good
way to think about what living with a Google Wi-Fi mesh network is like Google
just takes care of everything for you you don’t even have to think about it.
The way they accomplish this is through good hardware and great software.
Especially with the Google Wi-Fi app, which is very good. The Google Wi-Fi app
has tons of features. For example, it will let you know if your Wi-Fi network is
offline or online in the Google Wi-Fi app, whether you’re at home or away on
travel you’ll always be able to see the status of your network. The Google Wi-Fi
app also allows you to see the devices currently on your Wi-Fi network, which is
pretty cool you can tap into the devices and actually see how much data each
device is downloading and uploading on your network. Another great feature of
the Google Wi-Fi router app is it allows you to control the brightness of the LED
in the Wi-Fi point itself so if you put your router for example behind your TV
like I do and don’t want that LED blinding you while you’re trying to
watch a movie you can just go into the Wi-Fi point settings, within the Google
Wi-Fi app, and adjust the brightness of the LED. Now if you’re the type of person
that forgets your Wi-Fi password or never really has it accessible to give
to your friends and family well the Google Wi-Fi has you covered there as
well. Your Google Wi-Fi network password is always accessible within the app and
it’s easy to share to friends and family over a variety of communication methods
like texting email Facebook messenger etc. Another great feature of the app is
that you can prioritize specific devices on your Wi-Fi network to give them more
bandwidth. I still can’t believe how easy it is to do that and a lot of other
things within this app which is great news if you’re the type of person who
isn’t necessarily technical and especially doesn’t want to futz around
with all of the settings of a router and just wants the thing to work and you get
great performance and everything just works really well. Now this is definitely
the case for my parents who I gifted a three-pack of the Google Wi-Fi routers
to for Christmas. My parents were previously using
and ISP router and modem which in my opinion is a big no-no if you actually
want good home Wi-Fi. When we set up the Google Wi-Fi mesh network,
they were astounded at the difference it made between what they had previously
and what they now have with the Google Wi-Fi mesh network. Not only could they
get signal at the opposite end of their house, they now get full bars. In the
computer room upstairs they were lucky before to get maybe 20 or 30 Mbps down
now they easily get over 100. The internet speed they were paying for has
not changed that stayed consistent, it is the Wi-Fi performance that has changed
significantly for them. Now one thing my dad really liked about the Google Wi-Fi
routers was how easy it was to set up one router and then add in the Wi-Fi
points to create a mesh network and it’s always a good thing when you get your
parents a tech gift that they can actually set up themselves because it’s
not overly complex and I give all that credit to Google. One nice thing that the
app does when you set up an additional Wi-Fi point is it will actually tell you
if the Wi-Fi point you’re setting up is in a good location in your residence and
will receive a strong signal from the main router. Now when you have a Google
Wi-Fi mesh network made up of multiple Wi-Fi points, what happens is the Wi-Fi
device you’re using will just simply connect to the closest Wi-Fi point to it
and the Google Wi-Fis, they all do this automatically. Again, you never have to
think about it. Having multiple Wi-Fi points makes a huge difference I have to
in my residence because I needed one next to the window so it could pump out
enough Wi-Fi signal to my garage across the street. I have a Wi-Fi enabled garage
door opener that simply just wasn’t getting enough Wi-Fi signal from the one
router I had. But luckily the second Google Wi-Fi point I added to my network
fixed that problem immediately. Moving on, let’s talk about some more great
features with this router. One of my personal favorites is the Google Wi-Fi
app allows you to see and manage multiple Google Wi-Fi networks. This is
great if you’re in my scenario and you’ve gifted the
Google Wi-Fi router to your parents so you can go in and see the status of
their network and manage it if need be. Or it’s also great if you have multiple
homes, you can just go in and manage each home’s network and switch in between the
two. Now the Google Wi-Fi app has great admin controls as well. Within a Google
Wi-Fi network there are two types of admins: an owner and a manager. An owner
of a Google Wi-Fi network can see the status of the network change any
settings they’d like as well as they can add remove or factory reset Wi-Fi points.
A manager of a Google Wi-Fi network can only see the status and change the
settings. They cannot do anything to add or remove Wi-Fi points or set anything
back to a factory reset. Another great feature that I like about
the Google Wi-Fi app is not only can you test the Wi-Fi speed from the router to
your device, you can also test the internet speed coming into your home to
the router as well as test the strength of the entire mesh network. Now one
feature of the Google Wi-Fi that parents absolutely love and kids probably hate,
but will engineer their way around it anyways, is called family Wi-Fi. Now with
family Wi-Fi, what you can do is you can group all of your kids devices that are
on the Wi-Fi network together within the family Wi-Fi feature in the Google Wi-Fi
app, you can group your kids devices together and then schedule pauses for
the Wi-Fi going out to these devices at specified times, like during bedtime or
during dinner. You can also pause the Wi-Fi to your kids devices at any point
in time in case you need to take Wi-Fi away as punishment or for a timeout and
you can of course block adult web sites to any of your kids devices with this
feature. Creating the guest Wi-Fi network is also incredibly simple with the
Google Wi-Fi. All you have to do is decide what you want to name the guest
network and the password for the guest network and then that’s it, Google just
takes care of the rest and you don’t have to worry about remembering the
password to your guest Wi-Fi because it is kept in the app as well. Now after six
months of using the Google Wi-Fi home mesh routers, I can’t say that I’ve had
any problems at all with them. I’ve never
even had to reboot any of my Wi-Fi points even once. Now if you’re looking
at getting to Google Wi-Fi and are kind of struggling to figure out exactly do I
go with the one pack or do I get the three pack, here’s what I would recommend.
If you have anything over a thousand square feet, I’d at least look at the
three pack but you don’t necessarily have to get it. If you’ve got anything
over 2,000 square feet I definitely get the 3 pack at that point, even if it’s
still a little bit overkill. One is probably not going to do it at 2,000
square feet depending on where you actually place the router and where the
coax cable is coming into your home. Now your mileage is going to vary here and
the materials used to construct your home and the type of floor plan you have,
that is all going to contribute to how many Wi-Fi points may be necessary for
your residence. So, for example, if you have a house that has a very open floor
plan, you may not need all three Wi-Fi points in your mesh network. But if you
have a house that doesn’t have an open floor plan has a ton of rooms
lots of walls hallways no open spaces in a basement, you’re likely going to need
the three Wi-Fi points. Overall I can’t recommend the Google Wi-Fi home mesh
routers enough. They’re simple to use, they have one of the best designed apps I’ve
ever seen, they have great performance, give your
entire residence full Wi-Fi coverage, and make managing a Wi-Fi network as simple
as it should be. The Google Wi-Fi home mesh routers start with a single router
configuration at a $129 US dollars and the three pack goes
for $299 US dollars. Thanks so much for watching this review. If you liked this
video, be sure to give us a thumbs up and subscribe to the channel if you’d like
to see more videos like this one. Also be sure to leave a comment below if you
have any questions at all about the Google Wi-Fi routers, and if you already
own a Google Wi-Fi router, let me know what you think of it. Thanks again for
watching. For 6 Months Later, I’m Josh Teder.

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100 thoughts on “Google Wifi Mesh Router Review: 6 Months Later

  1. Been using google wifi for about 6 months too and was looking for a review to send to someone. I agree with everything you said. One feature you may have overlooked. Each wifi point also give you 2 ports for wired devices. The router node only has one. The internet port on the non router nodes is just a regular Ethernet port. This is great for legacy Devices that don’t have wifi, setting up new devices etc

  2. i have google wifi with 2 mesh points.. hope you never have it go offline out of the takes over an hour to get it back online (if you're lucky)..and forget about customer's non existent..all it does is keep circling you back to the same point without helping you (think FAQ)… this is something NONE of the reviewers that i watched ever talked about..

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  20. Just know, it will NOT add to an existing wifi or LAN.
    So if you already have a ISP provided router and use LAN and wifi, Google wifi will not be part of that.
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  30. Josh – agree with your all comments about reliability and ease of use. Totally better than ever before. LOL – certainly better than the 20th century solution an "expert" offered — to install a device on the roof and run wires all through the house!!!!! All the best – Lynn PS I subscribed and hope to learn more from you as time goes on.

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