Google Wifi, a new approach to home Wi-Fi

Introducing Google Wifi. It’s a new home Wi-Fi system that replaces your existing router. Wifi points are placed throughout the home, and work together to provide wall-to-wall coverage. With features like Wifi Pause, you get to
take control of your network and enjoy a little more family time. It’s just one of the ways it puts you in
charge of your Wi-Fi. From family homes…to first homes! No matter the size, Google Wifi covers your house. Whether you’re gaming with friends in far-off places… Or discovering new music with those closest to you. It meets the needs of all your Wi-Fi hungry
devices And when you’re settling down to the latest releases… You can relax knowing that Google’s Network Assist technology, manages your network for you. Keeping your Wi-Fi fast. So you’re always connected, to what matters most.

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100 thoughts on “Google Wifi, a new approach to home Wi-Fi

  1. Now Google knows everything that connects to Wi-Fi at home, as well as my ISP.
    And also potentially gets granted to pause my Wi-Fi.

  2. How about security? Those google devices are reporting every word I say in my home to your servers for being sold or spied on by government, don't they? Is there at least something like a "dont talk to anyone" mode available? thanks!

  3. Notice the dreamworld assumption about the benefits of wifi pause…. If you tried that in any normal family the kids would freak and probably burn down the house. at the very least it would be an unpleasant family dinner, not the smiling affair depicted here.

  4. I don’t really understand why Google brings out this product. Probably there is some additional spy-ware on – that collects some data, and can be given to the FBI, NSA, and whoever pays some bucks to Google?

    I really don’t know – but in 2016 to offer a router, which “works” and has a pause button, isn’t really that impressive.

  5. This is basically for people who don't have access to fast internet providers like AT&T or Verizon, which is why I love this new idea.

  6. I have a Linksys 1900acs witless ac router and is features are Wireless 802.11a/b/g/n/ac Compatible
    Dual Band 2.4 GHz / 5 GHz
    1.2 GHz Dual-Core ARM Processor
    128MB Flash / 256MB DDR3 RAM
    4 x Detachable External Antennas
    4 x Gigabit LAN Ports
    1 x USB 3.0 Port
    1 x eSATA / USB 2.0 Port
    IPv6 Support
    Open Source Ready
    Is this going to be stronger and faster or should I just stay where I'm at

  7. 1.u dont game on wifi 2. Is this actor suffering from downsyndrome or did you just cheap out cause hes holding that controller like he got Down syndrome

  8. You guys don't like freedom or are you just a ignorant sheep that can't figure out what's going on in the world? anyways before you and your kids are force chipped and "vaccinated " you better read what Google has to say about the future of mankind

    google is the NWO people in California are already talking about acts against them and there buildings & employees for being terrorists and traitors of the American people.

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