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100 thoughts on “Google Pixelbook Go Review: The Almost PERFECT Chromebook?!

  1. It is too expensive. If it falls to $400 I'd consider it. Right now I have the Thinkpad Chromebook, HD touchscreen. I love it. The keyboard is quite and lives up to it's Thinkpad reputation for good keyboards. Too bad Lenovo does not make them anymore.

  2. 😂🤣 The reason Google’s also shamelessly ripped off overpriced PixelBook Go is a more mature solution from last years Google Pixelbook that tanked, is because its just the black 2006 MacBook with an added washboard bottom for Google’s Chrome OS dummies. 🤦‍♂️😂

  3. Google needs to drop the price off the models by $300. If I can buy can buy a windows laptop with an i5 for about $550 – $600 then dropping the prices of all the models by 300 makes sense for a notebook running a less versatile operating system.

  4. Really good options for IO my ass. Two USB C ports are NOT good. They should have included at least a full sized USB in there. This is a full blown laptop, not a tablet

  5. I don't think they'll even consider launching this in India. Price is one aspect, but the overall push for Chromebooks has reduced overtime here. We're only left with Windows or super expensive MacBooks. Sigh.

  6. An Acer Chromebook R11 is alot better buy then this product, and with the latest chrome os update now has google assistant on board as well, plus more i/o then this! oh as well its a 3-in-1 device!

  7. If you try Chrime OS for a week you'll love it. For MOST people it does all they need with better battery, less hassle, and faster startup. If this gets solid Linux support and thunderbolt 3 support I'm in.

  8. So Google wants to charge you $649 for the base model pixel book go. No thanks I'd rather buy an macbook air from best buy that is going on sale for a decent amount on black friday. Just saying…

  9. I never played with Chrome OS. It’s basically just a browser. Are there any Chrome specific apps or software you can run that doesn’t need software? Or that’s basically what the android apps are. This looks even more limited than iOS or pure android. It’s a mute point now, but before iPad OS Firefox would let you surf the web in desktop mode. And android apps run better on an android device, and at that price point why not just go Tab S6?

  10. I like linus review of the chrome book more.. Its really in depth.. This laptop is for casual user.. Not for productivity.. At this price point the cons far out run its benefits.. The bezel are too big for a 2019 laptop, lack of real software like ms word, excel, PowerPoint etc poor application support, poor resolution and thr speakers are mediocre.. Better stay off this one

  11. i like the pixelbook go. but i need a review on the core m3 model and everybody is doing reviews on the i5. also how not pink is the not pink? because if it's too pink i'll buy a black one.

  12. Maybe I’m too narrow minded to use a product like this 🤷🏻‍♂️ I think for 850+ taxes, getting a windows laptop or an iPad Pro with keyboard is a better bet.
    I understand Safari isn’t as powerful, and that windows may not have as good battery management, but as an overall packages in terms of app support, versatility and reliability, I’m just not sold.
    Like why this and not a mainstream option instead? What’s the catch here ?

  13. it would've been nice to see if you fould connect an mp3 player to the go laptop.
    I guess I shall have to test that out asap 🙂
    .other than that I welcome the fact that theres something, here, that won't get tanked by LBRY (a 16gb program)

  14. HP X360! Really great Chromebook, imo. And, many sales to be had now, so no way am I going to pay mega bucks on Google's newest toy.

  15. It is ugly & looks like plastic – even if it's made of magnesium alloys. The lack of sharp curves & a K2000 visor (knock to see battery life) sucks! The bottom ridges are plain ugly. Why not buy a Teclast laptop from China & slap a Linux distro on it?

  16. The dilemma with Chromebooks is, you can either get a decent Chromebook that's well suited for most day to day tasks, but maybe has a wonky design choice, or not enough power for more intensive tasks, or a PixelBook, which may be overpriced for what you're getting, but you're getting the most capable Chromebook on the market!

    My Pixelbook, for example, has not only survived the Spectre/Meltdown crisis that murdered my Zenbook, with an Intel chip that's just a generation older!

  17. So I have a mackbook pro 2017 and while it’s a great device I’m not impressed with the keyboard or the battery life.
    Now I’ve always though about getting a chrome book but was reluctant as I like to use Microsoft apps and I don’t just mean the ones that you can access online. So while I’m tempted by chrome books in general it all depends on if you can download Microsoft apps that work in the device.

  18. For me chrome OS is awesome I use it to edit photos and videos. I have the Samsung Chromebook pro and it's still very fast and snappy

  19. Multitasking is still better in windows and also productivity. Still prefer windows over this over priced pixel book.. Windows better value for it's spec and there are still a lot of things you cannot do in chrome that you can in windows. Prefer using windows for Word, PDF, Power Point, and Excel and also email. Prefer multitasking in windows and also prefer video editing in windows a full version of adobe, steam, gaming on it install a lot full version not an app and also there are more ports like type HDMI
    , USB 2.0, USB 3.0, USB 3.1, USB type C, Internet port, SD card reader and up-gradable ram and internal hard drive or ssd for a lower price. Also prefer mouse over a track pad don't want Bluetooth mouse that is why I prefer USB 3.0 also I still use USB, also I have external DVD ROM and still buy DVD games so that when I install the game I can sell the game online and buy a new game. also gaming is better on windows steam and other online games like epic games fortnite and others, also and you can download blue stacks so that you can have android apps in your windows so widows is still a better choice and better value for me. It is a better all around windows is mostly used in conference, offices, and by professors, gamers, and streamers . Macbook mostly used for Video editors, content creators, Musicians, and writers. Chrome book I don't know who is it for it is just an over priced device for me.

  20. what kinda review is this? He's giving the impression that chrome OS is kinda useful?? the hell?? Chrome OS as it is now is garbage!!!!
    DO NOT BUY A CHROMEBOOK!!!!!!!!! I have a Chromebook and it can't do anything!!!! I cant code on it, I cant edit pictures or videos on it, I can't play any games on. There arent any apps developed or being developed for Chrome OS. Chromebooks, in general, are a waste of money!!! Sure once you aren't buying them from google they are cheaper than actual laptops but they literally can't do anything!

    I don't consider Chromebooks laptops because of how useless they are. I mean if you want a Chromebook just buy a keyboard for your android phone or tablet … tada… you have a Chromebook. There is legit no difference.

  21. I just got mine; it is a great notebook. It is replacing my ASUS C302, which is a such a perfect Chromie. Except the trackpad… I would have made the Go a little smaller, for perfect portability. The real problem with this notebook is the price. We are paying $200 more for the Google name. I have the i5; perhaps the M3 would have been better. But $650 is still too much. All good and thanks for the review.

  22. I've had a surface 4 since it came out but it bit the dust this week. I got it in college so I used alot of the features but now I only use it for docs, study (I'm a pastor and high school teacher). But I also have a pixel 3 so I was looking into the pixelbook go or a chromebook. What would you recommend? I was only look at the 650 pixelbook go but would you recommend that over a chromebook?

  23. I love Chromebooks. I have become use to the convertible form factor. Although, 90% of the time, it's in laptop mode. I think if the GO came in at $500. for the mid spec It would be a huge winner. I'd like to see it in person.

  24. Pocketnow – i believe you have misunderstood what the i5 & i7 pixelbook GO are built for
    >> there are now 2 groups of Chromebooks – education & the developer machines ( PREMIUM / CROSTINI )
    "normal" / education 2..4GB ram 16..32..64GB SSD $150…$300
    PREMIUM / CROSTINI DEVELOPER 4..8..16GB ram 64..128..256 GB SSD $400…… the sky is the limit

    — video editing, for example, using GPU
    Linux on Chromebook Just Got Much Better, sept 2019

    this is a developer machine you ARE using FULL applications — Linux
    — Chrome OS: Ready for Web Development (Chrome Dev Summit 2018), Nov 2018

  27. " normal " Education Chromebook
    in the usa there are 60 million kids 0– 14 years old,, and 25 million Chromebooks in education,, reasons 1 & 2
    1, RCPS Chromebook Deployment 2017
    2, Managing Chromebooks with the Google Admin Console

  28. — an ordinary, inexpensive…… Chromebook
    $249 a good 2in1 full size, inexpensive Chromebook – Lenovo Chromebook C330 4GB / 64GB
    >> Review: The Chromebook For the Rest of Us!
    Lenovo Chromebook C330 2-in-1 Convertible Laptop, 11.6-Inch HD (1366 x 768) IPS Display, MediaTek MT8173C Processor, 4GB LPDDR3, 64 GB eMMC, Chrome OS, 81HY0000US, Blizzard White

  29. first of all, I haven't heard that the latest version of the butterfly keyboard has a lot of issues
    there is a but load of laptops that have 1080p monitors
    8th gen i5 is only 1 gen behind, since there are no 9th gen u processors
    even then, the specs on these are still bad, since they are dual core processors, and every laptop that has i5u processors have moved on to quad core since 8th gen, this i5 is similar in performance to a 6th or 7th gen i5u

  30. I am a huge fan of the Pixelbook Go. It has a great design, it is well put together and I am a ChromeOS daily user. Keyboard and trackpad look great. That is a pain point for many Chromebooks.

  31. They are holding back on the Not Pink – why? I had it in my cart and was denied. I even went for the $849 version and still no Not Pink. So I bought the Lenovo C340 in a prettier pink for $320. Many people do not enjoy shopping for devices and comparing specs so when you decide then are denied it's very insulting.

  32. How's the Pixelbook for traveling abroad? …thinking Europe/Asia. Really just need to be able to take notes, type up documents, and create presentations.

  33. lol virtual desktop… Sounds like a mac user right away, as so far I see absolutely no one using virtual desktop in windows even when windows 10 brought it… Alt tab is much faster for me. I am just so used to keyboard navigation over the perhaps more intuitive ones

  34. i had acer chromebook 13 cb5-311 with tegra k1 it was good and no issues for a while then i had a notification that chromeos update ended for 32bit. I didn't even realize it was 32bit since it was made in 2014. Anyways my mistake. I tried to update to alternative linux distro and video acceleration disabled and so its no go. Moral of the story this will be my last chromebook laptop. Get a normal budget laptop with intel atom or better and just install cloud ready (chromium os) over windows 10.

  35. I was excited about purchasing this device and in the first couple of days it performed beautifully but there are some issues with the display unfortunately and some android apps don't work 😣I hope Google will fix these bugs

  36. I think the price is perfect for what you're getting, a premium experience of a chromebook and chrome OS made by Google themselves. Sure you can get another chromebook with similar specs for cheaper but it won't be the same fashionable and well built machine with google's signature stamp on it that matches perfectly with your new pixel phone. You're paying for the premium experience and the name brand.

  37. I have a 2017 Acer Chromebook a got on the secondary market that's flawless! I also got it for $60.00 and that's with a good touch screen that folds. This holds a charge for over 8 hours on hard use, and 12 on light use. The price point for the Pixelbook is high. Give it a year and it will be bellow $300.00, and 2 years $189.00. Not going to pay over $600 for any Chrome OS device.

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  39. Would you switch from "expandable memory" Mac Book Pro to Google Pixelbook Go in order to have a lighter, more manageable laptop?? I use ALL DAY!!

  40. They need a standard keyboard – I'm sick of their weird keycodes. Their apps often suck and uploading everything to google is a drag for images. But with the weak memory you have to. Their video player stinks and 3rd party ones, like the great vlc, have problems.

  41. way to pricey for what you get. i thought chrome os was supposed to use google's servers for the cpu power. the cpu and memory in a chromebook should just be enough to boot and run local services. if i'm going to pay that much for a chromebook i might as well buy a true laptop…

  42. Have you not tried the samsung chromebook pro?! Qhd display, metal body, tablet mode, and an s-pen… keyboard may not be what everyone likes but i like it just fine. Oh and it was the same price as this a year ago… so cheaper now

  43. It’s a perfect chrome Lok. But when it comes to comparison with a MacBook , still a MacBook can get me nothing to compromise.

    I have MacBook and a pixelbook.

  44. what's the difference between chromebook and windows? I've been windows since it came out and before that, DOS 3.3, 4.0 and the best..DOS 5.0 I'm on a 8 year old first gen i7 hp desktop. Just looking. Thanks.

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