Google Pixel 4 XL Already on Sale… Sort Of?!

we have some new leaks of the Google pixel for that is apparently already being sold it looks like the 20/20 iPad pros and MacBook Pro will bring some impressive displays and the Samsung Galaxy S 11 will reportedly bring a new sensor to compete with Apple’s face ID and health features I’m Jaime Rivera hello October I’m already feeling jet lag and the month has barely begun but at least we get to dress up this is fogging out daily the official deuce today begin with deals obviously the hottest news today will to do with pixels but let’s begin with the fact that you can get them really cheap right now again this is your weekly reminder that the Google pixel 3 and pixel 3 excel are still $300 off on the Google store they also have a lot of deals for the next hubs the chromecast that you should definitely check out I’m definitely a fan of the Ness hub particularly and now that the hub maxes out even better you can learn more about everything in the description now let’s talk about Motorola but not for the reasons you think I mean I thought that I would be talking to you about a foldable moto razor soon and they continue to be rumors and instead of company continues to launch mid rangers new leaks recovered images of the Motorola one macro it spotted in the Saudi Arabian online retailer it features a triple camera setup including a 2 megapixel macro camera that we’ve been seeing more and more of lately a 13 megapixel main sensor and a 2 megapixel def sensor other details include 2 gigs of RAM a Haley Opie 64 media tech and probably the coolest price is the well the coolest part is the price tag Jordan 40 bucks stay tuned it seems that this is Motorola’s angle lately now obviously tomorrow is Microsoft’s October 2nd event I am looking forward to seeing what we get it’s just such an early event for New York but the point being is that we’ve already got leaks about it obviously Evan Blass has been hard at work now we get to see images of the surface 7 Pro or surface pro 7 and we have a 13 inch and a 15 inch surface laptop and apparently there’s an arm power to in one device Evan also mentions a dual display surface but we don’t have any pictures of that product so obviously it seems that Microsoft is going to come up with something awesome in addition to its regular products let’s see what they are about how about if we move the spotlight over to the Samsung Galaxy S eleven obviously now that iPhones are the news and that yeah the Galaxy fold is also the news we get to see more of what to expect with the S eleven because rumors are the way to keep these products alive we’ve got some pens of a device that brings an infrared spectrometer that sends electromagnetic waves including IR and visible light this could ideally tell you how much sugar is in a fruit but more realistic uses include measuring co2 or blood sugar levels and even detecting smoke this could also become Samsung’s competition to face ID but it all depends if they figure it out I mean I thought that the whole time a flight thing was going to be the competitor interface ID I’m still waiting now let’s move the spotlight over to the company that has figured that part out with face ID Apple as obviously we’re waiting for an October event where we usually get refreshes on MacBooks and also on iPads and we get to hear more information on what to expect from in cheek whoa apparently many LEDs will be all the fanfare for iPads and netbooks but the problem is that apparently he expects them to not come until 2020 or 20 21 we will apparently have 10,000 many LEDs on each of these devices compared to for example the 576 LEDs on the pro XDR display the size would also be from 10 to 12 inches on iPads 15 to 17 inches on Mac books and this would also be high in products most likely because many LEDs are supplied by LG and apparently are more expensive so ya expect this to not make it to any of the entry-level product most likely ipad pro’s and macbook pros let’s just hope the price tag doesn’t go up and finally the hottest news today have to do with your daily dose of pixel for leaks now with the fact that if you want to buy one mew actually can first of all we have some high resolution leaks of the google pixel for posted by evan blast showing everything we’ve already seen that’s really not news but really on the other note is the fact that apparently you can already buy some of the demo units that have been leaked to the pixel for excel on a malaysian auction site for around 1200 dollars for the hundred twenty a gigabyte variant the seller claims that it will support the 40 watt charging but you won’t find that charger out of the box the thing about it is listen I’m still hoping that these leaks are of a device that is not going to be the final pixel that we’re going to be surprised on their October rigging event think about it is let us know in the comments down below I mean $1200 would you buy that auction product cuz you know I mean it’s a lot cheaper than a fold it pretty much cost with tennis maxwell 11 pro max cost so why not I would just for the fun of it but still let us know what you think in the comments down below friends again if you want to get the news earlier follow us on packing out our comment subscribe to our channel for more videos like this one also follow us on social medias our extended coverage happens on Instagram and follow me on my personal handles to see what I do with these phones please give this video a thumbs up if you like what you saw I’m hi I’m Erica ty thanks so much for watching we’ll see you tomorrow

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100 thoughts on “Google Pixel 4 XL Already on Sale… Sort Of?!

  1. Samsung patent detect smoke with s11 . Very gud for Samsung phone. One thing doesn’t go near galaxy note 7 . Lol 😆😆😆

  2. For the price I've seen and considering that in Australia we get none of the features you'd buy the phone for, it's a total waste of money! I'll buy a Samsung or basically anything other than another Pixel. I still have last year's Pixel 3 xl with most features still locked down by Google.

  3. They're not going to surprise us with anything at the event. I want to like the pixel phone, but they got rid of the things I liked about it. That made it unique. No more front facing stereo speakers. No more notification shade on the back of the phone.

  4. Google Pixel 🤮 🤮🤮🤮🤮 y más 🤮 teniendo Huawei, Samsung, Xiaomi, Motorola, etc. quién quiere un Pixel??

  5. What's the point of buying it for any price if people in the street would look at it and say: what's that ugly brick in your hand?

  6. It looks like Kira [JoJo bizarre adventure] is "Biting the Dust" with these Pixel 4 leaks again. 🤦‍♂️

  7. oh……
    now when shitoogle come up with 1200 $ price tag then jaime said why not …
    but when huawei mate 30 came with a lot of tech with a same price jaime said its too much pricy
    what a shame to let this channel fall in compnies dirty hands….. now i know why michael fisher and juan bagnell left this channel

  8. The first leaks were exciting but google just have lost control of it. Jaime lets pray to you be right and they came with something unexpected otherwise your work covering Pixel 4 is done by now :p

  9. Hi dude please tell me the name of the iWatch Band u r wearing while reviewing about iPad ….exacty at 3.42 minute

  10. I want to see an inovation like when the first Geforce got released, something similar in terms of wow factor and improvement. Not these incremental upgrades making no real improvement just supporting the buy buy buy something named new but still close to 5 years tech level…

  11. Can't wait to get my hands on the Pixel 4 XL! 🤩 Finally some excitement! The new iPhone and Galaxy Note 10 reveal were both very boring and unappealing…

  12. Google is leaking these because they want to stay in the news. I'm expecting the real surprise to be special features coming to the software. Google's take on multiple lens compute photography, I just hope they make the videos work smooth

  13. There was never a positive surprise from Google, so this will be the Pixel 4 … The Camera will be good but oh my God is the design outdated … How could anyone chose this over a Galaxy S10. which also is much cheaper.

  14. Give you guys some clues , our salary is average about RM3000 per month here in Malaysia , so you need to work 1.5 month to get a flagship phone without spending any single dollar 😂

  15. Why would anyone want to copy or compete with face id ? It's the slowest and most inconvenient way to unlock a phone. What ? It's the most secure because Apple says so? Nobody has ever proved it , especially Apple lol

  16. This is why flagship android devices will never be as high end as the flagship iPhone. Flagship iPhone never goes on sale.

  17. 1200 smackers for a demo product without a warranty? Sure, why not I don’t like money. My Pixel 2 stopped working about a year and a half after buying it and they sent me another one for free. I’m sure after getting this demo, which may not be real, and it doesn’t work Google will reimburse you.

  18. "miniLED" … Direct LED with FALD (Full Array Local Dimming) in other words. Not at all like microLED or OLED like it sounds like.

  19. Every flagship Android device has the same processor yet Google owner of Android) is always among the last to release devices with said processor. Why doesn't Google acquire Qualcomm?

  20. Would I buy a used demo unit? No, I'll wait for a new one that'll be discounted a few months after its release.

  21. Ok first, I am a Malaysian and I know that site that has a lot of scams. So I think this is probably one of them because we never get any pixel in Malaysia unless you import it. We never GET ANY GOOGLE PRODUCTS except for the 2nd gen Chromecast.

  22. There sadly is no point for any keynotes or lauches while you have retards like even spilling the beans over everything , he just loves being in the spotlight , its a shame the big tech companies dont sue him for theft , lucky i have found a couple of tech channels that dont just take even and his gang of leakers into its videos , every channel like pocketnow ect are just the same which is sad really , goodbye pocket now

  23. It'd be so cool if this pixel 4 turns out to be just a demo unit and Google announce a completely different pixel 4 like "Got ya! Leaks my @ss"

  24. I wouldn't buy the pixel 4 as it's shown. They got rid of the dual front facing speakers. They are just making a Google version of the iPhone.

  25. Would definitely NOT buy an auction device. The Google event is 15 October, it's on their website and I'm hoping the next Pixel isn't joining the rising tide of prices for phones but its likely going to happen. Bummer 'cause phone costs are getting out of control.

  26. I just heard the Pixel 4 will not have finger print in screen. What about all the apps I log into using just my finger print? This could be a deal breaker.

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