Google Pixel 4 features in 2 MINUTES!!

Hey guys, welcome to my channel. I am Ashkar and today I am going to tell about
5 top features of new google pixel 4 within two minutes. Also, this is a hot topic this week. So without any further delay let’s go to the
points. One of the best features is the high refresh
rate. A 90Hz display essentially means smoother
scrolling and animations when paired with the right processor. Displays with a 90Hz refresh rate render images
90 times per second. Moreover, it is also best for gaming to getting
smooth while playing. I like the new radar in pixel 4. Finally, project soli are now enrolled in
new pixel 4. It’s essentially a radar system that employs
a sensor array above the screen that gives the device spatial awareness and enables it
to see and interpret your hand movements. That is, you can change the music track using
hand movement. So for me, it is an amazing feature. The next is a new recorder app with instant
transcribe. This app can transcribe in real-time; I realize
that’s better for the average person and journalists. Also, it works really well. Google also improved in Google assistance
with a big gap against Alexa and Siri. Because of understanding context and take
follow-up questions or commands without you having to say “Hey, Google” again every
time. A great deal of these days is camera features. Google added a 2X telephoto lens, improved
portrait mode, Live HDR Plus, dual exposure controls, truer colors and astrophotography
to night sight mode. From these features I like Live HDR plus and
astrophotography. But I am not going to give many details. Face unlock is faster than any others. Google introduced new face id to pixel 4 which
is now a very fast and secure face unlock system that kicks at the moment you reach
for your Pixel 4. It works in the dark and it can be used to
authenticate payments. For me, this is a wonderful deal. Let me know your thought about this topic
in the comment box. I will see all tomorrow make sure subscribe
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bell icon. Thank you for watching, I am Ashkar from hash

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  1. Top 5 features of new Google Pixel 4 and 4 XL. This might be going to be an interesting video for you. Includes new camera features, Display, Face ID, Motion Sensor and more
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