Google Pixel 4 Event was INTERESTING, Sort Of…

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100 thoughts on “Google Pixel 4 Event was INTERESTING, Sort Of…

  1. There doesn't seem to be a camera leap here, especially on the main sensor. The super hires zoom with telephoto aid seems pretty cool, but hardly anything new as Huawei already done that pretty well. The Pixel 4, especially at this price and only 64GB, is not compelling at all. The large forehead to house the new radar doesn't seem to be something that useful either.

  2. I am worried about the pixel 4. Is 64 and 128gb enough? I have 80gb without pictures. And the battery seem super small. No one has done pixel 2 or even pixel 3 battery tests after a year. Stadia will suck if you can only get 5 hours of streaming from 100%.

  3. Apple: Let's finally listen to our customers.
    Google: Let's start to ignore what our customers want.
    Me: Here's my money Apple.

  4. Google pixel launch is a big disappointment to all those android fans who kept mocking apple fans during Apple event.
    I am not a brand or os loyal. I buy products for my usage and as long as it's working, I am fine with it. No need to buy expensive phones or gears each year.

  5. The Pixel 4 & 4XL missed the mark, espicelly when other Android phones like Samsung's A90 5G & S10e, Apple's iPhone 11 and Oneplus' 7T & 7T Pro can perform 85% or more of what the Pixel 4 & 4XL does, for hundreds of dollars less

  6. Sorry Google. I had to cancel my Order for the Pixel XL 4. Can’t can’t see myself paying $899 for a phone with 64GB of storage and no longer having unlimited storage like I have with the Pixel 3. No wide angle lens and that huge forehead. I would not use the radar. I’m a hands on guy. And I love to record videos of my son and seen Zero y’all about Pixel video. The camera is stellar, but the iPhones is great as well. I’d rather get a bigger package with the 11 Pro Max and pay a little more a month for 2TB of storage for google with it. My memories mean more to me than anything. And great audio recording and video is huge. Thanks Google for the past 6 years of Pixel and Nexus, but you lost a user to Apple this year.

  7. I'm getting a OnePlus 7t it's better than the pixel 4 specs design and even in hardware. No wide angle in 2019 for a flagship is not acceptable especially for that price tag.

  8. Lol, I currently use a Pixel 2 XL as my daily driver and I think I’ll be passing on this year’s pixels. 64 GB of starting storage and no more unlimited storage for original photo quality on Google Photos? No ultra wide angle lens and no 4K 60 FPS video, still? Motion sense seems to be another gimmick similar to the LG G8 ThinQ. I think I’ll just pick up the OnePlus 7 Pro so that I can still get that 90 Hz goodness.

  9. So google gonna decide that people dont need ultrawide lens. Because you didnt add one. Plus no headphones in the box. Google getting more greedy than Apple. Atleast Samsung and Huawei innovate and also Provide value for money as compare to others.

  10. Google couldn't come up with better idea to remove the notch. They just removed part of screen next to the notch hide the notch. Very genius design by Google.

  11. Considering on the 799 iPhone you don't get all the features and on both pixels you get everything at every price point its a good start. Though I do enjoy an ultra wide angle rather then a telephoto lens.

  12. Weird so many people don't like the zoom over ultrawide
    For me this is great, I like to photograph wildlife I see so the zoom would be great, I just wish the orange came in 128

  13. Google doesn't care about phone sales. They do whatever they want. At that hardware with the those prices i better cheat and buy iPhone

  14. Waiting on the Pixel 5 with better storage options 128/ 256GB / 512GB (wishful thinking?),bigger and better battery life and ultra-wide camera lens. Not interested in buying yesterday specs for the price. I would probably be better off with a Samsung Galaxy S11 or a OnePlus 7T or 7T Pro and maybe still save some money.

  15. yea the price tag is bloody absurd.
    This is a phone they haven't had much success with, till the lower priced 3a, and instead of reducing its starter price like apple they didn't… didn't maintain it either but increased it? tf….

  16. I think I’m the only person on earth who likes the phones design. I’m excited to play with it and check out the powerful new google speech features.

  17. I think Apple won this before it ever really began. My first real iPhone was the 8 and I just recently preordered the 11 and there’s no way I can justify $100 more with no earphones included, with a less attractive design (in my opinion), and with basic colors minus the salmon. At this point I might be an iPhone user exclusively. I had the first pixel when it came out and that was my last android device 🤷🏾‍♀️

  18. I like the look. But if you are going with bigger bezels why not front facing speakers? Also why not a fingerprint scanner on the back?

  19. Was expecting more glad I didn’t wait, went from galaxy note 8 to iPhone 11pro still adjusting last iPhone I had was a 3GS

  20. Pixel phones are always too late to be released with the same processor as other Android flagships so no thanks, I'll continue to stick with iPhone.

    The only compelling Android phone is the OnePlus 7 Pro / 7T Pro.

  21. boring hardware they dnt even try to make a ood phone . never had an iphone but if this is where android goes do me an iphone

  22. Note 10 event = mostly impressed with some disappointments

    iPhone 11 event = underwhelming but amazed at the price drop

    Surface event = mind blown

    Google event = wth?

  23. I have the first Google pixel buds and they're trash. It's a coin flip if they'll even charge. O hope they did better with these new ones

  24. The Pixel 4 is underwhelming especially compared to the IPhone 11 and the Samsung S10 and didn't LG already come out with air gestures with G8? Wasn't that just a gimmick?

    It seems like Google is just going through the motions because they are Google.

  25. A cringe worthy presentation of a boring phone. Fell asleep when the old lady (the designer) narrated about the importance of Google's environment policy. Fell asleep in my sleep when the actual phone were presented and had a nightmare about the orange and white pixel 4 that came with a bumper case only to find out it cannot be removed ! Oh Google. Go find a better designer. This one literally needs to retire.

  26. I think if they drop the price tag of the XL model down the $700 in the future, these phones will be really compelling. Not worth picking up the non XL version due to that 2,800 mah battery

  27. While the camera will never be as good as a Pixel or iPhone, my One Plus 7 Pro is doing just fine. Best Android phone I've ever used with no need to upgrade any time soon. Sorry Google, but someone else does Android better than you.

  28. After the pixel 3 launch last year I ditched my pixel 2 XL and switched to a oneplus 6t then got the 7 pro and havent looked back.

  29. All I can say is headlines say Google isn't selling it in India are annoying me. They really should read Google can't sell the pixel 4 in India. Besides that the phone is meh.

  30. First of all, no ultra wide camera? WHAT??? Then there is the battery life question, they seem a little small to me? And finally for me, the color options are, well… I'll pass on this one and go with iPhone 11 I think. It's $100.00 cheaper and has that ultra wide camera that I want so much! Plus more color options, yay.

  31. I will not have a device equipped with radar close to my head ever in my precious life

    Thats probably why it will be disabled in Japan which is very advanced technologically.

  32. So now it's time to find out which one is the best 2019 camera phone? Is it a Huawei Mate 30 pro, iPhone 11 Pro Max, Samsung Note 10+ or Pixel 4 XL?

  33. Pixel 3 to pixel 4
    Front facing wide camera gone.
    Front facing speakers gone.
    Unlimited storage gone.
    Included headphone gone.
    Smaller battery.

    Max you can get is 128gb. And they charge you 100usd to jump from 64 to 128gb.

    Heyy google, Learn from apple.

    64-128gb – 50usd
    64-256gb – 150usd

  34. Kudos to Google for giving these phones with high PPI. The tech community don't talk much about it, but people do sense how good a screen is, at the first hand on. Subliminally, it is one of the major factor why people choose a phone based on their initial encounter. But nobody is talking about it of course.

  35. Yeah, so every reviewer out there apparently got the same memo. The price tags on the Pixel devices "isn't that bad" Hmmm… usually, as tech becomes more commonplace the price will drop. Not in the case of Google and Apple. They both seem to be competing to see which company can F their users the hardest when it comes to raising the price tags. Especially since the "upgrades" seem more like incremental updates than anything else. Ok, so it has a 90Hz refresh rate. And they put in the soli "gestures" which when we saw similar gestures in other devices 5 YRS AGO it was quickly dubbed a gimmick. This is a smartphone, not a desktop computer. Picking it up and using it with your hands isn't a task and these "gestures" are very elementary in the grand scheme of things. Consider that the same exact gestures were available on the Galaxy S 4 what, 5 to 6 yrs ago?!?! Yes, I understand that soli can do a lot more than it is currently capable of at this time. But, that doesn't change the fact that these exact hand gestures have been around for 5+ yrs! I don't understand why every reviewer seems "ok" with these companies RAISING prices on incremental updates to devices. These are not groundbreaking features. The more they take out of the box and out of the device, the MORE they charge. Don't you see the pattern here? It's as if the reviewers are getting a cut to give their "opinion" on the price gouging… These prices are NOT ok. Even APPLE OF ALL COMPANIES reduced their prices VERY LITTLE this year. This is just pathetic. These companies are making an absolute killing on their inflated price and we as consumers need to stand up to this at some point. It's not ok. The phone looks great and all but, it's not worth 1k…. I guess the prices don't really affect you too much especially when the devices are sent to you without any cost incurred. I guess the prices would be irrelevant to me too if I didn't have to actually purchase it with my hard-earned and very low rate of pay. And Google isn't doing anyone any favors by putting out a "mid-tier" offering made out of plastic with a low-level chipset.. Not only is that offensive but, it's just pathetic. It's not like it would financially bankrupt google to offer this device more competitively.

  36. The Pixel 4 is such a dissappointment. Looks dated, and no ultrawide! I have just placed an order for the Note 10+ instead.

  37. Me : Ok Google… Where can I buy Pixel 4
    Google Assistant : Pixel 4 is not worth it. Buy an iPhone or OnePlus instead.

  38. C'mon Jaime, be real. This is the worst phone in 2019. I don't like Apple but this pixel4 phone makes me want to appreciate the iPhone 11 design

  39. I have loved the Pixel. I currently use the Pixel 2 and was going to upgrade to the Pixel 4……..until they unveiled it. I am now considering switching to Samsung. I don't like the fact that there is no fingerprint scanner and I am worried about battery life, especially with that radar feature where you can do hand gestures.

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