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Hello there and welcome back to the key productive YouTube channel So today’s feature will be the software pulse the regular news weekly bulletin here on the Keep Productive YouTube channel So just before we dive in it Make sure to test subscription button and do check out that two months free Skillshare premium inscription below So guys the news this week we have Google Drive Rolling out a new version that is not the only thing that they’ve rolled out this week they’ve rolled out Google 1 Google 1 has essentially Upgraded your pricing for your Google Drive storage now Essentially, you’ll get a much better deal on your pricing for your storage. Say for example for 200 gigabytes You’ll get it for 2.99 and 2 terabytes for 9.99 Now I’m doing a full video on this one so you can compare it to the lengths of iCloud Onedrive and Dropbox the brand-new Trello home is live and you can now view it on the Trello calm website you can Essentially now get all of your boards from one area as well as all of your notifications and changes as well Now, this is an awesome Function and definitely worth checking out if you’re a Trello user now in other news twist has hit a hundred million Registered users. This was an announcement from Amir Who is the CEO and duyst now? obviously doest are focusing a lot more attention on twist and see it as much more of a Functioning application and I can definitely see it integrating with the likes of todoist in the near future Now because it was such a slow or aggressive news week last week. We don’t have that much news today So I thought going through a few other announcements would be pretty cool Now one plus six actually released a brand new Android phone with the operating system Oxygen OS it is really impressive and has imposed it after speed as well as made a really attractive Looking smart phone now I’ll include the link in description to that one But it’s definitely worth checking out if you’re looking at a new smart phone now Of course Google had a pretty hectic week with news, but they’ve also released YouTube music as well in the u.s. A YouTube streaming service for music is definitely worth keeping an eye on and Finally, the new morning routine book is out. And this is a book that I’ll probably be getting It’s a collection of morning routines from highly productive individuals And it’s something that you can definitely pick cherry-pick the best ones I saw that Mike Varney posted it out and it’s definitely worth checking it out available inscription below So guys that is all the news a bit of a slow news day or news week as we say but definitely we’ll be back next week with our Regular segment. Anyway guys make sure of a gray week cue productive annal. See you guys very very soon Cheers

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  1. How do I switch to Google one, I pay £8 for 1tb right now, does it automatically change or do I need to do it myself?

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