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It’s May 18 and this is Crunch Report.
Google kicked off its annual I/O developers Google kicked off its annual I/O developers conference today in San Francisco, with the
biggest news being that Google unveiled Google Home, which aims to compete with Amazon Echo.
Google Home is an always-listening smart speaker powered by voice assistance technology, which
is being called Google Assistant. This new tech can answer questions and have two-way
conversations, as well as perform tasks like playing music and interact with smart home
devices like Nest thermostats. Google Home is coming out later this year, but we don’t
yet know how much it will cost. Google also unveiled a messaging app called
Allo, which features smart replies to images and text messages. The AI-based chat app gives
people the ability to chat with each other, using animated graphics and enlarging and
shrinking text, as well to call in Google to share media, plan events, buy things and
even think of what to say each other. The iOS and Android apps will be live this summer. More Google news! Google showed off its answer
to Apple’s FaceTime with the unveiling of Duo. Duo is an HD video calling app for iOS
and Android that is due to go live later this year. Google also unveiled an Android-powered
VR platform called Daydream, which encompasses both hardware and software. Believe it or not, news is happening outside
of Google I/O. Today, Microsoft sold off its feature phone business to Foxconn subsidiary
for $350 million…after buying the business from Nokia in 2013 for $7.2 billion. As part
of the deal, Microsoft will give 4500 employees the opportunity to transfer to FIH Mobile
or HMD Global. FIH Mobile will also acquire Microsoft Mobile Vietnam, which is the company’s
manufacturing facility in Hanoi, Vietnam. Oh, and if you’re a LinkedIn user, you should
know about this. LinkedIn announced this morning that a 2012 hack has resulted in 117 million
user emails and passwords being offered for sale on a dark web marketplace. A hacker,
ironically named “Peace,” is trying to sell the emails and passwords for around $2,200,
payable in bitcoin. LinkedIn says it is working to validate the accounts and contact affected
people so that they can reset their passwords. That’s the report for today. I’m Megan
Rose Dickey. Crunch Report airs every weekday at 7 pm Eastern,
4 pm Pacific, on You can also find us on iTunes, and on YouTube. See you

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  1. Answer to facetime? Google has had this functionality in hangouts for years. This is just a different way of doing it. And its cross platform unlike facetime.

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