Google I/O 2016 Keynote Recap

Today Google held it’s annual I/O event
for developers. Here’s what you need to know… Google is entering the VR race with their
Daydream VR arriving this fall. The company showed off a design sketch of the headset
we’ve been hearing so much about — with a preview of its included controller. Android N, the next version of Google’s
mobile operating system, will feature a special mode for VR apps. As expected, Google made
Android N, a cornerstone of its I/O keynote today. Much of what Google talked about was
already known: including Android N’s multi-window support, updates to the graphics API, and
a compiler that should result in significant performance gains. Google says app installs
should now be 75 percent faster and will need significantly less space. Another big announcement is Google’s new
approach to native apps with Instant Apps for Android. The idea behind Instant Apps
is to make the native app experience as convenient as surfing to a website. Google wants to bridge
this gap between mobile apps and web apps by allowing you to use native apps almost
instantly — even when you haven’t previously installed them — simply by tapping on a
URL. Showing off their AI chops, Google also unveiled
an Amazon Echo competitor, a smart speaker called Google Home. Like Echo, Google Home
will also include a virtual assistant you interact with via voice. The new Assistant
is able to answer questions and have two-way conversations, as well as perform tasks like
playing music, interact with smart home devices including Nest thermostats, and more. Then there was Allo, an AI-based chat app.
In addition to emoji and a “whisper”/”loud” mode, where you can enlarge and shrink text
to emphasize what you’re saying, there are a number of AI-based functionalities. Including
a Smart Reply feature that is similar to the one in Inbox, which will suggest responses
to you for conversations so that you don’t need to type anything. For video calls, Google unveiled Duo, a new
HD video calling app similar to Apple’s Facetime, which will launch later this year. And let’s not forget about Android Wear
2.0. It is the platform’s biggest update yet with a new UI, keyboard, standalone apps,
and activity recognition. The new version focuses on providing users more glanceable
information, improved messaging tools (including support for keyboards, handwriting recognition
and smart replies), as well as new fitness and wellness features. To recap… in the coming months Google wants
their development community to focus on VR, new hardware, AI integration, and seamless
mobile experiences.

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6 thoughts on “Google I/O 2016 Keynote Recap

  1. No!! Something new!! They are bringing FaceTime to android!! Lol something Apple had 4-5 years ago lol haha welcome to 2016 Google "hello Google!" Lol I am guessing Apple will be doing the same crap too. Playing catch up as well! All they are doing here is taking others tech and calling it new.. HUMMM Apple much!? Lol. Where is INNOVATION when u need it??!

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