Google Home New Updates and New Features for January 6, 2019

hello Automators. It’s 2019 and the
news is not stopping as it relates to the Google Home devices and all of the
Google Assistant related devices as well so let’s get going with the latest news
the latest features and the latest updates for your Google Home and Google Assistant the first thing I want to talk to you
about this week is going to take some doing to get to the basically what the
story is and what it means to you as someone who owns a device like a Google Home Hub and this is the device we’re talking about right here and what I
think it does is it separates itself from the other smart displays unless
Google has an update path for those as well to give to those vendors now here’s
what I mean so Google’s Fuchsia OS has been
confirmed to be able to run Android applications and why is that so
important and what is fuchsia OS and this is what I mean I got to take some
time to get there if fuchsia o s is expected to be able to
be put on to a Google Home Hub right now so there’s some detective work
essentially through a code and through kind of looking through different
components of what Google has released so far
Google’s fuchsia OS is expected to be able to run on this device eventually
it’s expected that this is a test device for fuchsia OS pushes later now again
what does that mean that means this device eventually could get Android
applications running on it and one of the things that I think a lot of people
are upset about when they look at these devices is I can’t get a web browser on
there well that would mean you could and on top of that you can’t get access to
all the different Android applications well guess what you could then so you
know what I’m saying guys is keep your heads up or basically keep listening
here for further developments about fuchsia OS it’s expected to replace
Android or at least be layered on top of Android and allow you access to a whole
much larger set of functions and if it ends up on devices like the Google Home
hub it’s going to be very very powerful for us something a little bit simpler
way back in 2015 projects solely it was called so these were little little
sensors that basically you didn’t have to touch you could basically wave past
them they sensed what you were doing so there
a high-frequency sensor that can be deployed basically anywhere and this is
kind of what I was starting to talk about in my predictions and this was
before this happened the FCC has approved their deployment in public on
airplanes all kinds of locations so Google will now be able to deploy these
sensors and allow you to use them now what are they going to do with that well
I think this is part of the platform discussion that I had in my predictions
video which I’ll put up in the top right corner right now so I want to tell you a
little bit about some results of a survey now every well actually two times
a year loop ventures asks all the digital assistants or the voice
assistants 800 questions and when they do that they give a percentage of how
much it understood and then how much it responded correctly to now Google
Assistant has essentially run away with this one they’ve gotten up to eighty
eight percent or eighty seven point nine percent in terms of correct responses
and this is across many indices as in you know local information commerce
different different indices like that I’ll get into those in a minute but
eighty percent the next closest is Siri believe it or not at seventy four and a
half percent and Alexa is a couple percentage points behind that now they
tested Cortana I don’t know why probably for fun but they did now those other
voice assistants are basically understanding you around ninety nine
percent of the time series at ninety nine and a half or ninety nine point
four percent and the Amazon voice assistant is at ninety nine now Google
Assistant literally got a hundred percent for understanding what was being
said you know what’s amazing about this is early in 2017 the Google Assistant
was essentially at around that seventy-four percent that Siri is now at
so if Siri has that capability of getting that far well where’s Google
going to be in a year too you know those are all the kinds of
questions there that I have when I read results like
this moving so far ahead just over essentially a year so just to give you
an idea of where Google is really really strong here you know when we look at the
commerce indicee for the different questions here that were asked or the
different types of questions google’s capability was at 86% and the next
closest were siri and that was at 56% so that’s 30%
differential in terms of accuracy so clearly something these other voice
assistants need to work on or have worked on the other indices where I saw
a lot of gap or a lot of differentiation here in terms of information and this is
obviously going to be Google’s strength what strangest series was not in that
and the Amazon voices system was actually the next closest so now the
other thing is that to note here really in terms of local information the Google
system was that 95 percent navigation in commerce or sorry information rather
those were at 94 percent so they’re almost getting a hundred percent in
those three categories where they fall off a little and this was interesting to
me his command did I have seen this a little bit actually my HomePod I would
say has been more capable of following commands there at 85 percent whereas the Google Assistant is down at 73 percent still in second but if Google fixes that
portion of their voice assistant they’ll be upwards of 90 to 95 percent accuracy
with this test come six months which is how often loop Ventures does that in
case you haven’t noticed this or haven’t heard this before there is a new
functionality coming for both lists and notes and it’s on some devices it’s not
on other devices it’s being deployed differently all over the place and let
me give you an example here so my Google Home meaning is is raid here and it’s
basically updated as far as it can be take a note sorry I can’t take notes yet
so you can see that that device couldn’t do it here take a note
sure what’s the note this is great saving no thank you so it’s expected that you’re going to
get additional list feature and this has been something that Google has been
missing for a while now and I expect it to integrate with a number of different
list taking services and be just as powerful as what Amazon has right now
now a couple things about that little note capability there these devices are
on the same one for one two one five firmware version of the application
they’re the basically the cast firmware so that means that both of these devices
should be able to do it if there’s not some other indices here that is saying
whether or not a device can use it so there is something else that Google can
obviously hold back because one of my devices has it and one of my devices
does not my smart displays also can’t do it yet we’ve been hearing little kind of
pieces about you know the pixel XL the pixel 3 XL and the pixel 3 lots of
people were upset about the knotch there in that device now the thing that we’re
seeing is a new light version that’s expected to come out with less RAM less
of a processor less overall of a phone but a light version and what’s
interesting is the notch seems to be gone so we’re seeing now 3d renders that
are out there and I’ll leave that in a in the description below you can go
ahead and check out those renders if you want to see what this phone looks like
hopefully you’re not one of these people the chromecast’s right now are actually
being hacked by a couple of users and when you turn on your chromecast you
might see this screen and so what’s happening here just so you know it’s not
a chromecast specific thing this is called universal plug and play and
that’s what’s being exploited here so a number of devices are going to have this
issue and it is related to how they connect and so as a result it’s on
chromecast today but it could be on a lot of other devices tomorrow if this
exploit continues to be used so not a lot of good you know that’s not a lot of
good news there I’m sorry to give you that and there’s not really a fix at
this point so I don’t know when we’ll see effects I don’t know any of those
details unfortunately and you could see that showing up on your device now the
website that it refers to is actually down right now so clearly there’s some
trouble there now moving on it is we’re about ready to go into CES and by the
time I published this video it will be CES 2019 so that gives us the Consumer
Electronics Show that’s going to give us a ton of new devices to talk about here
on on this show on the channel here and LG always goes out ahead and they
announce some of their devices earlier so they’ve announced some sound bars
here and the SL 10 yg and the eight and the nine as well in the same series they
will have the Google Assistant on board so you’re going to be able to control
those sound bars there’s some special commands there essentially to control
the volume on though so that’s great news the other thing that we’ve seen is
the C by GE set of bulbs and I have a couple here now in my home that I want
to test but there’s a whole new color set up or a whole new color set of
products there’s also a light strip as well so following suit with other makers
but they also have Google Assistant and Google Home capabilities a number of countries were expected over the holidays to
actually have gotten an update on their Google Home in their Google Assistant
related devices to go ahead and make charitable donations now that’s going to
use your payments capability I’ll put the different countries up on the screen
but it’s all the kind of standard players or the standard countries that
get the first updates here from Google all right guys that’s our latest news
updates all the latest features for the Google Home I’m really excited actually for the new note-taking and list keeping features
you know we’re still looking for Google keep to show up there and hopefully
that’ll show up here really soon I can show you how to go through that now
later this week what you’re going to see is a fix for Google Home music alarms or
media alarms and that’s been a lot of people’s problems here
Google hasn’t fixed it as of yet so I wanted to give you a workaround or a way
to manage your music alarm so you’ll see that in a couple of days here and I hope
you’ll stay watching on the channel so go ahead hit that subscribe button and
we’ll see you next time

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84 thoughts on “Google Home New Updates and New Features for January 6, 2019

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    Yes Fushcia will support android apps on those devices, but… there is no documentation anywhere that says the home hub will run fushcia apps.
    Just because it runs fusia does not mean it runs apps. The lenovo display runs on a type of android, and it does not run android apps.

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