Google Home first look

– We’re here at Google’s
Hardware Event in San Francisco, and one of the things they
showed today for the first time is Google Home. Google Home is basically Google’s version of Amazon’s Echo in that, it allows you to speak to it, and there’s an intelligent assistant that lives in the cloud, and allows you to answer your queries, and a little bit of math, and you just play around with it. So we’re gonna give it a try, it’s the first time
Google’s actually letting anybody try this so, I’m kind of excited to
see how well it works. Okay Google, who’s the President? – The President of the
United States of America is Barack Obama. – Okay Google, how old is he? – 55 years old. – So it works pretty well, the magic there is that it actually knows that we’re talking about Barack Obama, so when you say he, it knows what’s goin on. So another fun thing you can do is, you can ask it to roll some
dice, so let’s see that. Okay Google, roll some dice. – Okay. (dice rolling) You rolled six and two
for a total of eight. – Alright, that’s brilliant obviously, that’s a very useful feature for this, but the idea is basically
that you can ask it questions, either searches, or you can ask it to set reminders or similar things that you would do with, something like the Alexa as well. It’s going on sale today, you can buy it in the Google store, it’ll be $129 dollars, and it’ll ship on November fourth.

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