Golos Tireless Pilgrim Maze’s End EDH Deck Gameplay

hey everybody thanks very much for
tuning in so I’m Tim here at Dijital Llama and today we’re gonna be playing some
more commander let me just get this out of the way so we got plenty of lands
tons of lands we’ve got a chromatic Lantern let’s keep that just for the
sake of it so yeah gonna be playing my Golos Tireless pilgrim deck and this is
basically maze’s end lots and lots of gates and it used to be child of Alara
but now golos is out it seems like the better fit for a five color lands matter
commander so that’s what I’m running with and we are up against we’ve got a
Gargos so another m20 commander so hydras more than likely we’ve got on there and
that is locus of rage and we just drew a district guide so that’s pretty cool
what do we want to put down first let’s get yes stomping ground in no cool
so that’s not too bad we get to search for another gates there we’ve got one in
hand and so yeah this is all looking quite good that’s not a gate itself
sadly and who else we up against Nekusar the mind razor so yeah – and blue
black red at the beginning of each players draw step that player draws an
additional card whenever and point draws the card one damage
kukuku so yeah just trying this out with Golos rather than child of Alara
hopefully should run a tiny bit smoother it will certainly means that we’ve got a
guaranteed way of fetching out the maze’s end which is fantastic it’s definitely
one of the things that’s we’re looking for so yeah gonna be fun
so yeah apologies that there wasn’t a video last Thursday / Friday just really
really under the weather at the moment thankfully feeling much much better now
so that is good so back to her normal schedule hopefully and yeah take it from
there so what we’re going to draw now temple
so we’re drawing all of the shock lands but none of the guildgates so yeah
let’s just get that one down nope tap out and pass round so yeah we have
just had throne of Eldraine sort of information coming out and I am
literally so excited about it brawl is going to be coming to Arena which is
absolutely fantastic so I cannot wait to do that so there will be brawl on arena
contents how you feel you won’t be behind paywall but you have to pay gems
to play and it will just be sort of like an evergreen format and won’t come and
go like Singleton dead so absolutely loving that loving that
there going to be some paper brought pre cons so going to be unboxing those as
well doing some upgrades on the channel and then commander is just around the
corner as well which it’s still coming at once for the channel which is
ridiculously fun as it going to be busy boy for the next few weeks sort of
shoehorning as much information into my mind as I can and then creating some
content for you all so yeah let me know in the comments if you’re excited about
ball coming back and if you’re liking what you see in with Eldraine so far
they’re ramping pretty hard over there a library of leng
okay so we’ve got another guildgate so that’s pretty sweet
and what we’re going to do here let’s just get down the
cascading cataracts district ID and then yeah that will allow us to get
a gate out yes we want to use the ability cool so this is everything that
we can fetch and what do we want we don’t have any black actually at the
moment so if we go for go Gowri no because we always need green in this
deck cool so we’ve actually got three out of
the ten needed guildgates in our hand so looking quite strong at the moments
however we keep drawing hands and we’re not drawing any creatures or threats or
removal okay so gore gross is not really doing anything over here
electric hat guy is pretty much wrong Oh cultivate so as I was just about to say
there one curve they are yeah slightly ahead of the curve now what we might do
is broken bond library of Leng next turn and then that will ramp us a tiny bit as
well so we’ll be able to get two lands out next turn I have to see how I feel
about it so that was their turn over let’s see
what’s next our player is going to be doing with all of their manner that
they’ve ramped into so we’ve got lightning Greaves into play and what is
that that is a chasm skulker so it’s been a crypt whenever you draw a card
put a plus one plus one counter onto it okay round to me and surprised we’ve
drawn yet another land okay so what are we gonna do here I think if we play out
the Golgari guild gate it’s broken bond no let’s go for the lightning Greaves tap
those out and yeah we’re going to put a another guild gate into play tapped
let’s have that down and we’re not going to attack anyone cool so not looking too
bad there but it would be nice to draw things that weren’t lands for a little
while so golos tireless pilgrim five mana so we can cast him next turn we can
get the mazes end and we can get going what is that that’s just come down pull
Acronis world-eater fanfare wuss so he’s got monstrosity X so that’s quite manner
intensive it was X damage to target creature x’ your opponent’s control and
then they deal damage back to it so it’s under no threat at the moment
there’s a mezuzah so lots of lands coming down as you can see there’s just
lands lands lands lads lads lads so other exciting news so if you’re
watching this today on Monday when it comes out then tomorrow is exam results
day so I will find out whether or not I passed or failed my first year back at
uni so that is both exciting and fills me with dread at the same time and yeah
it’s just gonna be one of those things where yeah I mean it’s all gonna be fine
and obviously I’ll let you guys know but yeah that’s been playing on my mind for
a little bit I possibly was so rundown last week maybe so yeah and just applied
for Student Finance for my second year all next ARS coming down to go in back
to the game rather than life stuff so we’ll draw two cards next to okay so I
would take two damage so drawn a crop rotation which is pretty tasty we’ve got
a ghostly prison which is definitely going to be nice okay right so what do
we want to do here so if we get down the plaza of harmony will gain our three
life that’s Ghostly prison so we’ll get white colorless and that
Coop’s oh god defenses up a bit and then we were chromatic lanten as well cool so
that’s not looking too bad and we’ve got nothing else going on so we will yet
have mats out we don’t want a crop rotation this turn sigh all good in the
hood here note we’re not going to attack anyone we’re just gonna sit back just in
case that chasm school kid gets a bit cray-cray and so I’ve been on a bit of a
brewing mission recently so I think I’ve dreamt up about ten decks over the
course of the past fortnight or so and what’s going to be happening is they are
going to be slowly featuring on the channel possibly for the kind of rest of
the year obviously with other ones thrown in that we don’t know about yet
with a throne of old rain and the commander pre cons as well will be
getting individual upgrade videos and any interesting commanders that they
include other than the face one as well so yeah got plenty to you commander
content coming up which I’m really looking forward to a queen Marchesa is
one that Eilen especially loving always wants to build her ever since conspiracy
to came out and now it is happening and you know it’s gonna hopefully be rad and
other things that I’m working on more essays like the mountains one if you
haven’t seen the mountains one then there’ll be a card up in the top
something corner if you to check that out is something that I’m a little bit
proud of I feel I’m allowed to say that so yeah if you haven’t seen it check it
out is not just pictures of basic mountains there is a bit more to it than
that as a Hydra swung in somewhere oh yeah electric Hat guy so it’s swung into
on laughs in the middle on that’s presumably going to come out
now no no mrs. pilgrimage and two basic forests on that’s going to come out or
is he just gonna keep on ramping so we’ve currently got two guild gates in
hand and we got two gold gates in place so that is four out of ten so that’s not
bad we’re 1/5 of the way there next turn if we get go loss out okay so they get
to sack as user but find something else instead but yeah
as I saying go loss or then let us get mazes end so then we can start doing
shenanigans which will be be fab and the bottom wanting so the top three cards of
you library you can pay either play them this turn without paying their mana
costs not sure if that’s particularly an ability that I want to be using in this
deck because you run the risk of exiling like to guild gates in one go which
would be bad obviously we’ve got eleven guild gates in here at the moment ok so
we’re going to be drawn to death and with the dictate so we get to draw three
cards each turn which is fun for now and middle on earth
searched for the Avenger of Zendikar so they’ve got a ton of plant tokens at the
moment quite glad that the prisons there so Kasim skulker is now up to a 5/5
which is crazy at they think it’s got flying no it hasn’t
Island walks I on that I don’t think we’ve got any Islands out at the moment
no we haven’t our steam vents is though oh okay he phyrexian tyranny just
punishing the card draw even more and that’s pretty nasty but also pretty fun
into combat are they going to attack anywhere nope straight round to me so
they get to stack all of their triggers and then we work through all of those so
drew ghost quarter I’m not sure if that’s handy at all drew a gate Colossus
nope not gonna do that take another one from Necker sir draw another card
come on tower drawing all of the lands this is crazy so note not gonna pay for
that we will always yield to that trigger now note we won’t pay so we’re
down to 33 life from that 32 now okay so what are we gonna do we are going to
cast go loss so we’re gonna add a bit of that we’re gonna go for some of that
where are we up to there we go now it’s all good cool so off we go to get the
mazes end comes into play tap it comes into play tapped anyway let’s make sure
that we hit the correct one and where is it there it is
cool so that since play I think we will then put in the source guild gate in so
what we’ll do is we’ll just pass the turn around well f6 as well say that’s
how we don’t get held up by any of these triggers so we have may’s end in play
which is fantastic news and we’ve got one two three
three guild gates in play one in hand next turn then we’re going to put one
into play and we’re going to fetch one so that will take our totals up quite
nicely we should then be able to play gate Colossus which would keep us
protected for a little bit so not looking too bad and we’ve got the crop
rotation in hand so we could if we wanted to get rid of the stomping ground
temple garden cascading cataracts and the plaza of harmony so that’s another
four gates straight into play and there’s a bear employed growing on to
gaga’s so that’s pretty powerful stuff bear Umbra is fantastic getting to untap
all of your lands when it attacks not on dealing damage or anything like that
cool so you took out NICUs off with his ability does it have trample or anything
like that it’s still not familiar with it no vigilance so that’s not too bad so
at least we can just Trump block with the district guide if it decides to come
this way and Nessie and wilds ravager as well so that is a six six
okay so just comes down and fights and yeah can be tributed up okay so do I
want to do that there we go so we’ll just get it to fight something else and
it’s fighting your avenger of Zendikar so that was a good good choice
so avenger of zendikar is gone thankfully and yeah let’s see where they
swing their hydras – the Gorgas has done his neat little untapping trick and
still can’t tell where it is being directed and okay over at next I’ll play
er curse a chasm skulker went away so he gets to load a little squiggly deadlies
I think I had four counters on it or something like that so that’s not too
bad but they do have island walks so we are
gonna very much not play that steam vent until they’re taking care of that is so
plants are high over here they are just zero ones there weren’t any counters put
on them at all which is quite a relief so another Hydra has come down this time
it is the vast would Hydra so it’s coming down with five plus on plus one
counters on it and they just go elsewhere when it dies not only that’s a
hydra brood master as well so that’s got a monstrosity and it gets to create x XX
green creatures which is not heroes Bane hers so they’ve got all of the hydras
going on yeah that is a Hydra City over there so they get to go through all of
the drawing cards and taking damage triggers
so omnath is now down so he is got landfall so he’s going to start creating
five five elementals would be nice to draw a board wipe at some points here
just just I know obviously we’ve got the ghostly prison to protect us a little
bit but there is an awful lot of damage and I’ve only got two creatures in play
so feeling slightly yeah overwhelmed here I think is the world word so
they’ve searched they get second elemental and Wheel of Fortune okay so
that is yeah not amazing cuz that gets rid of the crop rotation and thankfully
only one of the guild gates however that will then deal everyone to damage for
each card from the freqs Ian dude ass I’m not 100% sure what’s their planned
there with that cuz yeah everyone’s gonna take 14 damage basically so our
hand isn’t looking too bad at all we’ve got an open the gates which is
fantastic so that’ll allow us to search for another gate so next turn will be
able to amaze his end for one open the gates do I have anything to do now with
what I’ve just drawn no so yeah we are going to prevent one of them and then
yeah no to the rest of it okay so that’s taking us down to 20 and electric cat
guy who did it is on 12 King he he is just losing all of their life so they
are down to 15 then so yeah he’s managed to wipe out the board he’s tapped down
so I can’t be swinging in at me and yeah passing it round to Nexis our
player he’s on 26 life at the moment okay so the spell book as well so
they’ve got library of Lang and this spell book so they’ve definitely got and
they maximum hand size I’m feeling more and more like that cleansing Nova is
gonna be the plan just sort of trim everyone back a little bit obviously
depends what goes on here purtz x plus minus one minus one cancels on
each creature okay so taking care of it we don’t have to spend our mana doing
anything so there’s a few triggers here Garros is going to get even bigger and
on math is going to be dealing some damage three damage here and there so
don’t need to spend mono with cleansing Nova which means that we could recast go
loss and that would then fetch us another gate excellent so route me again
so take a bit damage so true a June Bude June brood Nephilim
that’s quite funky we’ve got rampaging bad off as well which is pretty nice as
well sláinte superhero fans note we’re not
going to pay anything we’re just gonna take it take it like a champ so it’s
been a while since I’ve played this stained cedar here a fan whenever land
enters the battlefield under your control untap it’s and we can tap it to
ones hat target lands so we don’t want to do that straight away what we want to
do I’m feeling is rampaging balith so we want a bit of that bit of that colorless
we want those three for the mazes end can we actually pay enough I don’t think
we can at the moment let’s cancel that out let’s go for the mazes n first
colorless colorless and tap fat over there so we’re gonna fetch out Simek
guild gate and since that was the first one on the pile we get a gate Colossus
trigger and do we want to do that yes because we’re drawing two cards at a
time so yeah we’ll go with that so we’ve got one two three four five mana here we
could over going to to pay to life to have it untapped so then we could play
the bat off but I think what we’re going to do is replay the mazes end so we can
go again next turn and let’s yeah awaken down amalgam so at least we’ve got a big
blocker down we could have go lost actually there but I think that this is
going to be the way to go and we’ll pass the turn so that was quite eventful
we’re gonna have to discard here and so I think that we are going to just
discard the overgrown team not part of the plan sorry oh good so
let’s see how quickly Hydra player rebuilds their field so they’ve got
eight Manor they got a lot of dead hydras oh man and Gorger coming down
whenever play cast a spell put a plus on plus one counter onto the Hydra so that
will just get out of hand quite quickly since we still got all four players how
many killed gates do we have at the moment Gate Jack and so we got one two
three four and so we currently got four next turn will be able to maze his end
again so we’ll be up to five we’ll be able to go loss for six and we’ll be
able to play in open the gates for seven so that’s quite good
good going I’d say so something’s being forced or figured two artifacts and/or
enchantments okay so a chromatic Lantern interesting and the phyrexian tyranny as
well so we’re not going to be taking damage anymore we’re just going to have
the perks of drawing an extra card with the dictate so it’s something big this
way comes it’s going to be the door and on the
earth so yeah definitely paying that command the tax now they pretty much
tapped out just to cast on there however presumably they’re going to have a land
drop in there seven cards that they’ve got in hand yeah there we go
and it’s involving mods as well so they get a second one so they basically
rebuilt their board state straightaway it was only sort of Hydra that really
got affected by anything happening so we got to think go loss is now costs
costing casting costing seven so one two three four five six seven
so yeah that’s not ideal really actually for mazes ending so maybe if we mazes
end and open the gates this turn then that would be a bit more of a reasonable
use of manner we can do something else as well
so the mana gorgeou hydras up to a 3/3 now that keeps on growing
okay so price of knowledge is now coming into play all players have no maximum
hand size in the beginning of each opponent’s upkeep voice and knowledge
deals damage to that play equal to the number of cards in that player’s hand
ouch that might be a game-winning move potentially what I could do is destroy
all artifacts and enchantments but obviously that then takes the ghostly
prison out and leaves me open to a bit of an attack awakened about amalgam is
an artifact creature as well so that is yeah that’s going to die so then that’s
a bit of a blocker gone when does that trigger happen again at the beginning of
each phase upkeep so it got seven in hand at the moment
okay so destroying both of those artifacts so going to take seven damaged so the trick here is going
to be emptying hands I think yet down to nine life we get to draw an additional
card so grave of the guild packed with gate closest so that’s pretty cool now
what we will do is I’m not sure if we want some ease end just yet because then
that will come back to our hand and we don’t want cards in our hand open the
gates search for a gate goes to Hanson and
that will be our land drop for the turn oh that’s a little bit too small for me
to make sure I’m getting the right one yeah let’s go for a rat dose for the fun
little bit so I’ll come down so we’ve got one two three four five six seven
eight cards currently in hand how much is that going to cost that is
three so that’s not bad at all so one two and yeah let’s just talk about three
so we’ve now got an 8 8 down right what else is going to be the best way of
doing this so if we leave so we’ve got 1 2 3 4 5 untapped what we could do is yes
tricky I think that might set us up quite nicely so green we’ve got green
going on over here as well we will tap that down and a bit that just wait for
the manticore to trigger to clear and then that’s how turn over I believe I
haven’t got any attacks everything’s fresh to the field okay so they’ve got
seven cards in hand so they’re going to be taking seven damage they’re going to
be down to one life little bit yikes for them so let’s see how they respond to
that being taken down to one life they have gone eight eight wrong us is
monuments so I think that’s plus two plus two gains trampled not lifelink
yeah trampled so that’s not quite going to save them
cultivate as well okay so they’ve got three mana left untapped what are they
going to do with that they’ve also got a 10-10 trample so they could just swing
it into next I’ll player which way are they going to go yep they’ve gone into
NECA saw so it doesn’t look like he’s got anything so that’s going to be ten
to the face taking them down to twelve which means that too so yeah the three
elementals going at him will mean that we are no longer being taken out by
having cards in our hand okay blossoming the fence as well that’s
12 damage Oh 13 yards against the plus one plus one from having a spell cast
cool so on that player takes six damage putting them down onto six so yeah things getting a little bit
dicey at the moment I’m not sure whether we’re going to get there with the gates
or not Oh see we’ve got one in the graveyard so more driver would bring
that back or it turn a witness we’ve got one two three or five currently on the
field so now you’ve just played a mana crypt
which is really risky dealing themselves three damaged when they’re at six life
okay so we’re ancients tread we’re never a creature with power five or greater
deal 5 damage to any target oh that’s a bit of a bit of a powerful move so that
all just be sort of instant kills being dished after this low life level
that we’ve got going on here but they don’t think I’ve got anything that will
aid in life gain at the moment so he gets one five damage trigger there is
you’re just gonna take out always shooting me cool so yeah looks like
we’re not gonna get there with our gates this time round so we’re down
to four so that just needs another land drop or another five power creature to
come in and we are gone so the question is what direction are they going to go
in here if they don’t take out NECA saw yep so he’s got ten damage going his way
King he he has got another five so that’s gonna be two players out of the
game I’m not sure that there’s anything that I can really do on my turn
cleansing mofo would get rid of the where ancients tread however that’s a
lot of mana so presumably there’s gonna be another massive creature coming down
and that would just be GG’s from me as well oh okay sky sure I’ll claim search
library shots – Oh put them onto the battlefield so there we go landfill
triggers and yeah we’re gone so yeah that was a lot of fun helped
being able to draw more than just lands in the opening like the opening a few
turns that was a little bit crazy just drawing land after land after land that
wheel really didn’t help anything that just took us all down so there we go
that was a little bit of fun they’re having go loss as our commander does add
more I feel then child of Lara did and yeah we’re just gonna keep on running
this and see if there’s any other treats from m20 and the upcoming commander sets
to see if there’s anything to add to it hopefully there will be because I really
really enjoy the deck oh Lincoln’s definitely my bag so thanks very much
for watching if you haven’t already don’t forget to hit the subscribe button
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Cheers you

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7 thoughts on “Golos Tireless Pilgrim Maze’s End EDH Deck Gameplay

  1. Good luck with the exam results buddy! Do you have a deck list for your deck I just built Golos and would like to compare see what I may have missed 🙂

  2. I want to build a Golos deck but I got to ask. How well would a unexpected strategy of storming the opponent with spells work by making use of the active ability to exile top three cards and cast them? I figured as long as there is a way to copy instant/sorcery cards via enchantments and other instant/sorceries (1000 year storm for instance then make use of scry or tutors to set up the kill blow, and if possible then set up spells like bonus round). Wouldn’t this be an interesting deck that could work well if built properly while also having maze’s end as a win condition if everything else fails

  3. Curiosity, why do you tap out if you have nothing to do? Why not hold mana up and bluff interaction so your opponents have to play a little more carefully?

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