Goat Format Tournament – 1st place Deck Profile: Tiger Stun! (SUB ENG)

-Welcome back guys, we are here with the winner of our last online Goat Format Tournament. Today he’s going to show us his decklist, and which decks he encountered in Top 4. -I did 4-1 in swiss, losing only to Chaos. And I won the Top4 and the final matches vs 2 Chaos variants. The deck’s idea is to make a lot of my opponent’s cards pointless The monsters section is composed by: 3 sets of, in my opinion, the best counter cards of all the format. That are: 3x Blade Knight; 3x King Tiger Wanghu and 3x Kycoo; Blade Knight often is just a big ATK monster but still relevant. Then I play the best warrior in my opinion: 1x Exiled Force and 1 D.D.W.L.; preferring them over Mystic Swordsman LV2, cause it was going in conflict with Wanghu and Light of Intervention. Last monster a standard 1x Breaker. Talking about Spell section it is pretty standard, the only strange thing is that I didn’t play Snatch Steal, because this deck need to do Aggro moves in the first turns and Snatch wasn’t good for this, and anyway I didn’t found it very good and/or necessary in this deck. Talking about Traps; The Deck’s peculiarity is 2xLight of Intervention, that with Wanghu is really strong; but even without it, it’s been decisive. In particular vs Goat Standard and Chaos. About other cards, I preferred Compulsory over Book of Moon, cause I didn’t want it to interfere with Light of Intervention, and also Compulsory is slightly better cause my monsters return to hand, instead of remaing set and vulnarable to NOC. The remaining traps are pretty standard for an anti-meta. – “Will you change anything in your main deck?” – No, I won’t change anything. Maybe I would like to try to put out the 2xLight of Intervention but I’m not sure because they were very strong. About the Side-deck: I played 3xDekoichi and 2xMobius; that I always sided in during G2 and G3. For 3xDeko I sided out 1 of the 3x monsters between: Blade Knight, Kycoo and Wanghu, The one 3x that was less useful in that match-up. For the 2xMobius I sided out Light of Intervention, to make strong Dekoichi. I used this 5 cards when I was afraid of opponent cards like Jinzo or Royal Decree, also to go over monsters with high defense. Beside with these monsters I also reduced the number of traps. I played 1xMystic Swordman LV2; Siding out 1xBlade Knight, in particular vs Chaos matchups, and only if I sided out the 3 Wanghu. 1xSmashing Ground; to side in vs decks with big monster or during mirror match. 3xBottomless Trap Hole; They’ve been very strong during mirror match and vs Gravekeepers. Also vs Chaos I sided in 2x, instead of 2xSakuretsu, cause I needed to get rid as fast as possible of Chaos Sorcerer and BLS. I played 2xAnti-Spell Fragrance; Strong vs decks with a lot of spells, like Reasoning decks, Empty Jar or any FTK. 1xTorrential Tribute; that I didn’t play in the Main deck, as I believed that it wasn’t very good (in particular Vs Goat Standard), cause my monsters are often “bigger” then the opponent ones. The 3rd Dust Trunade and 1x Xing Zhen Hu; At first I wanted to play 2x Xing but after some testing I found better the Third Dust. Xing is good cause it creates a potential advantage, because the opponent can’t use 2 set cards. The idea was to play it vs burn decks, flip control or even vs other Anti-meta. – Perfect! Thank you for your deck profile and see ya all on the next GCI video :D!

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