Go for a Ride in Uber’s Autonomous Car

I’m here at Uber’s test facilities in Pittsburgh. This week the company began picking up passengers
in specially equipped autonomous vehicles. Let’s go take a ride. Beginning today, a select
group of Pittsburgh Uber users will get a surprise the next time they request a pickup. The option to ride in a self-driving car. At a press conference, an Uber executive called
the city the double black diamond of driving because of its tricky weather and irregular
grid, making it an especially interesting place to test this service. Pittsburgh is home to world class research
and engineering talent, it has an organic road network, it has real traffic conditions. Uber started the ATC eighteen months ago,
with the specific purpose of getting self-driving vehicles onto the road, so I’m so excited
that you guys are going to be some of the first people in our self-driving fleet. I hailed a ride from Uber’s regular app, though
Pittsburgh users who book an UberX won’t know if they get an autonomous car until it shows
up. Once in the back of the car, I touched a button
on a tablet to say I was ready to go. The tablet showed me a live view of the car’s
vision. Blue for the road, red for objects. Two engineers sat in the front seats taking
notes, and poised to take over if something went wrong. I felt a little nervous the first time the
car encountered an obstacle. You don’t notice how many unexpected things
happen on the road until you ask for robots to take the wheel. But the drive was so consistent, it quickly
felt like a normal car ride. The car read traffic light colors and stopped
for one yellow light while driving through a different yellow light. It edged around other cars, and stopped for
pedestrians. Then the engineers let me drive the car back
to the Uber campus. Once a light turned blue on the dash, I could
hit a silver button in the center console to go autonomous. Breaking, accelerating, or hitting a red button,
brought driving back under my control. We went manual several times to drive around
stopped cars, because otherwise the Uber would just stop behind them and wait. Sometimes it was gentle, sometimes it came
to a lurching halt. It felt a lot like riding in a car with a
human driver. At no point did Uber suggest the technology
found in its cars is ready to roll out to the masses. Like Google and many other labs developing
self driving technology, it’s carefully logging hours of road tests. Its team is slowly working its way through
a long list of scenarios its cars should be prepared to respond to in the wild. Pittsburgh passengers are new scenarios. Uber can introduce into its research. Uber will also have to pay close attention
to public opinion. This is the first time the world has seen
such a large fleet of autonomous cars in one city. A lot of people will have their first ride
along experience, which should promote enough awareness to gauge if people are warming up
to autonomous cars.

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100 thoughts on “Go for a Ride in Uber’s Autonomous Car

  1. I can't wait until all cars drive them selves… less people crashing, NO MORE RED LIGHTS, just fluid faster commutes… no bullshit, I KNOW Robots are not perfect, but they would probably cause less harm then drunk/texting drivers

  2. OMG I had to stop watching the video her voice omfg WAKE THE FUCK UP B**!! You are putting me to sleep!! "Sometimes it drives" Sometimes it stops" SOMETIMES YOU NEED TO GET SOME FUCKING SLEEP BEFORE YOU DO COMMENTARY THE NEXT DAY!

  3. You're a fucking disgrace to reporting. How unprofessional are you to speak in such a monotone manner? You sound like you're on Xanies

  4. The American public will surely find a way to fuck this up, as they do with everything else they encounter.
    Good luck Uber smh.

  5. this is a cool video. this chicks voice is terrible. people tell ugly people "you have a face for radio" this chick has a voice for reading books.

  6. 2 kids jumps on the road in front of the car.. the car has no time to stop, but it can turn right and run over 1 kid on sidewalk. What does it do?

  7. Y'all forget Tesla, their autopilot is installed and way more efficent. Doesnt have to map cities and no need for stupid looking rooftop gadgets

  8. But… what about when a storm knocks out traffic lights and it's constantly flashing yellow or red? At that point, it becomes a fourway stop. Does the car know to recognize this situation and to follow the flow of traffic at the stop? Or how about an ice storm when the color of the traffic light is obscured? Can it handle roundabouts? Does it search for animals hovering near the side of the road? Can it slow down when it climbs a hill so it doesn't go airborne?

  9. The spinning device on the top of self driving cars is very distracting. It would be nice if someone could figure out how to get rid of that part.

  10. I'm pretty sure driverless cars is a reality and Travis is using this dodge to intimidate the retardrs driving for him
    Is so funny to see how many people driving for über partner platform and lift partner platform worry and get in panic with the idea of driverless cars
    Driverless car lol, what a joke, it never goint to happen, we dont got to worry about it
    The main asset that uber partner platform has and lift partner platform is the bunch of enthusiastics retards and their santander leased car
    Uber partner platform and lift partner platform dont have to worry about wear, tear, depreciation , storage, gas, maintenance, repairs, registration, insurance, clean up……..ect; uber partner platform and lift platform knows that they have all of us willing to do all of this and more for a supplementary income in our spare time
    Ok ok Lets said Travis finally replase the retards with the anxiously waiting driverless cars, I just wonder how much Travis would charge per mile now that he is the owner of the float; 75 cts as he is charging actually with the others cars?
    I don't think so; according to a study Travis must charge at least 8dlls per mile to recover his investment in the first year and make this business profitable

  11. "you don't notice how many unexpected things happen on the road until you ask a robot to take the wheel…." Keep that in mind riders when you are watching your Uber drivers every turn!!!!

  12. then someone hacks into the system and decides to take you on their version of a joyride. Scary. In addition, because of the height taken up, it will cause problems in some malls areas with 2nd tier parking and entrances, where some people want to picked up or dropped off.

  13. can't wait to get into one and even better…. own one and be free to spend my time in a more productive way than driving !

  14. Uber is going to put their uber drivers out of business in a few years. I dont like uber because they are not fair in the percentage they provide to their drivers. Now they are giving bonuses to keep drivers using uber .
    Uber is a company which wants to make money and not care about the uber drivers who help them.
    Now they will be replaced by autonomous cars in about 15 years mostly.

    So glad tesla is going to have its very own self driving network. At least Tesla is making electric cars and save earth from more pollution and improving life on earth.

  15. Very interesting video, interesting topic but the most boring reporter I've ever seen. Please get someone else.

  16. Technology fails too. Just like us as humans, we make mistakes. Driving will always be a thing. Once the law suits start pouring in, insurance companies not wanting to insure these things, people not feeling safe in them, chances of having into their computers hacked into, millions become unemployed, I'm sure car manufacturers will be back. This had tried to be done before, didn't work then and won't work now. Nothing can ever be 100% perfected or safe.

  17. i was against such cars i drive my roads like those cars as a human being the sad part is many do not drive like i do.a lot of people may be against driverless cars they shouldn't be its the careless drivers who think they drive good that ruined the future of manual driving.i often have been told well i haven't gotten in a accident yet..ya big word yet…it does not matter accident or not driving without any sense at all does no body any good…that kind of thinking brings out the driverless cars if people can't be sensible drivers something has to…..

  18. How will the fares compare to uberx? How will your autonomous fleet affect the people now driving for uber?

  19. They need to develop this tech into an 82' Trans Am, I'm thinking black with a Cylon eye in front of the hood. 😁

  20. IMPORTANT.  I want to know about the SPEEDS autonomous cars go.  Not looking forward to being the passenger of an autonomous car with a virtual GRANDMA behind the wheel and dealing with that frustration.

  21. I have a hard time believing that people are going to be ok with riding in these cars for a long time autonomous vehicles for taxing isn't where the money is in. It will be using this tech for delivery and transportation of goods in the USA, while people warm up to having no one but a computer drive them around. Explain to me how a terrorists in Europe can't hack on of these to drive into crowded area?

  22. How is this ridesharing anymore? The whole premise for Uber not having to pay for all that regulation was that they were just a platform that allowed people to share their rides with others. hence the name, rideshare. If they go driverless, how are they not just a taxi company?

  23. definitely a good area of study for teaching people how to currently use their cars, but with so much investment in fully manual vehicles, wouldn't it honestly make more sense to simply make a few proper additions to our currently cars?.

  24. I say great, go for it. No text driving. I was hit 3 times in 6 months from idiot texting drivers. These irresponsible cell phone drivers are ruining America.

  25. In 15-20 years it may be illegal to drive yourself. Kinda bums me out, since I love car culture, but on the other hand reducing accidents to zero will be hard to argue with.

  26. People should actually read articles of study and future plans for this concept. This is another prime example of big business and corporate America investing into their personal interests and saying to hell with people and it’s all being hidden behind a cloud of ‘safety’. Forget about the parts that lean towards a future of man operated vehicles being illegal on the road. Think about the impact this will have on the economy. On the corporate side of life, deliveries will be made much faster. Without the human element, a semi truck will not have to stop for DOT rest laws. With nothing but autonomous vehicles, speed limits will no longer be a thing. Interstate vehicles will be programmed to adhere to a much faster speed which is again great for corporate bottom lines. The economy, as corporate America sees it, is just about numbers. As long as the numbers look good, the economy must be doing well. Example today would be a young college person in an office listening to computer results and saying it’ll work. Then they pass it to the guy in the field along with the instructions on how to do it but guess what? It doesn’t work. Why? Because there are elements in the field that they never take into account. As long as the computer says it’ll work, it must be true. So, using that proven formula of ‘office people don’t know shit unless it’s on a screen or grid’, no one is thinking about the impact on the REAL economy. Think for one second, if this really does take off the way they are planning, how much of the human element would be negatively affected by this. Know how many truck drivers there are in this country alone? Lest we forget, truck drivers actually make a damn good living so many of them would be put out of work in the worst way. Now think about all of the other elements as well. How many other industries rely on their own fleets? All of those drivers will be out of work. What about maintenance? They need a truck to haul all of their tools/parts. How will that be factored in? A lot of these vehicles are being built more towards economy, not big box trucks or tool trucks. How about everyone’s cable that they love so much? What does the installer or repair man show up in? A big van or truck. Some cases, even a bucket truck. How will that be factored in? I know the current generation is really big into technology and therefore have an answer to all of that which is simply to automate everything over the cloud. I can tell you as a maintenance man myself, the company I work for is well up with the times as far as computer technology. Many issues can be fixed over the phone by someone miles away tapping into the network. However, they almost always run into an issue that cannot be fixed that way and they call me out. You will always need the human aspect, no matter how advanced we get. Hell, just look at self-scan for proof. Everyone thought it was a fantastic thing when they first arrived at stores. Now, most people avoid the self scan aisles because they always screw up. Plus, what else do you see at the self-scan aisle? A human element monitoring and constantly fixing them. For a lot of people, especially young people in big city life, this is a fantastic idea and advancement. As someone that works on the other end of the spectrum, I can tell you technology breaks and a lot more than it should. I will not trust these things whatsoever. If they become the norm and regular cars become illegal, my family and I will revert to horseback through the woods far away from the roads. A fantastic concept when everything is brand new, clean and working well during tests in perfect conditions. Let’s see what happens when a bird shits on the front sensor. The car would probably stop immediately or just keep going and not see the car stopped in front off it. I grew up watching Blade Runner and The 5th Element so yeah this is a cool concept. On the other hand, I also grew up watching The Terminator, Jurassic Park and West World. No thank you.

  27. All it will take is one hit to the camera lens from anyone, heavy rain, fog or computer glitch & then MAJOR LAWSUIT time. I would never put my trust in one of these cars, NO WAY. Hey to each his/her own, just my opinion.

  28. Bad news…go take a look at just a couple of the many informative Youtube videos on self-driving vehicles….."The self-driving car scam" & "The terrifying truth about self-driving vehicles"

  29. A self driving Ford! Now, I'm scared. When it catches on fire like so many Fords in Arizona do, will it keep driving down the road?

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