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You did well Taemin! Good bye Taemin! Part1. Cutie Taem : Lee Taemin Your so cute! Watch one more time! Part2. Talking Taem : Today weather was really cool and clear The sky was so high, like meeting u guys …(stammer) Today is the best day to performance for u guys (Shinne World) I thought Still, I’m so worried about something. Im worried about you guys becasue Its sooo hot in Concert hall Part3. Who is angry with it? : Aren’t u guys hot or be out of breath because of singing and playing with me? Yes Actually, I’m so hot Does anyone angry with it? (joke) Part4. Don’t go : But I know that you want to see me. I want to be with u guys Be with me Please Don’t go please. Okay? Don’t go. I’m seeing all of u guys shawol. Wooohhh!!!!!! It’s staff Part5. Explanation of Sonata(Play me) : This part is talking about Taemin’s personal hope. I’ll gonna skip this 🙁 Part5. Hwang Sang Hoon : Do you love the dance of ‘ACE-Taemin’? Yeahhhhhh I really love it too A dance director who made ‘ACE’ is in here. ‘Hwang Sang Hoon’ director made it! Hwang Sang Hoon Part6. Talking about ‘Holy water’ Music ‘Holy Water’ is so fun When I go up high and look down, You guys don’t know Im coming And u guys are looking about interpretation(Beacaus ‘Holy water’ is J-Pop. Korean couldnt understand meaning) And then when the lights got on, Some people are looking me like a Suricata suricatta. And I’m hold back laughing And Im being cool and hansome. (BTW, he is originally cool and handsome) And u guys sang along with me Yeahhhh you are sooo good at sining along with me. You are so pretty and sonorous Part7. Press Your Number : Taemin-Press your number ♬ Talk Time started Part8. Let’s do Rock paper scissors : Can’t u see my face? Yeahhhh 🙁 I can see ur face well 🙂 Should I stay here? YEs/NO Do rock paper scissors together No NO we couldnt There’s so many people lying Part9. Is it Romantic? Thank u for being with me and SHINee for 12 years. Thank you for people who know us late. Lets walk togehter with me (Promise) I’m gonna walk with you together Is it Romantic? Yeahhhhh We did our ‘singing along event’ We sing ‘Truth” Part10. Plant Taem : I grow up 27 years. I debut when I was 16 years. This is because of you love Its so amazing I grew up because of your love I think I am a plant. When you tell me delightly, I grow up well. Is it right? Thank u so much and I heard it properly. Did u guys sing ‘Truth’? YEah!!!!!! Part 11. Truth : Taemin-Truth ♬ I have to set your tone 6v6 U guys set the tone so highly. It would be hard to sing (laugh) Yeah But u guys are really good at singing I heard ur beautiful voice. Thanks I can’t remember the play list , But this video is ‘Soldier’. This is my favor. Part 12. Soldier : Taemin-Solider Part 13. Ending Truth : Last Ending Music – Taemin-Truth Lee Tae min I love you Thank YOu So much Let’s see soon! I was sooo happy and fun And I love you soooo much Now, TMI concert T1001101 Finished- for 2~3 hours Thank You for enjoying with me! I hope u enjoyed it! Please Subscribe me and click ‘LIKE’ ♥

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