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As the temperature drops, your productivity
can’t. Balaclavas keep your head, neck and face warm no matter how frigid it becomes.
The Ergodyne 6821 N-Ferno Fleece Balaclava is a basic model that has polyester fleece
for warmth all the way down your face and neck and a reflective accent to keep you visible.
The 6823 model is wind-proof and features a hinged design so you can pop the nose and
mouth cover down if needed. The special stitching provides extra comfort on the three piece
construction. If your job requires FR protection, the 6825
is what you need. It’s made for cold weather, but that doesn’t mean it can’t handle some
heat — the arc-rated Nomex fleece won’t burn or melt.
When temperatures get really extreme, you may need to pull out the 3-layer extreme series
balaclava. With a Nylon outer, foam middle and Sherpa lining, this thing isn’t messing
around. There are even pockets to toss in warming packs for extra heat. It comes in
two sizes; the 6950 is regular length and the 6952 drops down to your shoulders.
The Ergodyne 6970 takes it a step further and actually fights back against the cold
air by controlling the moisture around your face to keep you warm. It has a heat exchanger
in the removable mask provides warm air for you to breathe in. It’s also form fitted so
your eyewear doesn’t fog. Check out GME Supply for everything you need
to keep warm this winter.

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9 thoughts on “GME Supply – Balaclavas

  1. Balaclavas are a great addition to your winter weather clothing arsenal.

    They come in a lot of different varieties. Some are light. Some provide extra thermal insulation. Some are FR rated.

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