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Agriculture is reaping the benefits of
new technology and there is a growing recognition among
governments and donor agencies that agriculture must be the mainstay of
any development agenda but what technological innovations are
being worked on right now that will put us on a path to produce
more from less? The challenges really are how do
we make food affordable for everyone because that really is at the heart
of solving the food security problem particularly in the developing world If estimates are correct relying on traditional organic farming
may not be an option to feed the billions of extra mouths in our future so what goes on behind the
scenes at agrochemical company such as Biocropsigns, Monsanto and
Syngenta It’s a very research intensive
industry It costs more than $250 million to bring a new crop
protection active ingredient to the market a lot to this is due to the safety
testing And of course there’s the hot topic of
genetic modification will that become prevalent? Because
there’s so much genetic modification going on because the science hasn’t shown major
problems with it although we may be anxious about
it it may become something that creeps up
overtime and becomes more commonplace They’ve got
something that can That can have much higher yield which
can go a long way towards helping those in major developed countries or less
developed countries to help those people get enough food to
eat From the experimental stage to the
scaling up of the product to sell on the open market is big business but it isn’t just in the lab that things need to
change the UN says farmers are likely to adopt
technologies only if there are sound incentives to do so such as well-functioning input and
output markets, improved infrastructure, and better finance or risk management
tools but it isn’t just about increasing crop yields or guaranteeing grains No, here scientists are also working on
fruits and vegetables that they want you to buy Charles Baxter’s work looks at vegetable trade and technology vegetables is a very complex business
we need to provide yield and protection for the grower through
pest and disease resistances we need to provide uniformity and appearance for the chain and the
retailer and we need to provide flavor for the consumer in the seeds that we deliver to
our vegetable growers much more intensification in the vegetable
business much more and potential to invest in technology
because you have a very high value product at the end of the day OK, let’s take a look at some of the
produce that you’re developing in here in one of these glass houses So tell me what it is? and how it’s different from from other
vegetables? so here at Syngenta we’ve developed a a seedless snack pepper so this is being
developed by our global breeding team in pepper and it’s aimed at the snacking market which
is a new area for innovative consumers who want a
product that’s a bit different they want to eat food on the go they want convenience
so it’s great tasting and also it doesn’t contain any seeds at all so you can just eat it in one or two bites What about the tomato? With tomato we’ve done a lot of work
with flavor scientists so we’re looking at the fundamentals
of flavor and what provides flavor in a tomato fruit we know the sugars
important but actually we see that volatile
metabolites are very important as well and these are the metabolites which
released in your mouth when you chew the fruit and give great fruity flavor so greater
yields, crop protection, a uniform look, and a great taste are the
goals of agriculture scientists but it isn’t just
the future fruit, vegetable and grains that technology
could help

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4 thoughts on “GM Foods and Seedless Peppers | The Edge

  1. Look at the evidence people! Have GMOs made us richer and healthier in the last 20 years? Are we seeing any benefits? Well, we have sky-rocketing allergies, obesity, cancers, and a sicker society where children are expected to die earlier than their parents. Is this the improvement they are suggesting? The high value is for the Industry, not us. Convenience??? What the??

  2. should leave the seeds alone bloody fiddling again, they have stuffed up the tomato to a stage where you need steel teeth to eat the tasteless things!!

  3. They've taken the seeds out of peppers not because it makes them tastier and quicker to eat but because they don't want you to grow your own peppers by propagating the seeds !!!

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