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Hey Guys, Brett from Kitchen Table Commander
here. If you watched my Gishath, Sun’s Avatar Commander
deck tech, you know I that I built it to easily convert to a Brawl deck. I didn’t stuff it with all the good dual lands
or the best removal. I made an effort to stick to mostly standard
legal cards. This made it easy for most players to build
and had the added bonus of being pretty budget. This deck tech will take you through the Brawl
variant based on the original list. Being a shorter list, I can spend a little
more time explaining the reason for the cards I include, where the original video was intentionally
short. The average attention span on the internet
IS measured in nano-seconds. Starting us off is the ramp. We’re playing Dino’s and they’re not cheap. We have Thunderherd Migration, New Horizon’s,
Atzocan Seer, Drover of the Mighty, Kinjalli’s Caller and Otepec Hunmaster. Thunderherd Migration helps us to get extra
mana as well as help us find any colour we are missing. New Horizon’s is a mana fixer and helps ramp. Atzocan Seer and Drover of the Mighty are
mana dorks. The Seer helps get us back Dino’s that our
opponents didn’t like, and Drover will be a 3/3 most of the time. Kinjalli’s Caller makes our Dino’s cheaper
while also being cheap itself. Having 3 toughness will mean that it sticks
around for long enough to see the benefit of the cost reduction. Otepec Huntmaster also reduces the cost of
our Dino’s, AND can give them haste for free. Our removal package is pretty simple but can
double as a combat trick some of the time due to Enrage. We have Crushing Canopy, Divine Verdict, Legion’s
Judgment, Lightning Strike, Slash of Talons and Sure Strike. Crushing Canopy can help you deal with any
annoying fliers or enchantments. Divine Verdict straight up nukes a creature. Legion’s Judgment is a little more picky,
needing the creature to be power 4 or greater, but that shouldn’t be too hard to accommodate. Lightning Strike pulls triple duty. Killing anything with 3 or less toughness. Triggering Enrage on your own Dino’s or just
giving your opponent a slap. Slash of Talons can be used to do the last
few points of damage to kill an annoying attacker or blocker, but you can also use it to trigger
Enrage. And Finally Sure Strike. Giving one of your creatures +3/+0 and first
strike at instant speed makes for an awkward block. Turning what could have been a really bad
attack, on your part, into a nightmare for your opponent. I honestly don’t know how to classify this
next card. So I’m just going to come out and say it. Tilonalli’s Crown. It triggers Enrage, but it also gives a great
boost to power and gives your creature trample. This would be great attached to Snapping Sailback. Turn it sideways and rumble in. They block and your Sailback just gets bigger,
while also taking an ever increasing chunk out of their life total. I could see it attached to most of the Dino’s
in this deck to be honest. It did so much work in playtesting that I
had to leave it in the brawl version. Also hard to classify is Cobbled Wings. Yes I’m keeping it in. it’s cheap and it’s personally hilarious to
think of a big dumb dino flying. Plus the evasion it gives is hard to ignore. Give Gishath iself wings and turn your opponents
face into a Dino filled pi�ata. Moving on we have more removal in the form
of Fight cards. Hunt the Weak, Mutiny and Pounce. Pounce is here to trigger enrage and Hunt
the Weak to make your Dino bigger before also triggering enrage. Mutiny is here because, well making your opponents
creatures fight themselves is hilarious and there is really never a time when it doesn’t
work out in your favour. Next up we have the rest of the creatures
not already mentioned. We’ll start with the Enrage creatures since
they make life for our opponent the most miserable. Bellowing Aegisaur, makes the rest of our
team bigger whenever it takes damage. Having 5 toughness means you can block with
it pretty safely and make the boost repeatable. Just having it on the battlefield will probably
be a deterrent for your opponents attacks. Frilled Deathspitter is great for blocking
1/1 tokens since it will survive blocking and then do 2 damage to your opponent. Plus early game it’s nice to have something
with 3 power to take trade up. Needletooth Raptor may only be a 2/2 but it
can take out a 7/7 by itself if need be, or you block something small and then kill their
bigger threat. Polyraptor is insane. Being a 5/5 means it’s hard to kill in combat
a lot of the time. And every time it survives combat it makes
a copy of itself. If you can trigger it’s enrage consistently,
like with Forerunner of the Empire (which is also in this deck), will lead to a board
state your opponent will be hard pressed to beat. Ripjaw Raptor is repeatable card draw given
that it can block most creatures. Silverclad Ferocidons makes your opponent
sacrifice creatures each time it’s dealt damage and being an 8/5 means you’ll probably be
attacking more often than not. The afore mentioned Snapping Sailback. Flash is great isn’t it? A surprise 4/4 that makes itself bigger if
it gets dealt damage. It’s like the Incredible Hulk of the Magic
world. Sun-Crowned Hunters is a 5/4 that deals 3
damage to target opponent when it is dealt damage. Token blocker for days. Trapjaw Tyrant exiles a creature every time
it takes damage. Unless your opponent can kill it their board
will stay pretty clear. The non-enrage creatures are equally great
at giving your opponents a headache. Charging Tuskodon will force your opponent
to make bad blocks to avoid getting hit with that trample ability. Probably making them double block to kill
it. Etali, Primal Storm gives you value in the
form of playing your opponents library for them. And remember Brawl is a multiplayer format
so you’re getting more than just one card on attack. Plus you don’t even have to pay for the spell,
how awesome is that? Answer. Very. Ghalta, Primal Hunger is a 12/12 that most
of the time will cost double green. Grazing Whiptail to keep fliers at bay. Regisaur Alpha brings a friend and gives all
other Dinosaurs haste. Territorial Hammerskull taps down a potential
blocker when it attacks making combat easier for itself and the team. Thundering Spineback is our Dino lord. Giving all our Dino’s +1/+1 and the added
ability to make a 3/3 for a modest investment. Late game when you have nothing else to spend
mana on you’ll appreciate the consistent threat generator. Zacama, Primal Calamity is basically free
once you have 9 mana and you can then use it’s abilities to deal 3 damage to any creature
or destroy and artifact or enchantment that’s been bugging you. You can also gain life if you have nothing
better to do. And Finally there is Zetalpa, Primal Dawn. Who can say no to a 4/8 Flying, Double Strike,
Vigilance, Trample and Indestructible Elder Dino? Not your opponent, that’s for sure. This bring us to our land base. Like the regular commander deck our land base
is pretty simple using only a few non-basics. We have Rootbound Crag, Sunpetal Grove, Unclaimed
Territory and Unknown Shores. The rest is filled out with 4 plains, 7 forests
and 8 mountains. Since this deck was originally designed to
be legal in standard for as long as possible, none of the amonkhet dual lands were included. Now that Dominaria has added a new cycle of
dual lands there is an option to upgrade in the form of Clifftop Retreat. It does fill the need for a third dual land
to get all the colour pairs. If you’re worried that the mana curve for
this is a little steep, you are correct. This is a greedy deck, but there are options
to bring the curve down. If you think Ghalta or Zacama are a little
too high on the curve you can easily swap in Sky Terror. Bringing the curve down and also adding in
a flier that your opponent will hate. Well that brings us to the end. If you want to get this deck to play with
at your local game store, you can check out the link in the description for the deck list. I’d love to hear what you guys think. Anything that you think I missed? Do you like the deck techs? Let me know in the comments. If you liked this video, let me know by hitting
that thumbs up button. Be sure to subscribe if you haven’t already. Hit that notification bell so you know the
instant we upload new content. You can follow me on Intagram @kitchentablecommander
or on Twitter @kichentableCMD. It’s been a blast as always and I’ll catch
you guys in the next video.

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12 thoughts on “Gishath, Sun’s Avatar – Budget Brawl Deck Tech | MTG Ixalan

  1. Nice mate! I'd thought about Gishath in brawl but wasn't sure about the curve, but this looks sweet, and I'll certainly be giving it a go!

  2. If it weren't for all the weirdos playing control Brawl at my shop in 1v1, I'd give this one a go this week. Looks great for multiplayer though, and will build this incase I find a casual game!

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