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Hello, today I’ll introduce about WP Pipes, a strong WordPress plugin to help with automatic data migration from and to various sources and destinations. Your sources can be RSS, posts, woocommerce, CSV files… Or social networks like: Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Google+, etc.. Accordingly, you can use WP Pipes to get content from RSS Feeds and feed it into your WordPress site, automatically. In this short video, we will get articles from Techcrunch, a famous technology page… ..and fetch them into your WordPress Posts. Let’s access the RSS Feeds of Techcrunch.. ..and copy the link of the “Social” section. Type something to use as the Pipe title. Let’s select RSS Reader from our various sources… ..and Post for Destination. You can utilize WP Pipes for many other purposes by swapping these sources and destinations. Paste the RSS link into this box. After a few seconds you will see WP Pipes fetches content from the RSS Feed and put them here. Hover your mouse to see how content fields are extracted from the Source. We have “title”, “link”, “description”, “author”, and “date”. Let’s choose a Category to store the Posts, which was chosen as our Destination. You can see that required fields for every post appear here. We need: “title”, “slug”, “excerpt”, “content”, “date”, and “images”. This is the most important step in creating a pipe Matching the fields between Source Output and Destination Input. Just drag and drop. Drag, and drop. The “date” goes here. We need an extra field: “slug”, which was not provided in the Source Output. It’s time to use the support of Processors. Let’s make the “slug” Processor create slugs from titles. Drop “title” in here, and we have the “slug” ouput here. Drop this “slug” into the Destination Input. Continue with the full content for our posts. We will use the “Get Fulltext” Processor. This Processor will get fulltext from a URL. Drop the Source link here, And we will have 2 outputs: fulltext and full_html. Fulltext only contains text that the Processor fetched from the URL While full_html contains the whole page source from the URL. We can see that the “Auto fulltext” function is turned on. Next we will need to extract images. We have “Get Images” Processor for that. “Get Images” Processor can extract images from the fulltext output. Let’s drag it here. Open the settings panel of this Processor. We have an option to strip the image we’ve fetched from the input html To avoid showing these images again in the content Because of that we have 2 outputs: “Images” is what we use for Destination “Images” Input The html with images tripped is what we will use for “Content”. Now we will save the pipe, and prepare to test how it works. The pipe is running.. We can see 20 items being fetched from the Techcrunch RSS Feed. Let’s inspect the Techcrunch original source …and the post we’ve fetched for our WordPress site… …to see how this pipe works. This is the original article from Techcrunch. And this is the post WP Pipes created for our WordPress blog With the fulltext content, feature image, category, slug, and date. What we did was just testing how Pipes works on your WordPress blog. If we activate the Pipe here, it will run automatically With a time schedule you can control in the Settings Menu. Moreover, the Sources and Destinations, as well as the Processors, can be added and configured here. There is no limit for the power of Pipes!

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12 thoughts on “Giới thiệu WordPress Pipes plugin

  1. Thank you for this features – wanna be in your tribe to make sure this will keep on existing with awesome features to come.

  2. Wohoooooooooooo. I love you Bro. Qua bai viet thi minh da lamdc roi. cu len youtube tim mai ma lam ko dc. CAM ON NHIEU.

  3. The FIRST tutorial that really helped me with WP Pipes. Though I don't speak Mandarin at all.. (Sorry if it isn't that language 🙂 :))

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