Getting Sued For $10 Million Over Youtube Videos… THIS IS PURE INSANITY!

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100 thoughts on “Getting Sued For $10 Million Over Youtube Videos… THIS IS PURE INSANITY!

  1. The funny thinkg is, they claimed he didn't play the game probably, then It was a first impression video.

  2. Oh I know a really good Earth like panel, but it's needs fixing, it's called Earth, apparently we live on it with 3 maniacs crazy about nukes.

  3. I absolutely love your ending story, it was beautiful and I'm so happy I watched this episode. Keep up the great stuff!!

  4. im glad you did something h3h3 otherwise i would never have found you. you are my new fav youtube franco. thanks for the content man 🙂

  5. I ask myself if Sterling have ever had fun playing videogames, cause he bashes on everything he touches.

  6. Just started watching your vlogs about 10 days ago. I thoroughly enjoy them and now watch everyday. I might make vids on my YouTube Channel discussing current events and major news that happened during the week on my "Aloha Fridays" motovlogs. Keep up the great work! 🙂

  7. Digital Homicide is a bad "company" they are way out of line with this case but Jim Sterling is an asshole and deserve every bit of hard time he gets.

  8. Phil, how credible is NASA when all they do is vaporize money telling us about shit we can't see in our lifetimes?
    An imagination is a terrible thing to waste…

  9. Always amused about the modern Academics talking about "habitable zone".like earth's large EM field deflecting the 4000f-7000f solar wind (seen as northern and southern lights where EM field buckles) that would blow away our atmoshere and liquid water if there was no EM field has nothing to do with it…….."habitable zone" my ass .Mars old atmosphere and bulk of its water got blown got blown away when Mars EM field collapsed and Solar wind slowly rips offVenus and Mars co2 based atmosphere

  10. you know this is why youtube has to clarify things, that they will not allow people to strike a video, simply because the review is not a positive outcome.

    the second thing, how the hell did this even last in court. it obviously falls under fair use. i am glad tho that steam took measures.

  11. stupid developer , im never going to buy anything from a dev that sues you if you dare to say something bad about their game

  12. what? you want to ground Han Solo?!?
    Who's gonna make the Kessel Run in less than 12 Parsecs?!?
    Never gonna buy a Digital Suicide game, even if it's 50x better than Halo and CoD combined and comes with 50 free blow jobs.

  13. Can't stand Jim Sterling's content, but he definitely has the right to his opinions and to post them in a public forum like Youtube. His audience should be free to view his content. Can't think of a way to defend the developer.

  14. But this is why you aren't really "creators". You guys are small nothings in the YT corporate world. You have and always been used by YT to get them profit. Turning a camera ON and recording, isn't really "creating". Enjoy the ride until it comes to an end, and it will come to an end.

  15. Sooooo… They can't make money off their sucky game so they decide to sue their critics for exercising their free speech rights…LMAO!

  16. How can you sue someone for not liking your game? Shouldn't the case have been dismissed as a frivolous law suit, especially after Steam booted them off their site? It points to the malaise of the modern world, not been able to grow up and accept responsibility. You want to produce a hit game that everyone likes, instead you produce a shit game that everyone hates, do you A.Suck it up and try harder next time, or B.Go round telling everyone they are playing it wrong and sue the bastards?

  17. I'm really trying to become a YouTuber but I need content ideas… I'll do anything as long as it's fun and gives people a laugh! thanks for the inspiration Philip!!!

  18. Personally, I think that the human race has destroyed this planet. If everyone was a bit more conscious of what's going on around us then there wouldn't be a reason to move to a whole other planet. But that's a bit idealistic

  19. All "worse game"s tend to get a cult following. All news is good news, the trick is to raise some kind of noise. This just seems a farce( or clever marketing).

  20. the problem is that he was doing a review to earn income…, if he did it and never earned money, then its ok…

    but the real question everyone should ask is; did he lie in the video? that is libel, if he gave his opinion then there is no case

  21. Similar story, a Mod maker sued a Mod reviewer. Over a review of a Mod (for the game Skyrim.)

  22. If Trump gets his way in scaling back libel laws then anyone could sue anyone for just about anything. I could be sued even for stating this.

  23. thanks for covering this lawsuit, i love the jimquisition and this story needs to be seen by everyone. half ass developers who pump out barely finished games dozens per month don't deserve anyones respect or support, and jim is actually a content creator not a hack like the people who tried to sue him

  24. Wanna guess how many people must have bought the game from its negative publicity? lol

  25. As far as Im concerned no one person needs that much money, especially when we have trade issues (such as famine, or poverty ( I call these trade issues because they are directly affected by the trade of money))

    in this case its a coward scared of negative reviews.

  26. once there was the option to block youtube users, and i blocked this idiot "sexxxphil", and now he is in my recommend list!? WTF???

  27. kool, but you all are human, but you all exclude others in in that definition, when will you all change that and include others? human: homosapien male. homosapien female.
    self centered just a bit?
    just sayin it make us "other" folks feel less. there is a difference and you all made it. but it is nice to see you all "trying" to get a long.

  28. Transit one isn't habitable, the planets are too close, so the EM radiation has likely stripped the atmosphere.

  29. Big corporations have always used lawsuits to take out competitors and critics, alike, as the consolidated larger war-chests of assets, I think we can expect to see more of this. Either that or they'll just buy YouTube and shut their critics down.

  30. Fact is that in the end, Digital Homicide didn't have a case. You can't sue somebody for giving a bad review of your product regardless of how powerful or influential that person is. Unless you can prove that they deliberately did so out of malice or a desire to extort money. And that can be really hard to prove.

  31. We here on YT are the new entertainment industry, and we need to take ourselves, and this platform seriously, in order for everything to work the way we want it to, we have have to be responsible for what we put out and what we say.

  32. Criticizing something and hating on something are two different things so anyone comparing the two are the dumbest fucking human beings on this planet if not the whole universe.

  33. And on a more important note; I just cut the cheese and the fumes were so horrid they would bring tears to a glass eye.

  34. you know jack fuck about the gaming community so you make a video on the gaming community….get fucked and stick to your SJW fucking videos you talentless hack.

  35. So nice to see All Americans coming together and getting along as humans and putting differences aside for something positive. GOOD shit Phil.

  36. YouTube is broken. It sucks that it has come to this. We need another place we can post our stuff. Where is the competition here? Thanks Philip you rock buddy.

  37. What's the point of the last story? Sure, there are peaceful and considerate Muslims. There are also peaceful and considerate members of the KKK. The bottom line is that Islam is the most toxic religion that has ever existed. Christianity comes in at a distant second. Muslim ideology has unleashed hell on innocent people for centuries and continues to do so today. At least Christians have chilled out for more than a century now.

  38. What might be the ultimate slap of irony for Digital Homicide is that in an effort to take down a negative review off of YouTube to keep people from viewing their product or their company negatively, the DMCA and lawsuit likely led to corporate suicide for the company. By filing a DMCA takedown and then filing a lawsuit, they are going to be viewed more negatively than if they would have just sat back and took it on the chin.

    Seriously Digital Homicide legal team, how fucking stupid could you be? You obviously grossly underestimated the power of the Internet. I'm not usually one to wish ill will on people or companies, but I almost hope your whole company goes under just because of its complete lack of competent leadership. Of course, I would feel bad for the developers who had no input on these decisions, but hopefully they would find a better place to work.

  39. You know the gaming world’s fucked when a video game developer throws a hissy fit over people voicing dislike over its game. Pretty freaking sad. No wonder nobody’s heard of “Digital Homicide” before.

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  41. Seems like you surrendered the fight when it came to Infowars.

    Are you serving yourself here or the freespeach community?

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