Get the BBQ out of the way: Corner shelf for a deck

we barbecue only once in a while so we
only got a wussy little portable barbecue and I figured a good place to
keep this barbecue nicely out of the way is to make a shelf on the corner of the
railing right here I think this would be a reasonable size for it like this then
I’m just going to mark it and make the actual shelf and now I can mark the outline of my
shelf there’s a notch in the back that fits
around the corner host so now I need some pieces on the bottom
here and here and those need to fit around the railings and I was gonna use
this template to put those on but I think it’ll be easier to just sit on the
railing itself I had to leave the screw sticking out
just a tiny bit so that the points don’t come out the other side and I also added
a strip of wood here and here and that’s to make for a bigger space between this
and the railing so there isn’t a narrow gap where moisture gets trapped and bugs
like to nest a perfect fit I was worried I might accidentally knock the barbecue
off and down onto the patio so I added this thing here that fits around the
back legs and a couple of screws here and here to keep the front legs from
sliding off so now it’s quite securely in place it was tempting to shorten the
legs of the barbecue because it’s a little bit higher than ideal but I
figure that’s also handy for keeping the little ones out of it and the whole
thing is not screwed to the deck at all so for the six months of the year that
is winter we’ll probably just put this into garage

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16 thoughts on “Get the BBQ out of the way: Corner shelf for a deck

  1. Senang melihatmu lagi, video yg singkat, sederhana tapi bermanfaat… Terimakasih.. semoga selalu sehat saudara dan keluarga…

  2. I saw a pretty good Woodock product the other day for restoring blackened wood like your deck. It brings the life of the wood out quite well. Granted you have to scrub it down with a brush as well. But it makes for a very good restoration.

  3. Great idea Mat, I would use clamps to hold it down on the railing for extra safety, this way its not permanent, cheers

  4. As an engineer with several kids, I find myself fixing things rather than building them anymore, and overall increasing my knowledge of the trades moreso than my career. Actually thinking about transitioning, because there seems to be a market need for quality and detailed work.

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