Get PORTRAIT MODE Effect on ANY PHONE! | Tutorial

Phones these days are capable of taking
beautiful portrait shots Not every phone comes with a Telephoto lens. That let’s you take your portrait photos up a notch. No pun intended So in this video we’ll be faking Focal length or the Portrait Effect In PicsArt this effect works very well for portraits but if you want you can try it with objects as well. When photographing make sure you take two shots. One video subject in frame and one
with just the background This will make things easier and the end result will be much more pleasing I will have ever show you how to do this with a single image at the end of the video So first we will open up our browser and go to “” If you’ve never heard of this website before.. prepare your brain to implode Tap ‘browse’ and select your image with your subject in it. Wait for the robots to do
their thing and once it’s done You will have your image with transparent background ready to be downloaded Now this is a great way to remove background from your image but unfortunately The output it produces is in much lower
quality and the site only works with images with people in it So I would recommend taking the long route and doing this manually In PicsArt, choose your photo and go to Cutout Make selection of your image Then tap save Your selection will now be saved as a So you don’t have to save it as an image Now that we have a cutout of your foreground subject Let’s open up a sample image of the background that i downloaded from Unsplash(.com) I didn’t take any photo of my own because… i.. i am allergic to people so sorry about that Go to effects>blur and select lens blur Adjust it to your liking Do not add too much blur to the point that you don’t even see what’s in the background Around 15 and 25 is a good spot Same goes for lighting as well Once you have done that tap the tick icon and save the background image to your gallery Go back and tap pick canvas Tap draw on photo and select your background image that we just saved Skip crop and tap the tick icon You will see why we’re doing this in draw and not in the main editor in just a second Tap layers and with the empty layer
selected Tap the color icon next to blending options Select any color you want Move the background layer to the top and decrease its opacity Zoom out of your canvas to about 10% so we can see our working area Tap 3 three dots in the layer panel and select transform with the background layer selected We added color to that empty layer because we can now see our canvas in the background scale your background image up and
reposition it Once you’re done tap the tick icon. We could have done this simply by cropping or background photo and adding our cutout on top in the main
editor But that would downscale our image which will make it look blocky and it will not look great But in this case we have a canvas that does not change its resolution After you have reposition and scale your background, you can reset its opacity back to 100 Tap plus icon on the bottom and select your cutout foreground image If you use the website choose photo and if you did manual selection Tap stickers and select your cutout reposition and scale it And that concludes our first way of creating this effect with two images. Next I’m going to show you how to do this with a single Keep in mind doing this with a single image will not look as natural as doing it with two images it might not work well in some scenes which you will see in a minute if you’re finding this video useful so far.. Consider subscribing if you’re interested in more videos like this one. I never.. like.. asking for likes
and subscribers but it’s just the YouTuber nerves you know it eventually gets to you when you get this far into ANYWAY! Import your image and go to cutout Now instead of selecting your subject in the foreground.. Select the background instead. Tap save when you have it selected Then select your foreground image and save it as a sticker as well Go to tools and select stretch Now this part is going to be tricky What we need to do now is fill in the foreground cut out with our Background.. By pushing the outer pixels
inwards Because we will be adding blur to this [This helps to avoid any halo effect around your foreground subject] That means if there is a straight line of something going one way… you stretch it so it completes that.. line I really suck at explaining don’t i? You also don’t need
to finish the whole thing unless you are planning on zooming in way too close Once you’re done, Save this image to your Gallery. And from here we edited it just the way we did with two images. Go back to the time stamp that’s on your screen right now and follow the tutorial from there And that does it for this video if you have enjoyed this video be sure to Leave a LIKE SUBSCRIBE and check out more pics or tutorials in the endcard Thank you so much for watching I will see you in the next video #PeaceOut Thanks to Cortizane music for making this sick beat for this channel. Link to his channel is in the description.

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12 thoughts on “Get PORTRAIT MODE Effect on ANY PHONE! | Tutorial

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  2. Take my like! πŸ‘ only works somewhat well if there is a lot of contrast between the subject and the background, otherwise, it’s not that good. Good video G!

  3. "I didn't take any photo of my own because…i..i am allergic to people so sorry about that" πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Amazing video G

  4. Yo dude i love you pewdiepie songs thanks alot
    can you find what music pewdiepie is using in
    Min 9:30 please ?

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